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Jikan (2002) Episode 19

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





Sakaki: Episode 19: Immense Heat! Dark Oasis Power?!


(The sun rises on an arid desert as this chapter in our heroes adventure begins. Cactuses dot the landscape and the desert wildlife begin yet another day in the shuffle to survive. New to this area however is the Time Gate, which sits in the middle of this desert. It seems yet again that our heroes have run into problems.)


Atsuko: So….hot……


(Atsuko sits with her feet up on the dashboard of the Time Gate, wearing nothing but a shirt. She wiggles her feet to get a better position on the dashboard, finally settling for the position she was originally in.)


Atsuko: Its too hot to even wear socks…..why in the world would the Time Gate break in a place like this?


(Sakaki and Gato lie in the background totally floored by the heat.)


Sakaki: You’re complaining? Try having fur! It makes things SO much worse!


Gato: I can’t even think….


Atsuko: I know you guys have it even worse…but my delicate skin is gonna get all dark and tanned….


Sakaki: Have you even attempted to find out what’s wrong with the Time Gate?


Gato: Or at least the A/C?


Atsuko(Groans): Fine…I suppose I’ll go have a look.


(She slips into some flip-flops and walks towards the back of the Time Gate to get tools out. Finally she goes outside and opens the engine just to be assaulted by hot air.)


Atsuko: GAH!


(After the warm air assault is over she peeks into the engine and looks around. She lets out a sigh of relief and closes the Time Gate’s engine.)


Sakaki: So how’s it looking?


Atsuko: Good news….and bad news…..the Time Gate isn’t really broken…..just over heated. So there’s nothing really to fix.


Sakaki: And that’s the good news?


Atsuko: Yeah, the bad news is the coolant doesn’t kick in for another hour….so we’re stuck here until then.


Sakaki: WHY AN HOUR?!?


Atsuko: Because the engine goes through many changes! If they did them all at once the whole Time Gate would collapse. In an hour…the engine will have warmed up enough that cooling it down wouldn’t be too soon. It just happens to be our misfortune to end up landing here.


Sakaki: Great….


Gato: What about the A/C?


Atsuko: Everything in the Time Gate has been shut down, so no A/C either.


Gato: I’m gonna DIE out here….


Sakaki: So what do we do?


Atsuko: All we can do is to hang on for an hour.


(Sakaki then feels something watching him.)


Sakaki: Hey guys…I don’t mean to alarm you….but I think someone is watching us….


Atsuko: You think so? Who is it?


Sakaki: I dunno….


Gato: Well I don’t really care…if they kidnap us maybe they’ll have A/C!


(Gato waves his paws in the air hoping that the watchers will see him….but nothing happens.)


Gato: Stupid kidnappers.


Sakaki: Someone ought to go out there.


Atsuko: I wonder who that should be?


Gato: Someone who’s proven over and over again that they’re self reliable.


Atsuko: And can defend themselves in a fight.


Sakaki(Nodding): Yeah that sounds like a good….wait……you mean me right?


(Atsuko and Gato nod.)


Sakaki: Aww….why me? For once even I don’t want to go out there….


Atsuko: I seriously doubt someone is watching us out there because we’re interesting…they probably want something from us…or worse.


Sakaki: Phooey….fine I’ll go and find out if theres anyone there.


(Sakaki trudges along to find their watcher.)


Atsuko: I suppose we should head back into the Time Gate.


(So the two of them do.)


Sakaki: I don’t like being the hero sometimes….i mean why should I come out here to get a heat stroke and die? It’s not fair!


(Sakaki then hears a sound similar to an engine turbine.)


Sakaki: Sounds like there’s a machine out here.


(The sound seems to be coming from all over.)


Sakaki: But in what direction is it coming from?


(Then Sakaki takes out his quick sword.)


Sakaki: Who ever is out there…should show themselves!


(Suddenly an oasis appears in front of Sakaki.)


Sakaki: What the heck?! That defiantly wasn’t there just a minute ago….


(Sakaki begins to walk towards it.)


Sakaki: So this is a mirage? I suppose it is right?


(He looks at it from a couple of feet away.)


Sakaki: Funny it looks real enough…..


(Then the tree in the oasis begins to glow and turn dark. Finally it turns completely black and a sand whirlpool opens below Sakaki.)


Sakaki: Ack! Sand trap! I knew this wasn’t a normal oasis!


(Sakaki tries to leave but ends up being dragged down. He falls a couple of feet and lands in a dark shaft.)


Sakaki: Ouch….hey! At least it’s cool down here!


(He smiles mischievously.)


Sakaki: Maybe I won’t escape right away….I’ll let Atsuko and Gato worry about me and that’ll teach them for sending me out here like this anyway.


Voice: Wrong! You can’t escape unless we allow you to!


Sakaki: That voice….


(A door flips open behind him and he falls through it and lands in a cage in a new room.)


Sakaki: What the…where am I?


(Then two familiar figures walk into the room.)


Sakaki: You two!!


(Its Bash and Crash, and they seem to behind this oasis that Sakaki fell into.)


