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Jikan (2002) Episode 18

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





(Sakaki, Atsuko and Gato are in the time flow flying towards yet another destination in this grand adventure of theirs.)


Sakaki: So where are we headed again Atsuko?


Atsuko: After doing some research on Hanami, I found out about a holiday in Japan known as “Girls Day”! It sounds interesting so I wanted to go see it myself.


Sakaki: But that doesn’t really answer my question….


Atsuko: Oh right. I figured we’d go a couple years into the past in Japan like around…1997 or so…and go check it out!


Sakaki: Why…’97?


Atsuko: I picked that year out of a hat!


(Sakaki and Gato groan.)


Gato: I figured that the reason had to be as stupid as that.


Sakaki: Atsuko, while hanging out around the time flow is fun…I was wondering when you actually plan on finishing this work of yours.


Atsuko: Its ok! After a bit of fun in this time period, I just wanted to check out the prehistoric time period then I think I’ll have all the materials and information I need to pass my class! Then I can take you home.


Sakaki: With OUR luck the Time Gate will explode then I’ll be stuck here again.


Atsuko: Don’t be so pessimistic! Wind and his friends helped us fix it didn’t they? They even told me how to do it so I’m ready for ANYTHING!


Gato: Sure you are toots. Weren’t you ready for ANYTHING before?


Atsuko: What’s…THAT supposed to mean Gato?


Sakaki: Anyway! Lets just do this thing and get out of here ok?


Sakaki: Episode 18: Girl power! Fractured Friendship?


(They land in 1997, and after making sure that the Time Gate is well hidden they head over to the girl’s day festivities. When they get there however what they find is a little more suprising that most.)


Sakaki: I was expecting a lot of girls here but…….




(There are NOTHING but girls as far as the eye can see. They are all in a park enjoying what seems to be a amusement operation that is up for that day.)


Atsuko: A big turnout it seems…


Sakaki: Tell me about it! Maybe this won’t be so bad…..


Gato: I’m pleased by this…..


Atsuko: Hey! What are you guys talking about? In fact you really shouldn’t even BE here….


(Then a pretty girl who is a bit shorter than Atsuko walks up to them.)


Girl: Hello! I don’t remember seeing you here before!


Atsuko: Yeah…we just got here actually……


Girl: I come every year! This is an all girls festival, to commemorate Girls day in Japan.


Atsuko: Yeah! About time we got the attention we deserve! Boys get every other day so why not one for us?


Sakaki(Thinking): She says it as if she hates boys…heh I’ll bet its because she’s never been asked out.


Gato(Thinking): I wonder how many of them have ball-n-chains attached?


Atsuko(Thinking): This girl is pretty…but not as cute as I am.


Girl: Oh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t even introduce myself…my name is Sarah. What are yours?


Atsuko: I’m Atsuko!


Sakaki: I’m Takahashi Sakaki!


Gato: And I’m gonna die happy.


(Gato frolics over to a group of girls.)


Sakaki: Err…he’s not used to this kind of treatment….you have to excuse him.


Sarah: Normally guys aren’t allowed here….but this year is kinda slow….plus you seem pretty cute!


Sakaki(Blushing): Me?


Sarah: I’ll show you around if you’d like Mr.Takahashi.


Sakaki: Su..sure.


Atsuko: A-HEM.


Sarah: Oh sorry Miss Atsuko! There are lots of things to do here! Rides food and other amusement! All for girls of course!


Atsuko: Well that does sound fun! But what will the other girls say if they see Sakaki here? Won’t he get in trouble?


Sarah: Let me worry about that!


(She winks and takes Sakaki’s paw.)


Sarah: Come on Mr.Takahashi!


Sakaki(Dreamily): Sure………


(She walks away with him.)


Atsuko: Grrrrrrrrr! I don’t like that girl!


(Even with a bit of hostility making the day a little harder to enjoy, Atsuko does manage to start enjoying herself.)


Atsuko: Wow, ever since I entered the time flow I’ve never had this much fun before!


(She looks around to ask Sakaki if he’s having fun but when she remembers what happened to him she gets angry again.)


Atsuko: What’s with that Sakaki anyway? He just leaves with some girl he doesn’t even know! At least if he’s gonna be at a festival for girls you’d think he could at least hang out with me a girl he’s known for a while!


(She then burns with rage.)


Atsuko: THAT SAKAKI! I’m gonna find him and drag him along with me! That’ll teach him to just ditch me here!


(She storms off looking for our hero and finds him, but she does NOT like what she sees.)


Atsuko: What…what is he DOING?!??!?


(Sakaki is regaling a group of girls with tales of his adventures in the time flow. Sarah sits in the group too and beams at Sakaki like one who is deeply in love….Sakaki however doesn’t notice.)


Sakaki: And so I told that Boss Tengon! (Sounding more heroic than actually needed.) You’d better step down before I get mad!! (As a scared and basically incorrect Boss Tengon impression.) Don’t do it Sakaki! I’ll do anything you tell me to!


Sarah: You’re so brave Mr. Takahashi…..


