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Jikan (2002) Episode 14

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





(The sneaky Tengons attacked Sakaki and his friends in the time flow last time we saw our heroes. Though some clever maneuvering and some teamwork however Sakaki and the others managed to out class the Tengons once again. However the Time Gate sustained heavy damage and was forced to land in a strange time period.)


Sakaki: Episode 14: Rain of eternity! Secret of the ruins!


(The Time gate sits in a ruin on a grassy field as its raining. Outside of the Time Gate Atsuko in a new blue shirt and skirt sits beside the wreck staring at the Time Gate. Her eyes are empty and devoid of feeling…and its obvious that the Time Gate’s new state has really gotten to her. Sakaki and Gato walk in the scene both wearing Raincoats and boots. Sakaki holds an umbrella, and walks over to Atsuko.)


Sakaki: Well…at least she got out to change her clothes…


(Gato is trying to stare up her skirt, and Sakaki glares at him once he catches wind of what he’s up to. Gato clears his throat and says…)


Gato: Yeah but toots has been the same way since we landed here….just sitting there and staring at the Time Gate.


Sakaki: I guess it’s because she liked it so much…


(Sakaki looks at her sadly.)


Sakaki: Atsuko…at least put on some rain gear…you’ll catch a cold….


(Atsuko looks at him with an expressionless face and looks back at the Time Gate.)


Sakaki(Sighs): Its no use…I think we lost her…


Gato: Well if she does go psychotic…I think you’re the best person to console her.


Sakaki: What about you?


Gato: I would have been long gone by that time buster.


Sakaki: How NOBLE of you.


Gato: On a serious note…have you noticed that it’s done NOTHING but rain since we got here?


Sakaki: Yeah…its weird…I mean we’ve been here for a couple of days now…and I haven’t seen the sun once.


Gato: You think we’re in cursed country?


Sakaki: Possibly. Since the Time Gate is kaput theres no way to know what time period we’re in.


Gato: I’d ask Toots, but something tells me she wouldn’t be able to help much now.


(Atsuko shivers and hands them a wet pamphlet.)


Sakaki: What’s this? Does it have information on this time period?


(Atsuko without looking away from the Time Gate nods.)


Sakaki: Thanks.


(He opens the pamphlet and gasps.)


Gato: What is it?


Sakaki: According to this we’re in Amekuni…or Rain Country! Where it can rain for years!


Gato: WHAT?!


Sakaki: Though this whole country’s history it’s only been sunny…ONE DOZEN TIMES?!?


Gato: This place is a graveyard!!!


Voice: I can’t have you speaking about my country like that!


(Sakaki and Gato turn around and see that there is a boy standing behind them. The boy looks to be a few years older than Atsuko, and has black hair. His eyes are brown and he wears a normal pair of shorts and a shirt. On his head is a hat flipped backwards and he has a skateboard in his left hand.)


Sakaki: Your country?


Gato: Which means you live in this watery hell?


Boy: Hey! Knock off the name-calling!


Sakaki: Sorry! He’s a bit tactless sometimes….


Boy: Nah..no offence if you’re sorry.


Gato(Under breath): I’m not sorry.


Sakaki: So…if you live here can you er…tell us where we can fix our transportation?


Boy: First off let’s have introductions! I’m Wind, nice to meetcha!


{Wind, Current Mood: Friendly Role: Side character (For now) Age 16}


Sakaki: I’m Takahashi Sakaki. Back at yah for the nice to meet you part.


Gato: I’m International playboy Gato.


Sakaki: And…that over there…is our friend Atsuko.


(They all look over at Atsuko who sneezes.)


Wind: She doesn’t look well.


Sakaki: Err..she was really attached to that machine that broke…she’s having issues right now…


Wind: I see….


Gato: Huh?!


Sakaki: Gato? What is it?


Gato: Hey Kid! You’re not wet and you’ve been out here a while right?! How is that possible?!


Sakaki: What the….you’re right!


(True enough Wind is not even the slightest bit wet.)


Wind: Yeah I was doing some skateboarding earlier.


Sakaki: WHY ARE YOU NOT WET?!?!?


Wind: Heh…it’s a technique developed by my people! We live in Amekuni all the time you know…and being wet really sucks after a long time. So we figured out a way to increase the electric field around a human body and turn it into a kinda shield. Everyone has a kinda electric aura around them that really serves no purposes so using a kind of martial arts concentration we increased the density of the aura without making it visible so it blocks out rain.


Sakaki: Cooooool….can I learn that?


Wind: It takes years of practice…besides…didn’t you want to fix your machine?


Sakaki: Oh yeah that’s right…do you know of anywhere we can fix it?


Wind: Hmm I’m not sure specifically…..However theres a rumor that in the ruins lies an object that can answer any question.


Sakaki: The ruins? Are they far away?


Wind: Not really…it’s just a 10-minute walk from here.


Sakaki: Sounds good! Let’s go!


Gato: What about toots?