Crash: Hahah! So we meet again Sakaki! But this time we made sure you can’t escape.


Sakaki: So that’s what the cage is for….


Crash: This time we won’t fail in our mission to destroy you!


Sakaki: You two are Tengons then! Where is Boss Tengon?!


Crash: We can’t tell you that! All you need to understand is this is your final day!


Bash: Um…Boss Tengon was very clear when he…like told us to get rid of you.


Crash: I remember his orders like they were given to me yesterday!


(Flashback, on the Tengon mothership. Boss Tengon sits on his royally decorated seat as Bash and Crash face him for their mission.)


Boss Tengon: Do you two understand why I called you here today?


Crash: Its to give us a new mission Boss Tengon! To commend us for being your loyal interns!


(A rope drops down in front of Boss Tengon and he pulls it, and with this action a trap door opens under Crash and he falls through.)


Crash: I guess nooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt




Bash: Its to…um reprimand us for….like failing to destroy Sakaki last time right?


Boss Tengon: Excellent deduction Bash.


(Suddenly the door to the room opens and a very wet Crash comes in again and bows.)


Crash: Sorry for being late! That hole empties out in the trash room!


Boss Tengon: This time you MUST defeat Sakaki! We know where he is because we’ve been following him….all you have to do is find means with our vast technology to defeat him. Our Tengon scientists are working on finding the Master Technology, but if Sakaki hinders us in getting it all of our work will have been in vain! Your mission is very important so get it right ok?


(Crash salutes)


Crash: Haaaaaaaaaail Boss Tengon!


Bash: We’ll…like do our best Boss-sama.


(Flashback end.)


Crash: And so you understand right? Why we have to get rid of you Sakaki!


Sakaki: All I understand is that Boss Tengon is leading you around by the tail.


Crash: What did you say about him?!?! He’s the greatest!


Sakaki: He seems like the type of leader that’s just feeling around in the dark for ideas.




(He pulls out a remote from his pocket and presses a button…..then is promptly electrocuted.)


Crash: Whoa…..ouch…..er…Bash-chan….why did I get electrocuted?


Bash: Er…I think its..um…because the sensor is still in your pocket….like…um..if you want to electrocute Sakaki…you have to put it on the…er…cage.


Crash: You could have told me this…sooner.


(Bash looks down sadly.)


Bash: I’m…really sorry.


Crash: Hey hey hey! No need to be sad about it Bash-chan! Just be on the lookout for things like that in the future ok?


Bash: Um…ok.


(He puts the sensor on the cage and this time gets the desired effect of Sakaki being electrocuted when he presses the button.)



Crash: I WAS going to leave your friends out of this but because you badmouthed Boss Tengon, I’m gonna teach ALL of you a lesson!


Sakaki: No! Leave Atsuko and Gato alone!


(Meanwhile Atsuko and Gato have again stepped outside the Time Gate to look for Sakaki.)


Atsuko: Drat it….where could he have gone?


Gato: I figure he’s doing this on purpose…..


Atsuko: SAKAKI?!? SAKAKI?! Where did you go?


(Then in the distance Atsuko sees the same oasis that Sakaki saw earlier.)


Atsuko: Huh? What on earth is that?


Gato: Looks like…water! And…..SHADE!


(He begins to run towards it.)


Atsuko: Wait! It might be a mirage…..


(Atsuko stands alone for a minute.)


Atsuko: Who am I fooling? I’d might as well run blindly to it too…..


(She does, and just as they get there the oasis begins to turn dark. And underground in a huge machine Bash and Crash lie in wait.)


Crash: Mwahahah…they’re taking the bate!


Bash: This…machine is sure um…helpful….


Crash: Tell me about it! By using that Oasis attached to the top it lures in people…and then creates a sand whirlpool that makes them fall into our machine…and ultimately become our captive!


(Crash laughs evilly and Sakaki can only watch helplessly.)


Sakaki(Thinking): My only hope is that Atsuko manages to find out the truth soon….


(Atsuko and Gato continue running towards the oasis until they get close, at this time Atsuko stops and sniffs the air.)


Atsuko(Thinking): Hold on…I’m getting Sakaki’s scent….along with…..(Sniffs) OH NO It’s a…


Gato: Water water water!


Atsuko: Hold on Gato! It’s a trap!


Gato: Huh?


(Meanwhile below Sakaki smiles out of satisfaction.)


Sakaki: Looks like your little game is up!


Crash: No matter…we can still get all of you!


(He activates the sand whirlpool, and Atsuko is pulled in.)


Atsuko: Gato do something!


(Gato has already been caught.)


Gato: Uh…Hi.




(They both fall into the same room as Sakaki, with Atsuko narrowly avoiding the cage as Gato falls in.)


Sakaki: So you guys managed to make it anyway huh?


Gato: So while we’ve been worried sick you’ve been sitting here on your behind enjoying..this…nice climate conditioned…Vehicle of evil?


Sakaki: Pretty much.


(Gato slaps him a high-five.)


Gato: My man.