Girl: That’s so awesome! I wish I could go to places like you Sakaki!


Girl2: So we’ll be able to time travel in the future?


Sakaki: Possibly! Anything is possible if you follow your dreams!


(The girls all applaud this as Sakaki strikes a heroic pose.)


Sakaki: Thank you thank you thank you! You’re all too kind!


(Atsuko then grabs him, and pulls him aside.)




Sakaki: Having fun?


Atsuko: You idiot! You’re not supposed to tell them things about time travelling and the Tengons and such! What if it ruins their futures? It’ll be entirely your fault!


Sakaki: Hmm well I suppose you’re right I neve----


Atsuko: And besides that you just ditched me! I thought we were better friends than that Sakaki!


Sakaki: I’m sorry….but Sarah and I were having so much fun…


Atsuko: That girl? Hmph, I think that she just wanted a quick fix with you and after that she’ll burn you to the ground.


Sakaki: You really think so? Or is that just jealousy?


Atsuko: What……?


Sakaki: You were JUST fine until I met Sarah today. Since then you’ve been acting as if it’s a crime to hang out here with her.


(Atsuko scoffs.)


Atsuko: Jealous? You? No way!


Sakaki: Good. Because I didn’t act all weird like you when you were acting like Wind’s groupie.


(Atsuko’s eyes burn with rage, and she turns to Sakaki slowly….finally she looks in his eyes with the sweetest expression that she’s ever had.)


Atsuko: Sakaki….


Sakaki: Huh…why….why are you looking at me like that all of a sudden?


Atsuko: Have you ever had a first kiss?


(The girls in the background all stare intently.)


Sakaki: Of…of course I haven’t! Why are you asking ridiculous questions like that?


Atsuko: Then take me! Take me now you fool!


Girl: She’s a lot more ambitious than she looks!


Girl: Sakaki, what will you do? Is she your girlfriend?


Sarah(Thinking): No…if they were in that type of relationship they would have kissed at least once….


(The girls leave now after this revelation, and Atsuko keeps trying to get Sakaki to kiss her. Once all of the girls are gone Atsuko gets an evil expression and lets Sakaki fall on his head.)


Sakaki: OW! What did you do that for?


Atsuko: Wind’s groupie huh? So you think I’m that easy do you?


Sakaki: Well you were drooling all over him! Wind-san this and Wind-san that! At least I had some self control around Sarah!


Atsuko: So you do like her more than me huh?


(She begins to walk away.)


Atsuko: Well now that they’ve seen us like that none of the girls here will want to touch you with a ten foot pole.


Sakaki: What?!?!? Atsuko! Where are you going?


(Atsuko turns around and has a look of anger and sadness.)


Atsuko: I’m going HOME you little fool!


(She storms away, and Sakaki is still shivering from the impact of her voice.)


Sakaki: She’s…even scary when she’s NOT in her wolf form…..


(Meanwhile at a “Guess your love life” booth at the fair who should be waiting for her prediction but Bash, the quiet, shy, and geeky henchman of Boss Tengon.)


Love tester: So hun, what is it that you want to find out about your love life?


Bash: Um..i’m almost 18 and I haven’t like….had a boyfriend….i was wondering if I should….um give up on love.


(She twiddles her fingers and smiles sheepishly.)


Love Tester: You don’t sound like you want to….in fact you seem a tad bit infatuated with someone now.


Bash: Like…is it that obvious?


Love Tester: Honey its as plain as the glasses on your face. Have you told this someone how you really feel?


Bash: Um…no…I’m (Blushing) too embarrassed….what if he says no?


Love Tester: Only one way to find out. If he says no it probably means you were never meant to be.


Bash(Sadly): Oh…but I really like him…and it would hurt so much if….um…he were to decline….


Love Tester: Sometimes it takes a little pain to become stronger.


Bash: Ok…um…thanks for your help ma’am…


(She stands up bows and walks away.)


Love Tester: Poor thing…I hope things work out for her….


(Bash happens to walk past Gato who’s having his ears scratched by one girl and his nails filed by another…and yet another primps his fur.)


Girl: So Gato-kun, are you really the hero of your adventures?


Gato: Yep! It’s a little known fact however so lets just keep it between you and me ok?


Girl 2: Gato, your fur is so clean! How do you do it?


Gato: Natural beauty toots…natural beauty.


(He notices Bash walk by and sweatdrops.)


Gato(Thinking): Oh crap…that was the enemy….should I go do something?


(Gato sighs.)


Gato: Damn…hanging out with toots and that bonehead has managed to kick start my…um…what is that thing again?


Girl: What thing?


Gato: It tells you to do the right thing instead of the fun thing?


Girl 2: A conscience?


Gato: Yeah…….that. Well I gotta go for a sec ladies….but don’t go anywhere because I’ll be right back.


Girls: Ok Gato-kun! We’ll wait for you!


Gato(Thinking): Oh yeah….


(He walks around a bit and doesn’t find either Atsuko or Sakaki.)


Gato: Where did they go? Geez…I take my eyes off of them for a second and they go and get lost.