Sakaki: Rats…how will we get Atsuko to come?


(Wind puts down his skateboard and walks over to Atsuko. Once he gets to her he bends down and looks into her eyes.)


Wind: Hey I’m really sorry about your machine there…but I’ll do whatever I can to fix it.


(Life returns to Atsuko’s eyes once again and she blinks a couple of times and then begins to blush.)


Atsuko: Ok….thank you very much sir…


Wind: Shall we go?


Atsuko: I’d go anywhere with you….


(They both walk towards the ruins.)


Gato(Mockingly.): I’d go ANYWHERE with you….she’s turned into a school girl at a rock concert.


Sakaki: Why is it that nothing WE did could get her to move?


Wind: Hey! You guys wanna come right?


(Sakaki and Gato groan one more time and run after them. They soon come apon the ruins and Wind lifts up a stone revealing an entrance.)


Sakaki: Wow…you’ve been here before?


Wind: A couple of times….I went looking for the object but was too scared to do it on my own.


Atsuko: We can try and help you Wind-san! Come on Sakaki! Gato! We’ve got work to do!


(Atsuko runs downstairs.)


Gato: Since was she so gung-ho about this?


Sakaki(Thinking): Since she met him.


(They all head downstairs and begin the search meanwhile Boss Tengon and his soldiers have arrived in a in the same time period. Boss Tengon looks around and smiles evilly.)


Boss Tengon: I like it! This place will do just fine for our new base of operations!


Tengon Soldier: I dunno sir…its raining a lot.


Boss Tengon: Much better! I think this dreary situation will fit just perfectly with our evil plans!


Tengon Soldier: Sir?


Boss Tengon: Yes?


Tengon Soldier: I don’t feel well….


(The soldiers begin to mutter amongst themselves about how they’re getting sick from all the rain.)


Boss Tengon: Fine fine…. there has to be a place for us to stay….(To a Soldier) You! Go find out why it’s raining so much! And we’ll go look for places to take cover.


Tengon Soldier: How about that large castle up there?


(He points to a castle overlooking the village.)


Boss Tengon: You have excellent taste my friend. This will do perfectly…once we oust the owner of that place.


(The Tengon forces begin to walk and back at the ruins Sakaki and his friends have run into a tight spot.)


Sakaki: So Wind…where do we go now?


Wind: I don’t….know…..


(The path in front of them is gone revealing a huge pit.)


Atsuko: I wonder just how long we’d fall if we fell in there?


Gato: I’d much rather wonder if it’s really a good idea for us to be here.


Sakaki: Well if we want to fix the Time Gate….


(Wind notices vines growing on the side of the wall.)


Wind: We could just climb on that side…it looks like the rain has caused some plants to grow in gigantic proportions.


Atsuko: Good idea Wind-san! Let’s try it!


Sakaki(Thinking): Wind means well…but it seems like whenever Atsuko is around him she looses rational thought….and that means since Gato is….Gato…I’m the only one with rational thinking now….


(Everyone else is already on the other side of the pit.)


Gato: Hey Sakaki! Want an invitation?


Sakaki: Huh?


(He’s smacked in the face by Atsuko’s shoe.)

Atsuko: It was Gato’s idea!


Sakaki: Owwwwww…..


(Later they’re walking down corridors towards the center of the ruin.)


Sakaki: So…you’re sure what’s down here isn’t a monster or something right?


Gato: Because…I’ve got a monster allergy.


Wind: I doubt it…nothing would want to live here where theres almost no light or interaction….then again something could use this as temporary shelter….


Atsuko: Hmm…that’s unlikely…these ruins don’t seem to have been accessed for a while.


Sakaki: Whatever…I just hope this thing you’re talking exists Wind.


(Then Sakaki stops for a second.)


Sakaki: You guys…wait a second…..


Atsuko: What is it Sakaki?


Sakaki: It sounds like something is below us…..


Gato: Hey…don’t play jokes Sakaki…..


(Sakaki puts his ear to the ground and walks along the ground.)


Sakaki: I’m serious!


(Then the floor gives way under him and he falls into a rushing river.)


Wind: Sakaki!


Atsuko: He must have heard water under there!


Gato: What do we do now?!


Wind: We run down the path and hope we can catch him before he goes under!


(Sakaki is being pulled around by the river and is having trouble keeping his head above the water.)


Sakaki: Drat it! I can’t swim!


(Wind and the others follow the river above ground for a while and are soon stopped by a wall.)


Atsuko: Damn! It must flow right under this wall!


Wind: Geez….Sakaki might be done for if we can’t think of something!


(Underground Sakaki is spit into a room by a pipe and lies for a couple of minutes coughing.)


Sakaki: Where…where am I?!


(He walks around for a minute and feels along the wall.)


Sakaki: This place doesn’t feel as old as the rest of the ruins…


(Then he bumps into a wall.)


Sakaki: Huh?


(He sees that there is a way for him to climb upward.)


