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Jikan (2002) Episode 11

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap




(Previously on our heroes journey through time….they landed in the future because Atsuko wanted to do some shopping.)


Atsuko: The future has all the best stuff you guys!


(Unfortunately the future isn’t all that its cracked up to be.)


Sakaki: This…place is a slum….


Gato: If this is the future then I’m gonna die ten years earlier….


(After having a run in with burglars of the future Atsuko and the group decide to confront the lackluster police department.)


Chief: You three finally showed up! About time you replacements got here!


Sakaki: Replacements?


Atsuko: I think you got the wrong people…


(None the less Atsuko, Sakaki, and Gato ended up unwilling police officers for the day. While Sakaki and Gato end up going on patrol while Atsuko stays behind because of her arm. Unfortunately it’s on their second case that Sakaki and Gato meet up with more than they can handle.)


Sakaki: We got to the bank like you said sir, and at first things seemed pretty calm…we seemed to have everything under control…then the guy went and------------------he became really powerful!


(It seems another wolf-person like Atsuko has appeared on the side of injustice.)


Atsuko: No..way…


Sakaki: Episode 11: Mark of the wolf! Atsuko’s Kin?!


(Atsuko and the chief head to where Sakaki and Gato made their last transmission via police car.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! Gato! You guys have got to be ok! Please!


Chief: We’re coming up on the bank now!


Atsuko: Ok!


(They get to the bank and jump out of the police car. The scene at the bank is quite messy and horrific…but it doesn’t seem that anyone died.)


Atsuko: Gato! Sakaki! Where are you?


(The chief walks over to some of the damaged material and sees Sakaki lying on the side with Gato on his stomach.)


Chief: The boys are right here!


(Atsuko darts over to see them.)


Atsuko: Sakaki! Gato! Are you ok?


Gato(Sleepily): Don’t talk so loud….


Sakaki: Oww…my head….


Atsuko: Guys!


(Later Sakaki and Gato sit down and explain what happened.)


Sakaki: Well…we started when this guy came to the bank looking pretty suspicious so I went to talk to him. Then when he sees my getup he flips out and starts trying to hit me! So I strike back to defend myself….and just when I thought it was over he gets up and turns into a wolf monster! He became monstrously strong and Gato and I couldn’t even stand up to him at all. Just before he was about to finish me off…he holds his head like he was in pain and ran away!


Chief: Why didn’t that guy finish you? and besides that who was he?


Gato: I don’t really CARE! We didn’t get killed and that’s all that matters!


Sakaki: I don’t get it at all…its just strange….


Atsuko: I can’t forgive him.


(They all turn around and Atsuko is trembling with rage.)


Atsuko: He’s making everyone of the wolf race look bad with his actions! I can’t forgive him!


Sakaki: Atsuko..


Atsuko: I’m gonna catch him and bring him to justice!


Chief: You…you know more like that?


Atsuko: I am a half wolf….and that’s why I can’t forgive someone like him.


Sakaki: Atsuko! I’ll help you the best I can!


(They all head back to the H.Q. and decide to review the evidence.)


Chief: Luckily this computer records live feed.


Gato: And…?


Chief: We can re watch the scene and try to pick up clues.


Atsuko: Thank you Chief!


(They re watch the scene again and again.)


Gato: So far…it’s just a boring movie….at least its better than that Snow falling on cedars thing…


Sakaki: I can’t find anything there that’s a clue. How ‘bout you Atsuko?


(Atsuko stares intently at the tape. Then suddenly she points at something.)


Atsuko: Stop!


(The Chief stops the tape.)


Atsuko: Can you rewind the tape please?


Chief: Sure…ok…


(He does so.)


Atsuko: Now play please.


(The Chief does so until it gets to the part where Sakaki is taking on the wolf man.)


Atsuko: Pause.


Chief: Ok.


(He does so and Atsuko zooms into the wolf’s hand.)


Atsuko: I knew something was amiss….look at his hand!


(Sakaki Gato, and the Chief look closely and gasp.)


Gato: He’s got something implanted in his hand!


Sakaki: It looks like an orb or jewel of some kind….


(True enough, there is a red sphere in his hand.)


Atsuko: What could that be?


Sakaki: I dunno…maybe the source of his power?


Atsuko: It seems way too oblivious to be that….he’d hide something like that better.


Sakaki: What could it be then?


(Meanwhile a strange man is walking down a dark alley stumbling over even the most obvious boxes and trash can lids.)


Man: Dammit…I have to find out how to get rid of curse….


(He looks at his right hand and something glows the darkness.)


Man: I have to find out more about that orb…..Maybe I can still pull a big enough heist to get the money….


