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Jikan (2002) Episode 12

Page history last edited by Sakaki 12 years, 12 months ago

Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





(Sakaki and Atsuko walk down the lighted streets of the future. This time they’re in a nicer part of town and people walk to and fro busy to get to their own activities.)


Sakaki: Hey you were right Atsuko! This place is better once you get away from the slums.


Atsuko: Of course I’m right!


(Atsuko groans.)


Atsuko: I only wish I didn’t have this stupid broken arm…..


Sakaki: Don’t worry about it! You should be healed up soon Atsuko! Just be patient!


Atsuko: Easy for you to say….where’s Gato anyway? It got really quiet all of a sudden.


Sakaki: Hmm? Oh him…he said he was gonna go invest his money.


(Atsuko sweatdrops.)


Atsuko: Invest? I think he meant…..gamble.


Sakaki: I have a feeling that’s what it is too.


Atsuko: Oh well. We can still have fun without him right?


Sakaki: Sounds like a plan.


Sakaki: Episode 12: 24 Hours on the clock! Kiran’s foresight!


(Sakaki and Atsuko are now in an outdoor mall in the future city capital.)


Sakaki: So what kinds of things are you gonna get with your money Atsuko? (Thinking) Probably some girly stuff….


Atsuko: Hmm….well the Time gate could use some repairs….and then it would be good to outfit it with defenses….oh and a couple of books on the past so I can study!


(Sakaki sweatdrops.)


Sakaki(Thinking.): Is she really a girl?


Atsuko: Oh and of course a new hat! I saw some cute ones earlier!


Sakaki: Heh…I guess so after all.


Atsuko: Huh?


Sakaki: Nothing nothing……


(Then Sakaki sees something out of the corner of his eye.)


Sakaki: What is that?


Atsuko: What?


(Sakaki runs over to one parlor and stops to read the sign on top.)


Sakaki: Have the future told to you now! Make sure that you’ll live a long life! Fall in love! Make lots of money!


Atsuko: It must be a fortuneteller of some kind.


Sakaki: Fortuneteller? That’s nothing but falsehoods. Those guys can tell the future as well as I can speak Italian. Which isn’t well.


Atsuko: You don’t believe in fortune telling?


Sakaki: Nope! It’s all garbage to me.


Voice: So boy…you feel that my gift is garbage?


(Sakaki turns around and sees the source of the voice which is a figure wearing a dark robe with a hood covering their face.)


Atsuko: A….a spirit?!


Sakaki: Heh…I’m not afraid of you!


Voice: Afraid? When did I ever say I wanted to strike fear within you?


Sakaki: So what’s with the crypt keeper getup?


Voice: Oh this…I was doing some predicting and this garb helps get into the mood.


(The person removes the hood and reveals that she is a female with pale skin and smooth silver hair.)


Girl: You don’t believe in the craft boy?


Sakaki: Nope.


(She opens her eyes to reveal that they are bright red. Atsuko yelps showing that she is visibly shaken…Sakaki on the other hand still has his same serious expression.)


Girl: You must be either brave or foolish. Tell me…why don’t you believe?


Sakaki: Because! People make their own futures! I don’t need someone to tell me what’s going to happen. That’s like ruining the end of a really good book.


(The Girl laughs diversely.)

Girl: I have to admit that reason is new to me. None the less it is really foolish.


Sakaki: Sez you. I believe in what I believe…and I don’t believe that you can tell the future!


Atsuko: Sakaki! Quit saying things like that!


Girl: I am Kiran. Fortuntelling has been in my family for many many years…and through each generation our powers were used to help the rich the poor…..the powerful…and the weak. Each prediction that we make always comes true as well, whether it predicts happiness….(Her eyes widen) Or death.


Sakaki(Yawns.): Ok. Well that’s nice and all…but it doesn’t change the fact that fortuntelling is only for superstitious idiots.


(Atsuko glares at him.)


Kiran: If that’s so…you wouldn’t mind me reading your future would you?


Sakaki: Why would I want to do that?


Kiran: If you strongly believe in what you’ve said there would be nothing wrong with me reading your future would there?