(He continues to look around and begins to ask around, and finally someone says they saw Sakaki and Atsuko’s…..well performance.)


Gato: They did WHAT?! And where were they?


Girl: At the fountain near the south entrance….


Gato: Ok thanks.


(He goes there and sure enough Sakaki is sitting there alone.)


Gato: What’s up buddy?


Sakaki: Oh its you….


Gato: The rumor is going around here that you and toots were becoming closer friends in the best way.


Sakaki: Shaddap.


Gato: Anyway I thought I saw one of our enemies walking around here….do you think they followed us here?


Sakaki: A Tengon? Here?


Gato: Yep…the one we saw the other day.


Sakaki: Hmm…maybe…we should go see Atsuko.


(Then he shivers.)


Sakaki: Or maybe take care of this ourselves.


Gato: Wait a second…why do you want to handle this yourself? You always want to consult toots on anything like this….


Sakaki: Theres nothing wrong with doing things on our own is there? We’re guys after all aren’t we?


Gato: She yelled at you didn’t she?


(Sakaki puts his head down forlornly.)


Sakaki: Yes.


Gato: Why?


Sakaki: That’s just it! I don’t get why she got so mad! I was just getting to know one of the girls here and she got all mad and everything…then she walked away…and said she was going home.


Gato: Whoa whoa whoa…hit rewind…she said she was going home?


Sakaki: Yeah….not that she’d actually do that would she?


Gato: You know NOTHING about girls….of COURSE she would! When a girl like her gets mad she does things that she wouldn’t do normally! If she said she was going home she probably IS!




Gato: We have to go find her! Forget about the Tengon threat for right now!


Sakaki: Right!


(They both run out of the park and towards the place where the Time gate should be. Unfortunately when they get there it is already ready to launch.)


Sakaki: Atsuko! STOP!


(Atsuko glances down at them from the window and then looks away.)


Sakaki: Damn it! Atsuko don’t do this! Please!


(Sakaki begins to climb up the Time Gate.)


Gato: Sakaki!


(Sakaki climbs up the Time Gate still yelling.)


Sakaki: Look I’m sorry I said those mean things about you! But we all like to have some fun and do different things! Even see different people! But good friends are just that! Good friends! I’d never forget about you even if someone made me! I’ll always have the memories of the fun stuff we’ve done etched into my mind! Atsuko! Atsuko!?!


(Atsuko is listening and thinks about what Sakaki said.)


Atsuko: I….just wanted you to be….for me Sakaki……


(The Time Gate then lurches upward and Sakaki is able to hang on for a little while but then falls.)


Sakaki: Whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!


(Atsuko turns and looks out the window noticing Sakaki falling.)


Atsuko: Sakaki!


(She turns the Time Gate and opens the window, finally flying the Time Gate under Sakaki and allowing him to fall through the open window. Sakaki lands inside with a thud and Atsuko runs over to him.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! Sakaki! I’m sorry!


Sakaki: Owie…. Well its ok…but next time you get mad….lets just yell at each other ok?


(Atsuko smiles broadly)


Atsuko: Ok.


Sakaki: Well the Time Gate is already fired up…so why don’t we go to the future and have some fun?

Atsuko: Sounds like a plan!


(They head towards the future and return to the time flow after having a full day of fun.)


Sakaki: Whoo! I never imagined that you’d be able to beat the top score like that.


Atsuko: Never underestimate girl power!


Sakaki: I won’t!


(After a laugh Atsuko turns to him and with a serious expression asks.)


Atsuko: Were you being truthful earlier Sakaki?


Sakaki: Huh? About what?


Atsuko: You’ve never had a first kiss?


Sakaki: Well…yeah.


Atsuko: That’s good….that’s something that you should only share with someone you really like….i’ll find him someday…..


Sakaki: Heeh..So you haven’t either?


Atsuko: Nope!


Sakaki: Hmm…I think we forgot something….


Atsuko: Ack! More like a someone! Gato is still back in 1997!


Sakaki: Shall we swing back and get him?


Atsuko: Sounds like a plan!


(They head towards 1997 and as Sakaki looks out the window into time and space Atsuko looks at him and thinks.)


Atsuko(Thinking): When I do find him someday…I want him to be just like you Sakaki…


(They fly through the time flow and meanwhile Gato is still getting the royal treatment.)


Gato: Its so hard being handsome…right girls?


Girls: Sure is Gato-kun!


(And in yet another place Bash walks alone for a bit and finally a ship comes down to get her, and Crash sticks his head out and waves to get her attention)


Bash: Someday….


(She runs towards the ship…and in the sky a star flies across the horizon.)


Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Sakaki: Its sooooooooo hot…. I’m dying here….


Atsuko: Pipe down…the more you complain the hotter it gets….


Sakaki: Perfect timing for the A/C to break on the Time Gate….


Gato: FYI EVERYTHING on this hunk of junk is broken….


Atsuko: You take that back or…I’ll….


Gato: What?


Atsuko: Oh forget it….too hot…..


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito….




Gato: Yo Toots…Sakaki’s been kidnapped by Tengons…


Atsuko: He’ll be alright..
















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