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Jikan (2002) Episode 17

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





(Boss Tengon sits in the control room of the Tengon mothership with a huge Band-Aid on the side of his face from Wind’s attack on our last adventure. He taps his finger impatiently on the chair that he’s sitting on and sighs out of frustration. In front of him is a small intercom box, after a minute he looks at the box and sighs again. Finally a voice can be heard coming out of the box.)


Voice: Sir? The two interns are here.


Boss Tengon: Good…send them in.


(In a minute the doors to the control room open and two people in cloaks appear. They stand before Boss Tengon and bow.)


Cloak 1: Boss Tengon sir! We are the interns that eagerly await your commands!


Boss Tengon: So you two are the ones that will help me in defeating our foes?


Cloak 1: You are right sir!


Boss Tengon: Hmm do you think I could have a look at your face?


Cloak 1: As you wish sir!


(The two cloak persons jump up and do a flip in midair. The first one lands and takes off his cloak.)


Cloak 1: I’m the energetic flyboy…..Crash!


(Crash is a young man who has spiky black hair and blue eyes. He wears a red vest with a black shirt under it and blue jeans with black shoes. The second person lands and stumbles a bit, but finally regains her balance then takes off her cloak.)


Cloak 2: Um….i’m Bash.


(Bash is a young girl who wears oversized glasses and looks shy and even a little bit nerdy. She has red hair and green eyes and wears an oversized baggy shirt and black pants, completing the ensemble are white shoes.)


Crash: And we’re the villains of the new millennium!


Bash: Uh…Right.


Boss Tengon(Thinking): Since when do henchmen get introductions like that?


Crash: So boss what do you have in mind?


Boss Tengon: You two will have a crack at one of our topmost assignments!


Crash: Give us anything! We’ll travel where you want get what you need and be there for yah! Isn’t that right Bash-chan?


Bash: Sure sir…(Blushing) We’re willing to go the extra mile.


Boss Tengon: Good.


(He hands them a photo and points at it.)


Boss Tengon: Destroy that boy.


(In the photo is Sakaki.)


Crash: He doesn’t look all that strong….but whatever you say sir!


Boss Tengon: We’ll give you a machine that should help you with that goal.


Crash: Ok sir! You can depend on us! We’ll be the best interns ever!


(Bash nods, and they exit the control room.)


Boss Tengon: Gotta love free interns…you get work done and you don’t have to pay them a cent.


(He sits back in his chair and then falls over.)


Sakaki: Episode 17: Sakaki and Hanami


(Sakaki and his friends are in a wide field enjoying spring, which has just started in that area. The trees and flowers are in full bloom, and even the birds are singing. Atsuko sits under a tree and stretches her arms outward.)


Atsuko: Its nice to have a vacay for once.


(Gato who is beside her yawns.)


Gato: Well its boring…but peaceful….


(Sakaki darts by.)


Atsuko: I don’t think that anything could get to me today.


Gato: Me neither.


(Sakaki darts by again.)


Atsuko: Hey Gato did you see that blur just now?


Gato: If I pretend like I didn’t see it will you do the same?


(Atsuko sighs and walks over to where Sakaki stands sweat-dropping profusely.)


Atsuko: You’re sweat-dropping a lot there Sakaki…a lot even for anime standards. What’s wrong with you?


Sakaki: Its Hanami! I’m missing it!!


Atsuko: Hana…mi?


Sakaki: Hanami! Hanami! Its an important holiday in Japan!


Gato: What does that have to do with you? You’re not in Japan now.




Atsuko: What IS Hanami?


(Sakaki takes out a sheet of paper and writes the Japanese kanji for “Flower” (Hana) and Watching (Mi))


Sakaki: Here!


Atsuko: Flower watching? What’s that?


Sakaki: I thought your parents were into Japanese culture?!?!


Gato: Your kanji calligraphy is horrible.


(Sakaki whacks him.)

Atsuko: Well there ARE some things not even they knew about…..


Sakaki: Aww man….if I were at home now Cyclone and I would be having watermelon eating contests…Hau would make some good food….and Toshiro…….(Eyes water up) I even miss Toshiro!


(He sulks away.)


Atsuko: Hanami….i wish I knew more about it…..