Crash: If you know what’s good for you little girl you’ll get in the cage with them!


Atsuko(Thinking): Theres no way I can take the two of them like that…..I’ve got to bluff my way out!


Crash: So what are you gonna do?


Atsuko: How about a game? If you win I’ll give myself up! If I win then we all go free!


Crash: Do I look stupid to you? No way!


Atsuko(Seductively): Aaaand….maybe a little more.


Crash: Huh?


Atsuko(Seductively): I KNOW you’re curious to see if theres something under this shirt right? (Winks) Maybe there isn’t….maybe there is….if you win the game I’ll let you find out.


Sakaki: ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!


Gato: SHUT UP! Go buddy! You’ve got the upper hand!


Atsuko(Thinking): Only Gato…..


Crash: Heh…when you put it that way…sure why not.


Sakaki(Thinking): Why would she agree to this….unless she has a plan……That’s it! She’s got a plan!


Atsuko: Ok. We’ll stand at two opposite corners of this machine. Using this dice I’ve got we’ll both move till we get to the center of the room….the first person who gets to the middle wins.


Crash: Ok.


Atsuko: This game was made so its impossible to cheat without the other person seeing. Ok, shall we start?


Crash: Yeah.


Atsuko: here goes!


(She rolls a “3” and in effect moves three squares forward.)


Crash: Ok my turn.


(He rolls a “5” and moves 5 spaces, and then Atsuko rolls a 2 moving up two spaces. Crash then rolls one and moves only one space. Atsuko manages to spin a 4 and moves accordingly then Crash manages to hit a 6. This puts him dangerously near the goal line….)

Atsuko(Thinking): This is not good! Unless I roll a 5 or more I’m gonna lose….


Crash: Well girlie, wanna go for a roll?


Atsuko: In due time handsome.


(She holds the dice in her hands and then holds it close to her chest.)


Atsuko(Thinking): Please….for Sakaki and Gato….


(She rolls the dice and it hits the floor with a thud.)


Atsuko: Huh! A….


Crash: Heh…


(A “4”)


Atsuko: Crap….


Sakaki: Atsuko!!


Crash: Looks like you lose in more ways than one kid!


(He rolls the dice and it hits a “1”)


Crash: What?!? Oh well…just one more turn and I win!


Atsuko: I’ve got one more chance….


(She rolls, Sakaki, Gato and crash all wait with baited breath on what the roll will reveal.)


Atsuko: Please…….


(It rolls….a “6”)


Atsuko: Yes!


(Atsuko proceeds to the goal.)


Atsuko: Oh yeah! I did it!


Crash: Dammit…..Well it doesn’t matter! I’m gonna capture all of you anyway! You should know villains never play by the rules!


Atsuko: I figured as much…which is why when I was sweet talking you I managed to get this!


(She shows him the remote.)


Atsuko: Now I’ll let Sakaki out and he’ll be glad to show you a thing or too!


Sakaki: Yeah!


Crash: Not if we get it first!


(He dives at Atsuko who presses the button and then darts out of the way. Instead of being let free Gato and Sakaki are electrocuted.)


Atsuko: Whoops….wrong button….which one lets them out?


Crash: Hahahah! Now you lose!


(She presses another button and a whirlpool appears underneath the machine they’re in.)


Bash: Um…Crash…?


Crash: What is it?


Bash: You said…I should…er tell you things like this….so um….


Crash: What? What is it?


Bash: If the machine opens a um..whirlpool here then it’ll like….fall to the center of the earth and burn up.


Atsuko/Crash: Oh crap….


Sakaki: LET US OUT OF HERE!!!!


(Atsuko presses random buttons until the cage opens.)


Gato: Thank goodness…though I wouldn’t mind staying here a couple of minutes….


Sakaki: Fine…stay and die.


Gato: I’m done.


(Sakaki uses the sword of flames to break a hole in the machine and burrow their way out. They manage to get to the surface and climb out, and take a breather.)


Sakaki: Everyone ok?


Gato: Back here…again………no.


Atsuko: I could be better….


(Then a pod flies out of the sand and into the air…and finally fades from sight.)


Gato: Looks like THEY got away…..


Sakaki: No matter…hey Atsuko its been an hour right?


Atsuko: Yeah…should be…we should be able to launch now.


Sakaki: Great.


(They begin to walk back towards the Time Gate.)


Sakaki: Hey Atsuko…if you had lost would you have really done what you said you’d do?


Atsuko: I dunno…I suppose I would have thought of something….(Smirks) are you asking me if I’m actually wearing anything under here?


Sakaki(Blushing): Of…of course not! I could care less!


Gato: Are you?


(They all look at him and continue walking, towards the Time gate together.)


Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Hau: Its been so long since he left….


Narrator: Loneliness…leads to sadness


Hau: Just about everyone has given up on searching.


Narrator: Which leads to anger


Hau: I know that Sakaki is out there….and I wish he’d come back…


Narrator: Which leads to hate…


Hau: I’ll look for him…myself if I have to…


Narrator: Which leads to……..death.


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Sakaki: Lets be friends forever ok?












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