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Jikan (2002) Episode 15

Page history last edited by Sakaki 12 years, 12 months ago

Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap




(Last time Sakaki, Atsuko and Gato ended up in Amekuni a country where it’s ALWAYS raining. The Time Gate is wrecked and Atsuko seemed to have gone a bit crazy watching her beloved Time Gate break down. Luckily a boy named Wind happened apon our friends and decided to give them a helping hand. He told them of a place where the information to find out where to fix the Time Gate was and how they could get to it. Unfortunately it was there that Wind found out about the fate of his country…and it wasn’t good at all….)


Sakaki: Episode 15: Tomorrows clear skies! The Sunshine factor!


(Sakaki bows continuously in front of wind.)


Sakaki: I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! Atsuko told me about the whole thing! I’m such a klutz!


Wind: Its ok….you didn’t know…I’m more worried about what I saw in there anyway….


Atsuko: Wind-san…..is it really that bad that it stopped raining?


Wind: Unfortunately yes….it’ll cause a huge eco-crash….


Gato: In NORMAL places…people look forward to the sun….


Sakaki: Now is NOT the time for your snide remarks Gato! Wind! I’ll do anything to help you!


Atsuko: Me too Wind-san!


Wind: I thank all of you…but for now I think its best if we leave here.


(They all nod and begin to find their way out. Wind makes it out first and stops in his tracks. His mouth is wide in horror as he stares at the outside sky, and soon Sakaki, Atsuko and Gato appear and see it too.)


Wind: The sky…..its…..clear…..


(True enough the sun is coming out, and the rain soaked earth is beginning to be scorched by the brilliance of the sun.)


Atsuko: What could have done this?


Wind: I----I’m not sure…..


Gato: I don’t see the huge problem, you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill here.


Wind: I have to head back to my hometown village….there might be more problems there!


Sakaki: Ok Wind! We’ll go with you!


Wind: You guys….


Atsuko: Ok Wind! Lead us to it!


Wind: Its right this way.


(They walk for a while until they get to a huge cloud.)


Wind: That’s it!


Sakaki: I don’t…see anything.


Wind: I know you don’t see anything now but…


(He walks over to a rock and uncovers it revealing three gems. He arranges the gems into certain holders on top of the rock and soon a rainbow appears in front of them.)


Sakaki: Whoa! Did you do that?


Wind: Yeah…its how we get to and from my city to the ground below.


Atsuko: This is beyond anything I’VE ever seen!


Sakaki: We go up on that right?


Wind: Yeah but….


Sakaki: Ok Atsuko! Lets go!


(Atsuko nods, and they both try to scale the Rainbow just to fall down.)


Gato: Idiots.


Wind: Heh…you need special shoes to walk up it…since its not something that can easily support matter.


(Soon they are wearing the special equipment needed to climb up the rainbow and are walking towards the giant cloud, which carries Wind’s home.)


Atsuko: Its so beautiful up here! You’re so lucky to live in such a nice place Wind-san.


Wind: I suppose it would look nice to someone who’s never been up here before…to me its just the same old….but then again I’ve never seen the sun rise like this….so its new to me…


Sakaki: Its really cool. You should take this chance to experience it.


Wind: Maybe I shall.


Gato: So what exactly are we gonna do once we get on to that cloud there? Its not like we can just put the sun away and make it rain again can we?


Wind: Yeah you’re right…but I think I know what’s wrong.


Atsuko: What is it?


Wind: It might be the Factory of the sun that’s gone haywire.


Sakaki: Factory of the Sun?


Wind: Well it keeps the sun’s rays at a minimum…after all you do know that mammals such as us need the sun to live right?


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Gato(Sneering): He does now.


Atsuko: Sakaki I think its just amazing how little you know about the world around you.


(Sakaki laughs nervously.)


Wind: Anyway like I said things around here have come to depend on the rain we keep the sun from overdoing things at the factory. I think if we can fix what’s wrong at the factory we might just be able to return things to normal.


Sakaki: Ok! Off to the Factory of the sun!


(They all cheer and continue heading down the rainbow until they get to Wind’s city. It’s a regal place with horse drawn carriages and people buzzing about.)


Gato: I never knew that a city in the clouds could have so much class! Man!


Wind: Yeah its really nice here.


(Wind looks around for a minute and has a bewildered expression on his face.)


Atsuko: What’s the matter?


Wind: Funny…I thought for sure everyone would be in a huge panic over this…..


(Wind walks over to one man and taps him on the back.)


Wind: ‘Cuse me sir…do you know what’s wrong with the weather?


(The man turns around and has a gleeful expression on his face. This expression is unnatural though…almost like its being forced. He has drool coming down his mouth and he doesn’t even seem to notice.)


Atsuko: Augh! He looks awful!


Man: Nothing wrong here! Nothing at all! Just enjoying the weather! Please please enjoy it with me!


Wind: Hmm…..