Sakaki: Hmm….


Atsuko: Well Sakaki? You started this…what are you gonna do?


Sakaki: Fine. I don’t see how it could hurt.


(He sits down and she does too. She then closes her eyes and using her index finger feels Sakaki’s forehead.)


Sakaki: Err….what are you doing?


(Kiran says nothing as she then places her whole hand on Sakaki’s head and murmurs something.)


Atsuko: Whoa….


(Suddenly her eyes open again, but this time they’re lifeless devoid of life energy or even intelligence…. almost like a void.)


Sakaki: Hey! What’s wrong with you?


(Then she begins to speak…but even though it’s her voice it sounds like its being forced out of her.)


Kiran: You….you will die soon…no….today.


Atsuko: What?!


Kiran: This day will be your last among the living boy. First you will be asked to restore sight to the nearsighted…then a friend of yours will have more luck then they will ever have needed…and ask you to take some. Finally you will be trampled under the weight of a sacred animal. This will be how your final hours will be eked out.


Atsuko: That….that…can’t be true….


Kiran: I have spoken…the truth.


(She then pulses once and her eyes close again. Kiran then slumps into her chair and appears to be asleep or dead.)


Sakaki: Hey…Kiran-chan….wake up…..


(Sakaki is about to tap her shoulder when she suddenly sits up again.)


Kiran: That was an intense vision…..


Atsuko: You just said Sakaki’s gonna die today! That’s not true is it?


Kiran: I’m sorry miss…all of my predictions ALWAYS come true.


Atsuko: No way…


(Sakaki then snickers…and finally bursts out laughing.)

Sakaki: Ok ok ok! I will admit you had me scared for a minute! However I STILL think this is garbage.


Kiran: Boy….


Sakaki: Come on Atsuko! Let’s go check out some of the arcades! I wonder if the games are the same as they are in the past?


(Sakaki hops off his chair and leaves.)


Sakaki: Thanks for the fun time Kiran-chan! Bye!


Kiran: He’s totally oblivious…


Atsuko: If it’s all true…is there anything we can do?


Kiran: Unfortunately…not even prayer can save him now….


Atsuko: Sakaki….


(Sakaki and Atsuko continue their walk though Atsuko walks behind Sakaki slowly and sadly. Sakaki however walks just as triumphantly as he did earlier. Finally he notices Atsuko’s new attitude and turns to her.)


Sakaki: Hey…if you’re gonna walk slowly then I’m gonna leave you. I’ll find my way back to the Time Gate.


Atsuko: NO!


Sakaki: Huh?


Atsuko: Sakaki you’ve got to stay by my side…


Sakaki: Why? Are you freaked out over that prediction? Its ok I tell you!


Atsuko: Please Sakaki…


(She bends down so that she’s at his height and looks at him. Sakaki gasps quietly when he sees that Atsuko is almost in tears.)


Atsuko: Just promise me…you won’t leave my sight….


Sakaki: Atsuko…..


Atsuko: Promise me!


(Sakaki looks down and then smiles.)


Sakaki: Ok. I won’t leave.


Atsuko: Thank you….


Sakaki: So what should we do then?


(Then an old man comes to the two of them.)


Old man: You two! I’m sorry to bother you but someone told me that you were part of the Police squad not to long ago…am I right?


Sakaki: Sure are…what do you need?


Atsuko: We’re not part of them anymore however….


Old man: Really? Oh I won’t bother you then.


Sakaki: It’s ok! We can help you…not like we have a lot to do.


Old man: Bless your hearts…I have a friend who lives far out who has something that belongs to me…I’d go to him…but my age keeps me from traveling long distances….


Sakaki: I getcha old man. We’ll go get it if you have the directions.


Old man: Yes…I’ll give you the directions now.


(Later Sakaki and Atsuko are walking out in the country.)


Sakaki: Hmm…according to this we’re getting close!


(Atsuko is deep in thought and doesn’t hear him.)


Sakaki: Atsuko?


Atsuko: Oh sorry….I was wondering when we’ll know that the prediction has started?


Sakaki: You’re still thinking about that? Its not gonna happen! Trust me!