(He groans in pain and falls over. After a minute he shakily stands up and begins to walk almost limping to a new location, and Sakaki Gato and Atsuko are still trying to figure out new clues in the police station.)


Sakaki: This is slow going….we haven’t figured out anything.


Atsuko: Be patient Sakaki.


(Then the phone rings and the Chief picks it up.)


Chief(On phone): Yes..yes….ok we’ll be right there.


(He hangs up and looks at the heroes.)


Sakaki: What is it Chief?


Gato: Please tell me it doesn’t involve moving….


Chief: Sorry kiddo it does…the museum says theres someone suspicious there. We have to go down there and investigate.


Sakaki: Ok let’s go.


Atsuko: Wait! I’m gonna go too! It might be related to our case.


Gato: About time you got off your lazy----


(Atsuko’s eyes are black and menacing.)


Gato: Let’s go! What are we still doing here?!


(They go to the museum and meet up with the curator out front.)


Curator: Thank you for coming so quickly. A suspicious man has shown up every day for the last month wearing a very strange overcoat and a cloth, which covers up his face. He looks at the same exhibit and then leaves, and its really beginning to scare away customers.


Chief: We understand. Anyone in there?


Curator: Yes, a couple of people.


Chief: Thanks…(To our heroes) Let’s go guys.


Gato: I hope its not a murderer or something….


Atsuko: Do you HAVE to be so depressing….?


(They walk inside and the man fitting the description is looking at a hieroglyphics display.)


Chief: Hey buddy. Can we talk to you?


(The man looks at the Chief and back at the display.)


Man: I’m doing nothing wrong.


Chief: We know…just gotta ask you something.


(The man suddenly turns and begins to run with an ungodly speed.)


Sakaki: Come back!


(He runs after the man who ran outside and is standing at the end of the stairs.)


Sakaki: You aren’t getting away that easily!


Man: Go AWAY!


(Sakaki stops feeling something dark and sinister.)


Sakaki(Thinking): Something is definitely not right here.

(He draws the sword of flames and gets into a fighting stance. The man begins to turn around and face Sakaki, who is ready to go on the attack.)


Sakaki: Here I go!


(Just as he’s about to pounce Atsuko yells out.)

Atsuko: STOP!


Sakaki: Atsuko?


(The man takes this chance to run away.)


Sakaki: Rats he got away!


Chief: Why did you stop him from attacking that guy?


Atsuko: I saw his eyes…if Sakaki had attacked him he would have instantly been killed.


Gato: All that info from just seeing his eyes?


Atsuko: They looked like a wolf’s eyes when it’s ready to strike.


Chief: The wolf-man? But he was much bigger in our surveillance tape.


(Atsuko suddenly turns around and runs back into the museum.)


Gato: What’s with all the sudden running in this episode?


(The others follow her and see that she’s looking at the display that the man was looking at.)


Atsuko: Hmm…


Gato: It looks like some of those writings we saw in Egypt.


Sakaki: You mean hieroglyphics?


Atsuko: They’re not. They are fakes that are being used to hide the true meaning of a message.


(The Chief takes a picture of the display.)


Chief: We can study it more at the H.Q.


(They all go back to the police station and Atsuko tries her best to decipher the code.)


Gato: Say toots…how did you know they were fake?


Atsuko: The ones in Egypt were more angular than these. These look like they were written in a hurry. They are however VERY old.


Sakaki: Any idea on what it might mean?


Atsuko: Nope….again history is NOT my strong suit.


(She sighs and sits back in her chair.)


Atsuko: Using Science I was able to determine that it’s definitely an old display…but what it says is a mystery.


(Then the chief walks in with another police officer.)


Police Officer: Well sir I was glad to be of service.


Chief: Heh sorry to bring you all the way from your precinct for this…but its our only lead.


Police Officer: It’s ok. Don’t be a stranger ok?


Chief: I’ll try not to be.


(They both say their good-byes and the Chief walks over to Atsuko with a couple of papers in hand.)


Sakaki: Who was that?


Chief: He is the head researcher for another Police academy that’s pretty far away. I called him earlier to see if he could help us…and he found this.


(He hands Atsuko the paper and she takes it with her good arm.)


Atsuko: A news report?

Chief: I think it might be of some help.


Atsuko(Reading aloud): Recently found gemstone stolen! The Tsumi gem was found in an ancient crypt not too long ago and was soon stolen. Folklore says that the gem has the power to transform a person into a fearsome beast. It goes on to list that the ability becomes a curse the more its tapped into…and dates back to the ancient kiba dynasty. The only way to reverse the curse is to find the matching Ningen diamond. The diamond was found quite some time before and taken to a museum on another continent.