Gato: Even if you did what would you do?


Atsuko: He has done so much for us…we should do one thing for him I suppose.


(Sakaki walks over to some bushes and stands sighing.)


Sakaki: I really want to go home….at the same time I wanna stay with Atsuko too..


(Then he notices two people working on something huge and talking. Sakaki sneaks closer and hides behind a tree to watch them….turns out its Bash and Crash building the machine they were assigned with. Well….Crash is doing the work as Bash sits looking at him.)


Bash: Um…Crash…san? Do you need help?


Crash: No way! When I was growing up the men did the work and never made women lift a finger! Besides I’m almost done and we’ll be ready to take on that Sakaki person in no time!


(Sakaki ducks behind the tree and scratches his chin.)


Sakaki: Well they LOOKED like Tengons….and that remark just makes it more and more obvious that they are…should I get Atsuko and Gato?


(He thinks for a minute.)


Sakaki: Nah! I’ll beat them up with the Quick sword I got from Wind! I’ll have a chance to test it out and at the same time have a bit of fun!


(Sakaki takes out the quick blade and jumps out into the fray.)


Sakaki: Ok you two! I’m gonna put an end to your evil plans!


(Bash and Crash look up at Sakaki and for a minute there is silence. Finally Crash asks….)


Crash: Who are you?


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Should I even BOTHER telling them that?


Bash: Um...Crash-san….I might be wrong but….i think that’s the Sakaki that Boss Tengon sent us here to…um…defeat.


(Crash looks at the photo.)


Crash: So it is! How lucky then! I just finished the machine!


(He jumps in the cockpit of the finished machine, which is a giant laser.)


Crash: Ready to play Sakaki?


Sakaki: I was born ready!


(He fires the laser at Sakaki who moves swiftly out of the way. The laser hit the ground behind him and Sakaki looks back at what should be the area it hit and is surprised to see nothing.)


Sakaki: Shouldn’t…there be a crater or something? What kind of useless weapon is that?


(Crash is wondering the same thing.)


Crash: Damn! Maybe I didn’t put something together right……


Sakaki: Well that’s just fine! I’ll slice and dice that machine and then your turn!


(He jumps up and prepares to bring the sword down on the machine, just then Crash fires again and it hits Sakaki point blank. Sakaki doesn’t stop moving but instead of slashing the machine he simply falls to the ground slumped over.)


Crash: It…worked?


(He gets out of the machine tip-toes over to Sakaki and pokes him with his foot.)


Crash: Hey kid? Kid? You alive?


(He hits Sakaki and flips him over revealing that his eyes are fogged and glassed over.)


Crash: What the hell happened to him?


(Bash walks up with the instruction booklet and reads aloud.)


Bash: This…thing is like…a hypnotism sleep device….it puts the victim or erm…Sakaki into a deep sleep and presents him with images of the last thing he was thinking about…if he stays in the um sleep mode for long enough his body will succumb to it and he’ll er….like go into a coma….that he can’t wake up from.


Crash: Really? Let me see that Bash-chan.


(He reads it and groans.)


Crash: According to this thing we have to wait a little while for it to take full effect because of the evil villain-friends rescuing hero clause.


Bash: Like…that always gets the best of villains doesn’t it?


(Sakaki wakes up beside a lake and shakes his head.)


Sakaki: Great…that laser was more than it appeared to be huh….


(He sees his surroundings and looks around.)


Sakaki: I don’t remember there being a lake here….


Voice: Honestly Nobuhiko…you can fall asleep at the strangest times.


Sakaki: Who?


(He turns around and sees a girl standing behind him wearing a pretty kimono, which probably would have turned heads in feudal Japan. However this girl looks…just like….)


Sakaki: Hau? Hau? What are you doing here?


Hau look alike: Hau? Who is that? Don’t play your jokes Nobuhiko.


Sakaki: Hau? And who’s Nobuhiko?


Hau look alike: Nobuhiko we’re late as it is….i really can’t stop for your jokes…


Sakaki: What joke?


Hau look alike: If you insist on acting dense then I’ll leave you alone here.


Sakaki(Thinking.): I’m obviously somewhere different than where I was this afternoon….maybe those two guys zapped me with some kind of time traveling gun…for now I guess I should play along…maybe I can find a way to contact Atsuko…..