Sakaki: Well I suppose it’s onward and upward for me!


(He takes out the regular sword, sticks it into the wall and begins to climb.)


Sakaki: I’m gonna find out more about these Ruins if it kills me!


(Wind, Atsuko, and Gato are looking for ways to get underground. Unfortunately for them its tough going.)


Wind: There has to be a way to get underground!


Atsuko: Maybe we have to make a way underground….


Gato: What was that?


Atsuko: Sakaki fell through a weakened spot on the floor….things aren’t always supposed to be that way you know. We may have to bust a hole in the floor in order to get down to bottom floor!


Gato: Mind explaining how we’re gonna do that?


Wind: Wait a second guys….maybe we just need to be rational.


(He walks over and sits down on a pedestal.)


Wind: Maybe that part of the floor is supposed to take you there.


Atsuko: But there’s no evidence of people taking that way before! Who would have kept fixing that part in the floor?


Wind: I can’t answer that….but I’m pretty sure that if we cause a major enough ruckus that the ruins will probably collapse.


Atsuko: That….I never thought of it that way….


Wind: I know you wanna rescue your friend but we gotta think clearly or we’ll need saving ourselves.


Atsuko(Blushing): You’re so right Wind-san! I’m so glad that we met you today…


Gato(Thinking): Does this episode come with air sickness bags? I’m gonna need one if she keeps gushing crap like that….


(Atsuko then peers over at what Wind is sitting on and then at the wall that they’re stopped at.)


Atsuko: Hey wait! What if that’s a door and not a wall?


Wind: Hmm? What makes you say that?


Atsuko: I’m sure that the pedestal you’re sitting on has something to do with this.


(Wind stands up and looks at it.)


Wind: I think you’re on to something!


(The pedestal has the same markings as the door.)


Wind: Maybe it’s a key or something!


Gato: So how do we get the door to open? Say “Open Sesame?”


(The pedestal suddenly sinks into the ground and the door swings open.)


Gato: This whole situation SCREAMS cliché.


Atsuko: Wait! Theres something up ahead!


(They all move forward and see a crystal ball sitting on a red pillow. Both of which are considerably clean considering their environment and age.)


Wind: Could that be the object?


(They walk over to it and look in the ball.)


Gato: Do we ask it how to fix the Time Gate?


(Then the ball begins to fill with fog.)


Atsuko: Oh no! Is it broken?


Wind: I don’t think so….


(Then the ball begins to clear up and it shows a picture of the sun rising.)


Gato: How is this helpful?


(Then it shows a village being bathed in sunlight.)


Wind: Wait! That’s my hometown! But if its sunny……


Atsuko: What’s wrong with that?


Wind: Everything….its gotta keep raining to keep the environment in balance!


Gato: Isn’t TOO much rain bad for the environment?


Wind: It would be if we were still the way we were eons ago….but now species of animal and plant that depend on the rain have appeared! If the rain stops it could equal a catastrophe that could rival that of the disappearance of the dinosaurs!


Atsuko: That’s terrible! Maybe the ball will reveal how to stop it!


(The ball fogs up again…and just as it’s about to clear, it begins to shake and finally Sakaki pops up from under it. The force that he pops out with causes the ball to fly up in the air and fall on the floor with a deafening crash.)


Sakaki: Hey! I found you all!


Wind: The crystal ball….


Atsuko: Broken….


Sakaki: What?


(The ball is indeed broken now. Wind stares sadly at it and drops to his knees.)


Wind: No…something horrible is about to happen to my country…and I can’t even stop it….


(Gato walks over to the shards of broken crystal, and notices a picture of a man who looks similar to Wind but older. Behind him stands a familiar shadow as well….but before Gato can report his findings the crystal turns black.)


Gato: Maybe it was my imagination?


Sakaki: What’s going on here? Someone wanna tell me?


(Wind sits on his knees with a shocked and despondent expression, and outside the rain begins to stop and the sun begins to rise….)


Ending Song: "Kizen Hibiku" (Resolute Echo)


Every day I hear your voice echo goodbye

The words I never could say resurface


A new curtain draws over the sun

And a miracle springs out


(For Eternity)


I wonder about the magic of a smile

If it’s not permitted can it be forgiven?


The wondrous time that we were always laughing


(Just you and me)


Everything stops even the sky

And the wind carries a sweet scent


My heart skips a beat as I see you return

Even if it’s just your memory I wish to have…I want it to be stronger….




Sakaki: Wind! I’m so very sorry! I didn’t mean to ruin everything!


Wind: Its ok Sakaki….i have to return home to find out whats going on at the factory!


Atsuko: Factory?


Gato: He’s gone! What about us?! What should we do?


Sakaki: I’m gonna go help Wind! Its my fault he’s in this mess!


Atsuko: Sakaki! You don’t know what you’re up against!


Gato: I smell Tengon behind all of this….


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Atsuko: No……Both Wind…and Sakaki have been defeated…..












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