Atsuko: Yeah…ok.


(They get to a house that is surrounded by a farm. Sakaki reads the directions and nods approvingly.)


Sakaki: This is it!


(They go to the house and knock on the door. Another elderly man opens the door and greets them.)


Sakaki: We came here because a friend of yours said you had something for him…I guess we’re kind of his messengers.


Old man: Oh yes! I know….hold on here just a second.


(He goes into the house and soon returns with a small box.)


Old man: This should be it. Please tell him I said hello ok?


Atsuko: We will.


Sakaki: Bye bye!


(They leave and go to the city again where they meet up with the first old man. Sakaki hands him the box they received and the Old man is overjoyed with it.)


Old man: Thank you so much!


(He opens the box and in it are glasses. He puts on the glasses and smiles warmly.)


Old man: It’s been a while since I’ve been able to see this well! Thank you two!


Sakaki: No prob!


(Atsuko is smiling too until she realizes something.)


Atsuko(Thinking.): Return…sight to the…..this is the first part!! Oh no! The prediction is starting NOW!


(Sakaki waves to the Old man as he leaves and Atsuko grabs his paw and begins to walk quickly dragging him along.)


Sakaki: Hey! Stoppit! What are you doing?


Atsuko: The prediction! “Bring Sight to the near-sighted”? we just did that!


Sakaki: Hmm…Coincidence.


(Atsuko falls over.)




Sakaki: It HAS to be. Anyway the second part is about a friend having luck. And nothing extraordinary has happened to us all day.


Atsuko: Yeah…ok…but let’s head to the arcade ok?


Sakaki: Sure. I don’t see why not.


(They head over to the arcade and play for some time with nothing happening at all.)


Atsuko: That’s strange…nothing is going on…we’ve pretty much lost 50% of the games we play….and that’s not good luck at all.


Sakaki: See? I told you…


Atsuko: Hmm…yeah I guess you were right. Well let’s go find Gato and do some shopping so we can leave this time period soon.


Sakaki: Ok.


(They leave the arcade and head over the casino where Gato should be. Inside there is a huge ruckus around one machine.)


Sakaki: What’s happening there?


Atsuko: Hmm let’s go ask.


(They go ask one woman standing near the machine.)


Woman: Well some small kitty came in and started winning big.


Atsuko: Kitty?


Woman: And he is so cute too….


Sakaki: Wait…that sounds familiar….


(Atsuko and Sakaki make their way to the machine and sure enough Gato is there with a whole huge pile of winnings and it seems in the process he bought an armani suit with matching shoes, and an very expensive Italian cigar.)


Sakaki: Gato!….you smoke?


(Atsuko whacks Sakaki.)


Atsuko: How in the world did you win so much?


Gato: Luck my dear lady…luck. Now how much would it cost for you two to go away?


Atsuko: Gato…you do realize you have to take all of that back to the Time Gate which is in the bad part of the city…


(Gato does a double take.)


Gato: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can’t possibly take this all by myself! It’ll make all of my playboyish looks become all tough and ugly!


(Gato looks forlornly at his winnings.)


Gato: It would be a shame to just leave all of this here too….


(Gato groans.)


Gato: I hate to do this…but Sakaki would you and Toots like some of my winnings? I hate sharing but in this case I suppose I gotta.


Sakaki: WOULD I?!


Atsuko: You’re so marvelous you sweet sweet kitty!


Gato(Thinking): They’re worse money grubbers than I am! It’s so sweet to see that I’m finally rubbing off on them….


Sakaki: You’re so lucky Gato! Heh and you managed to share the luck….its been a great day…


Atsuko(Gasps.): The second part!…..the friend wasn’t me…it was Gato!


Sakaki: Hmmm?


Gato: What’s she babbling about?


Atsuko: Next…you’re gonna die Sakaki……


Gato: WHAT?!


(Sakaki looks at Atsuko with a serious expression. Later they all leave the casino with Gato this time.)


Sakaki: Look Atsuko…you’re worrying too much! But if it makes you feel better I’ll go back to the Time Gate and stay there for the evening.