Sakaki: Something is definitely wrong! Look!


(People are buzzing around them but strangely enough they are acting like toys…some run into walls and continue hitting them…while others lie on the floor walking on their side. A woman lying on her face and walking into the ground proclaims…)


Woman: Its so beautiful here! This weather is just what we needed!


Sakaki: This is REALLY creepy…..


Gato: Hey kid! Is this what happens when folks around here don’t see rain for a couple of minutes?


Wind: I dunno….I don’t feel any different though…


Atsuko: It’s definitely mind control. A weak mind control but mind control none the less.


Sakaki: Atsuko…..You sure about that?


Atsuko: Someone is controlling them…but they don’t have the power to give a bunch of people individual commands…so they just give them general ones…. ones such as “Walk” or “Talk” Stuff like that….which is why they can only do general things.


Sakaki: Well that would explain the strange behavior.


Atsuko: This definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of place that you could get devices that could do that sort of thing….I think that someone time jumped here from the future.


Gato: Or…someone followed us here.


All except wind: TENGONS!


Wind: Who?


Sakaki: They’re really bad guys who want something called “Master Technology.” None of us have it but they pursue us anyway….now it seems they’ve come here to cause trouble.


Wind: Those jerks! I’ll teach them a lesson! I may not look it but I can be really tough when I’m mad!


Sakaki: First we have to find them!


Wind: If they’re the ones who stopped the rain they’re definitely at the factory of the sun then.


Sakaki: We’ll cut them off right there then!


Atsuko: Wait! How would the Tengons know about the factory?


Sakaki: What?


Atsuko: If they came from MY time period…and have been following US, its safe to assume that they probably were as shocked as we were when they saw the torrential downpour. I seriously doubt they just headed to the factory on their own.


Gato: So you’re saying this was an inside job?


Atsuko: Exactly.


Wind: Hmm….everyone knows about the factory but only a few know how it works…


(Wind gasps.)


Wind: I have a feeling that I need to head home…I think who might be behind this might be there….


Atsuko: You know this person?


Wind: All too well……


Atsuko: How about this? Wind-san, give Gato and I directions to the factory…and you go with Sakaki to your place. That way all angles are covered.


Sakaki: Sounds like a plan.


(They all separate and head off to their destinations. Sakaki and Wind head through the town and end up at a huge castle……the same one that the Tengons visited an episode earlier….)


Sakaki: YOU LIVE HERE?!?


Wind: Y…yeah….?


Sakaki: You must be freakin’ rich then!


Wind: Heh…you could say that…..


(Wind flips open a panel beside the door presses his eye against a black console and after a quick scan the door opens.)


Wind: Shall we go in?


(Sakaki nods staring out of amazement. The two of them head down the corridor looking around for strange activity and soon end up in what seems to be the throne room.)


Wind: Nothing here at all! I was SURE that “he” is behind all this!


Sakaki: Who’s “He”?


Wind: He is….


(Then a large boom can be heard behind them.)


Sakaki: What was that?


Wind(Quietly): HIM…..


(They turn around and find Boss Tengon standing with another man.)


Boss Tengon: How nice of you to come Sakaki! I would have invited you but you have a way of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong anyway……


Sakaki: Of course! And you have a habit of being a no talent jerk!




Sakaki: FOOL!


Boss Tengon: IDIOT!


Sakaki: BUTT-HEAD!


Boss Tengon: JACK A---


(The man in the shadows beside Boss Tengon clears his throat.)


Boss Tengon: Oh right! I have someone here who would love to meet you!


Sakaki: Heh…another one of your robots? Well let’s get it on!


(He draws his regular sword and stands ready in a battle stance.)


Boss Tengon: I wouldn’t dare waste another robot on you Sakaki! This guy is all flesh and blood! But he won’t waste time in turning you into a heap of scraps!


(Wind looks visibly scared and Sakaki notices this.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Who is this “HIM” guy that Wind keeps talking about? And is he really that scary?


Boss Tengon: Thunder-kun maybe you should introduce yourself?


(The man steps out of the shadows and stands before them. He looks just like Wind just older and with longer hair.)


Thunder: Hmph. So you are still running around being useless Wind.


(Wind gulps.)


Sakaki: Wind! Don’t take that from him! Stand up for yourself!


Thunder: Its no use. That boy is afraid of me, and for good reason…a while ago…I swore that I’d…take his LIFE.


(Outside even though the sun is out thunder claps.)


Thunder: You remember right Wind? We were both still little when it happened….


(Flashback to when Wind and Thunder were younger and they stand at attention to their parents.)


Wind’s Father: Now my boys you two are still young but we must discuss the future! As princes of Amekuni, it must be revealed who will one day take my place.


Wind’s Mother: Your father and I really thought hard about this choice and considering everything we came to our final decision.


Wind’s Father: You Wind-kun will take my place as king someday.


(Thunder looks abhorred at this decision.)