(Sakaki stands up.)


Sakaki: Sorry…I didn’t mean to bother you with my jokes.


Hau look alike: About time Nobuhiko…come we have to meet the others now.


(Sakaki and the Hau look alike head down to the Village and it looks exactly like one would find in Japan almost 100 years prior to this present time.)


Sakaki(Thinking): This is freaky! I feel like I’m in a history book!


(She stops at one house and takes off her sandals. Sakaki does the same with his own shoes, and follows her inside. Inside they meet up with the others who also look like Sakaki’s friends in the present.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Cyclone? Toshiro? This is either a really strange coincidence or I’m dreaming!


Cyclone look alike: Kaguya! You came back, and you finally found Nobuhiko! What were you doing anyway? Sleeping?


Sakaki: Er…I guess so….


Toshiro Look alike: Always doing useless things Nobuhiko…I wish I could be as carefree as you.


Sakaki(Thinking): Well some things NEVER change…stupid stuck up Toshiro.


Cyclone look alike: Kaguya-hime, are you sure its ok for you to leave your protective guard?


Sakaki: Hime!?! You’re a princess?


(They all jump Sakaki and cover his mouth.)


Kaguya: Nobuhiko! Have you gone mad?


Cyclone look alike: You know she’s not allowed here!


Sakaki: Not…allowed?


Kaguya: Nobuhiko…..are you ok? You have been acting strange….


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Sakaki: Nah I’m…I’m fine! So what are we gonna do?


Cyclone look alike: Well…theres nothing we can do unfortunately…if anyone sees Kaguya-hime they’ll report her and she’ll get in trouble.


Sakaki: Huh….that does suck…..


(He looks outside and sees that the trees are in bloom.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Maybe we CAN do something.


Toshiro Look alike: What do you have on your mind Nobuhiko?


Sakaki: I have an idea on how you guys can have fun and at the same time hang out with Kaguya-hime.


Kaguya: What do you mean?


Sakaki: Leave it to me!


(Meanwhile Atsuko and Gato are looking for Sakaki who has been lost for some time.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! Sakaki! We have a surprise for you! Sakaki! Come out!


Gato(Whispering): Sakaki? Sakaki? (Normal voice) Well I guess he’s gone! Lets go back to our tree?


(Atsuko ignores him, bends down and begins to sniff the ground.)


Gato: What the hell are you doing?!


Atsuko: Sniffing for Sakaki silly.


(She gets a whiff and stands up.)


Atsuko: That way!


Gato: I’m a cat hanging out with a dog-girl….


(They head out to where Bash and Crash are reading magazines waiting for the machine to take full effect on Sakaki.)


Bash: Um…Crash-san? Someone is like…coming.


Crash: Who?


(He looks up and sees Atsuko and Gato.)


Crash: Huh…what do we do with them?


Bash: I suppose that they’re um…gonna save that Sakaki fellow….


(Atsuko sees Sakaki and gasps.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! What happened?


(Atsuko feels his paw and has a serious expression.)


Atsuko: His body is getting cold….(To Bash and Crash) What did you do to him?!


Crash: Hit him with our laser here! Don’t worry it’ll take full effect soon!


(Atsuko growls and takes the quick sword from Sakaki.)


Atsuko: Change him back!


Crash: Are you gonna make us?


(Atsuko stares at them seriously and the scene changes back to where Sakaki is…currently he is with the look alike group in an open field having what seems to be a picnic.)


Sakaki: See isn’t this better than just sitting around?


Cyclone look alike: I have to admit that this is better.


Kaguya: And you called this “Hanami” Nobuhiko?


Sakaki: Yeah it takes place every spring….


Kaguya: This would be something fun to do more often! I’m so glad you told us about this Nobuhiko!


Toshiro look alike: Where did you ever find out this information?


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Sakaki: Books?


(Everyone bursts out laughing.)


Cyclone look alike: YOU? BOOKS?


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Kaguya: Your jokes are right on the mark now Nobuhiko!


Sakaki(Thinking): That WASN’T a joke.


(Meanwhile some men who had been watching the group for some time approach them, and Sakaki looks up.)