Atsuko: Sakaki….thank you very much…


Gato: Hello?! I’d like to buy from the CLUE bank now! Someone tell me what’s going on?!


(Then they find that they’re at an old shrine and at the top of the shrine large statues of a Cow a Tiger and a Phoenix stands.)


Atsuko: Whoops…must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.


Sakaki: Yeah..lets turn back and look for the Time Gate.


(Then Gato notices a sign and reads it.)


Gato: Under construction.


Sakaki: Come on Gato!


(Then they hear a loud rumble and look up to see one of the statues falling towards them.)


Atsuko: Everyone move!


(They all scatter except for Sakaki.)


Gato: What are you doing?! Move!


Sakaki: I’d love to but….


(His leg is caught under some of the debris that fell when the statue became loose.)


Atsuko: SAKAKI!!!!!!!!!!


(The statue comes closer to Sakaki…and just when it looks like its over he manages to pull his leg out and move.)


Sakaki: Whew that was close….


Atsuko: Hey! The statue that fell!


(It’s the tiger.)


Atsuko: That’s a sacred animal in Japan. Looks like you were right Sakaki! You lived through the prediction!


Sakaki: Yeah! I told you!


(Then a dark shadow appears over Sakaki.)


Sakaki: Huh?


(It’s the cow statue, and unfortunately Sakaki doesn’t have time to move and is crushed by it.)




Atsuko: No….


(They both run to the debris.)


Gato: You said a sacred animal right? That was supposed to kill him? But this is a cow!


(Atsuko slumps to her knees and stares at it sadly.)


Atsuko: The cow is a sacred animal in India…


(Gato sweatdrops.)


Gato: God sure has a weird sense of humor….


Atsuko: Poor Sakaki…if only he had believed in the prediction….


(Then they hear the debris moving and finally Sakaki pops out from it.)


Sakaki: Whoo…that was close.


Gato: You’re alive?


Atsuko: Huh…? How could that be?


Sakaki: Heh…the debris under me gave way…..so I fell down just as the statue hit the ground…I managed to use the sword of flames to block my fall…and then I climbed back up.


Atsuko: Sakaki……


Sakaki: I don’t believe in predictions…because I have LUCK!


(They hear someone clapping behind them.)


Gato: Who’s there?


(Kiran steps out of the shadows clapping her hands.)


Kiran: Nice job boy. You are the only one to escape from a prediction from my family line.


Atsuko: I thought you said they always came true.


Kiran: I suppose that even fate can be changed once in a while….even I’m not sure how he managed to survive.


Atsuko: What are you doing here anyway?


Kiran: I was worried about the boy believe it or not…so I came to see if the prediction was true.


Sakaki: heh so even you doubted it huh?


Kiran: No not really. But I am glad to see you survived boy.


Atsuko: Now that that’s behind us…we got some supplies to buy! And then we go back on our road trip!


Sakaki/Gato: YEAH!


(Kiran smiles warmly and Sakaki looks into the air at the setting sun.)


Sakaki: Looks like I get to see another day.


Ending Song: Lonely World



The Sunset reminds some of their pasts

The green grass crunches quietly under my feet


There is only one chance to be born

It’s such a nice feeling to appreciate birth


With anyone who is around…


What is the energy of love?

That it can only be shared in a circle


What’s the energy of belief?

That can only be shared among friends?


When my heart is broken and I cry

I’ll dry my tears alone on the LONLEY WORLD






Boss Tengon: That’s right! Next time will be the glorious return of the Tengon Empire! We have a superb plan to get revenge on that Sakaki and his friends for ruining our plans the last time we had a run in! Victory will be ours!


Gato: Not if I go tell them all the things you just said.


Boss Tengon: YOU! You wouldn’t dare tell!


Gato: Who’s gonna make me?


Boss Tengon: A good point…..would you keep your mouth shut for money?


Gato: Possibly…how much you got?




Gato: Whoops…time to go.


Boss Tengon: Wait!


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Boss Tengon: Drat it…looks like we go on to plan “B”


Tengon A: There’s a plan “B”?


Tengon B: Was there even a plan “A”?

























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