Thunder: Hold on father! I’m older and more informed about the happenings of this country! Wind only likes to play around with the other kids, and goof-off! Why did you choose him over me?!


Wind’s Mother: Yes it is true that Wind isn’t as responsible as you…


Wind: Mom…I really think that Thunder should….


Wind’s Mother: Wind…let me finish. However he has got something that you seem to lack…which is heart. You are well informed Thunder, however you don’t show empathy unless forced to.


Wind’s Father: Wind is very cheerful, kind and attentive to other people’s problems…all are needed to make a successful king.


Thunder: So you chose him for THOSE reasons?


Wind’s Mother: However if Wind should end up being unfit or becoming deceased before his royal inauguration, Thunder shall get to be king as default.




(Thunder storms out of the room.)


Wind: Wait! Thunder!


(Back in the present Sakaki stares in shock out of what he just heard.)


Sakaki: No way…Wind…you’re a prince?


Wind: Yes…its true…I’m supposed to become King soon…..but Thunder! You gotta listen to me!


Sakaki: Wait…if you’re both princes then that means….


Thunder: Correct! Wind is my dear little brother.


Sakaki: No way….


Boss Tengon: Of course I sympathized with Thunder-kun all along…..and offered his support in taking back what’s his.


Wind: But where have you been all this time Thunder? You disappeared soon after that meeting with Mom and Dad….


Thunder: On the contrary! I’ve been planning your death the whole time! Of course, because of the royal guard I would always get derailed, but now that they’ve been taken care of by Boss Tengon I can finally set out to do what I wanted to do for years now.


Wind: The guard? You mean…those guys who all ended up being seriously hurt mysteriously?


Thunder: Yessss…its all your fault Wind. They kept it from you probably because you’re too useless to do anything anyway.


Sakaki: THAT’S ENOUGH! I understand that you want to be king Thunder! But this is no way at accomplishing that!


Thunder: You dare talk to me? You have nothing to do with this fool.


(He turns to Wind.)


Thunder: If you submit I promise not to harm your friend there. I know that you don’t want him to see any trouble. Am I right?


Wind: Thunder! Don’t hurt him please!

Boss Tengon: Uh…the deal was to waste them both.


Thunder: Hmph. Well you heard the man…Boss Tengon is going to rightfully put me on the throne where I belong!


Sakaki: Boss Tengon! You shut down the rain and took over all those peoples minds didn’t you?


Boss Tengon: My soldiers had a problem with the rain…and I couldn’t have noisy villagers ruining my plan could I?


Sakaki: You JERK! I’ll never let you forget the bad things you’ve done today!


(Sakaki prepares to leap when Wind stops him.)


Wind: Sakaki….i’ve got to handle this…so I can prove to my brother that I’m not worthless….!


Sakaki: I gotcha! But I have to beat down that smug Boss Tengon!


Thunder: Come at me together. Not as if it’ll make a lot of difference though.


(Sakaki and Wind nod and run at Thunder. Meanwhile Atsuko and Gato are at the factory trying to get in but finding that its locked.)


Atsuko: Drat it! We can’t get in at all like this!


Gato: I left my little hellraiser skeleton key back at the Time Gate…


Atsuko: Drat…if only you had….why do you have one of those things anyway? What would you need with it?


(Gato smiles gleefully while thinking of the eventual day that he’d use the key to walk in on Atsuko after a bath.)


Atsuko: Eww…I’d rather not know the way you looked just now….


Gato: Anyway! We should go tell Sakaki that the door is locked.


Atsuko: Good idea…he might have a second plan or something.


(They go back to the castle where Sakaki and Wind headed to and find that the door is open.)


Atsuko: Funny…a high security door like this left open? That’s stupid…


Gato: But to our advantage.


Atsuko: Can’t argue with that…


(They walk in and look around for Wind and Sakaki.)


Atsuko: Wind-San? Sakaki? Where did you go?


(Then Atsuko peaks over into the throne room and stifles a yelp.)


Atsuko: Oh no….


(In the room Thunder stands over a very burnt and defeated Wind and Sakaki. The two of them have their eyes closed and are not moving.)


Boss Tengon: Why…they weren’t any challenge at all…Excellent…..


Atsuko: Both Wind-san…. and Sakaki….were beaten?


(Boss Tengon laughs loudly as Thunder stares down at his two defeated foes.)


Ending Song: “Kizen Hibiku” (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Atsuko: Ok Gato! We have to use all of our cunning to slip into the factory!


Gato: And you don’t think that a place like this WOULDN’T have guards?


Atsuko: Its ok! I can take care of them with my Wolf form!


Gato: These aren’t ordinary guards though….


Atsuko: Meh, they’re no big deal…. Anyway its up to us as Sakaki and Wind try to escape from Boss Tengon’s clutches!


Boss Tengon: THEY’RE done for…now it’s your turn!


Atsuko: Kyaaaaaa!


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Sakaki: Just a bit more….
























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