Sakaki(Thinking): I’ve been watching those guys….they’ve been following us since we left town.


(They surround the group and look at them menacingly.)


Cyclone look alike: You need something gents?


Man 1: Just the princess’s life….heh there are lots that would pay quite a pretty penny to see the king squirm.


Sakaki: Assassins!


(He grabs the princess’s arm and begins to run.)


Sakaki: You guys call for help!


(The other two nod and go do that. Meanwhile Atsuko has gotten into the machine, which zapped Sakaki, and tries to hack into it. Bash and Crash have been tied up nearby, and Gato keeps a close guard on them.)


Crash: I wonder if that’s a girl at all?! She attacked us like an animal!


Atsuko: Hmm…I’ve just about got it now!


Gato: Really? So can you bring Sakaki back?


Atsuko: Sure enough!


(She comes down with a wire in her hand and puts its beside Sakaki, and then goes back to the machine.)


Atsuko: Blast off in 10 seconds!


(On the other side Sakaki and Kaguya run away as the men pursue them, and unfortunately its right then and there that a man appears in front of them.)


Sakaki: Crap!


(He tries to run away with Kaguya but the man in front grabs her.)


Kaguya: Ahhh!


Sakaki: Kaguya!


(Other world)


Atsuko: 9!


(Sakaki is preparing to attack the man.)


Atsuko: 8!


(Sakaki is smacked back and lands on his back.)


Atsuko: 7!


(Then two men keep him from moving.)


Atsuko: 6!


(Sakaki struggles and watches as they take out a knife.)


Atsuko: 5!


(Sakaki yells out.)


Atsuko: 4!

(Sakaki manages to get free and runs towards Kaguya.)


Atsuko: 3!




Atsuko: 2!


(Sakaki takes a dive and just when he gets there…..)


Atsuko: ONE!


(Sakaki wakes up in the real world.)


Sakaki: NO!!!!!!!!


Atsuko: Sakaki! You’re back!


Sakaki: Kaguya! Kaguya! What happened to her?!


Atsuko: Who?


Sakaki: No…she’s probably…..


(Sakaki gets up and clenches his fists.)


Sakaki: It was all my fault too…


(He walks away sadly, and the others can only look confused. Finally Bash and Crash wriggle free of their ropes and Crash taking Bash’s hand escapes.)


Crash: You’ll defiantly hear from us again!


Gato: That doesn’t sound very villain like…..


Crash: Really?


Gato: Try something like “I won’t forget this!”


Crash: Thanks!


(They disappear from sight.)


Gato: Suckers.


Atsuko: I wonder what was wrong with Sakaki? And who’s Kaguya?


(Later Sakaki sits on top of the Time Gate and sighs. Atsuko comes out to meet him and she is dressed in a kimono with her hair put up too.)


Sakaki: Atsuko…you…..


Atsuko: I went on the internet and did some research on Hanami…and I found out a bit about it…..


Sakaki: Oh.


(He looks down.)


Atsuko: It seems it started with some princess named Kaguya a long time ago.


(Sakaki’s eyes widen.)


Atsuko: She was nearly killed by assassins…but due to the courage of a friend who came to her rescue she was saved….and because of this friend she started the Hanami ritual every spring….


Sakaki: This friend…did they have a name?


Atsuko: Nobuhiko….


(Sakaki stands up and grins widely.)


Sakaki: Heh that’s just fine. What’s with your get up?


Atsuko: I figured that we should have our own Hanami Sakaki! Its not the same as if you did it with your friends…but its something isn’t it?


Sakaki: I learned that a Hanami spent with ANY friends is a good one.


(So Atsuko sits down and they both enjoy the cherry blossoms as they bloom and dance in the breeze.)


Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Sakaki: There are girls everywhere!


Gato: I died and went to heaven!


Atsuko: I can HELP you two with that dying part.


Gato: Hey no need for you two losers to fight.


Sakaki: I don’t get Atsuko’s big problem…everyone likes to have fun…after all I didn’t say anything when you were drooling over Wind.




Gato: Ack! She’s gone! You two had better patch things up or the Time Gate could be stuck here!……wait that’s not a bad thing at all.


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Sakaki: Atsuko…I’m sorry….











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