Chief: That report came out a while ago….maybe it has something to do with our case?


Atsuko: I dunno….wait….a gem? Sakaki can you turn on the computer feed with the wolf guy again?


Sakaki: Sure.


(He goes over and does as directed and just when they see the gem Atsuko stares hard.)


Atsuko: Hold on just a second! (She goes back to the picture of the display.) The Kiba dynasty often used other cultures writing systems to hide important information…. however no matter how good you copy something…its still just that a copy. Now that I know where it came from…I think I can translate it!


Sakaki: Really?


Atsuko: Hmm…aha!


(She turns around to them with an accomplished smile.)


Atsuko: Get ready boys because I think we’re about to nab a bandit and a wolf-man!


Gato: Here we go with moving again… (Sighs.)


(Later at a bank halfway across town the man from earlier sneaks in after closing hours. He walks in prepares to open the safe with a hammer…but before he does he grabs his stomach and grimaces.)


Man: Dammit…why is this happening?! I’m so close to earning enough to get rid of this curse once and for all! This is the final heist I need to pull!


(He stares at his hand and the Tsumi gem is firmly implanted in his palm and glows brightly. Just as he’s about to take a whack to the safe the lights flicker on and the man looks around suddenly and finds Atsuko standing behind him with her head down.)


Man: Who are you?!


Atsuko: I thought at first you were someone like me…so it made me really angry to see you disgrace my race so. But after some investigating I found out you’re just a big fake. Nothing more than a poor confused man who’s in deeper than he ever could conceive.


(The man begins to growl.)


Man: Shut up!!!!!!!!


(He begins to roar and soon transforms into his wolf man state. Once transformed he charges for Atsuko, and just as he’s about to make a hit on her she raises her head to show that she’s transformed too. She steps out of the way and he crashes into a wall. The wolf-man lunges again and this time it seems like Atsuko will take the attack when instead the wolf-man crashes into an invisible barrier. The barrier becomes visible and closes in on him, burning him to the touch.)


Sakaki: Hah! You didn’t think she came alone did you?


(He jumps out of his hiding place underneath a desk.)


Sakaki: Now stay still or the flame shield will burn you to ashes!


Atsuko: I’ve got you all figured out. You aren’t part of the wolf race at all, you just happen to be a very unlucky guy. You’re Wallace the master treasure thief!


(The wolf man struggles and gets burned again.)


Atsuko: Heh, looks like I’m right. You probably stole the Tsumi pearl one-day thinking it was another jewel you could sell on the black market. Boy you were surprised when it gave you the power to become a wolf man! At first you thought it was kinda cool that you could transform so you used the power to help you in your thievery practice. But then you couldn’t stop yourself from transforming and hurting and it was bad for you. So you tried to find the antidote to your condition….and you did in the Ningen diamond. Unfortunately someone else stole it and has it up for sale on the black market. Things on the black market aren’t cheap so you had to resort to bank robbing to get the funds to buy the diamond. You tried to find other ways, which is why you visited museums like the one earlier, but to no avail. Finally this was to be your heist to get the money at last…but you didn’t figure on us stopping you.


(Atsuko walks over to him and glares.)


Atsuko: In the criminal business it’s all ways good to know your enemies.


(Later after taking Wallace away to a maximum-security prison Atsuko and the others arrive after the Chief calls them.)


Chief: That was nice work you three! And even better you gave the police squad a new and squeaky clean image!


Sakaki: It was mostly Atsuko.


Atsuko: Yeah…I was so mad about the wolf-guy thing….but now that he’s just a fake I’m cool.


Chief: And even more good news! Because of that successful case there are new officers on their way! Meaning that you guys are free to go.


(Gato does a dance on the Chief’s desk….and everyone sweatdrops.)


Chief: Of course you’re welcome to stay on if you like.


Sakaki: Thanks…but no thanks…we’ve got things to do ya know.


Gato: Yeah you heard him…by the way…. where’s our checks?


Chief: Well…I suppose I could give you some compensation…..


(The three walk out of the police station with paychecks giving them a little bit of pocket money.)


Sakaki: Hey that wasn’t so bad…we got some police experience and some money.


Atsuko: And now we can finally go shopping in the city!


Gato: And I can hit the casino!

Atsuko: How does one with no opposable thumbs gamble anyway?


Gato: The best way possible baby.


Sakaki: Heh..Heh…lets just go ok? I’m itchin’ to see the good part of the future city!


Atsuko: Yeah! Sounds good!


(They all depart together to finally accomplish what they came to the future to do.)


Ending Song: Lonely World



The Sunset reminds some of their pasts

The green grass crunches quietly under my feet


There is only one chance to be born

It’s such a nice feeling to appreciate birth


With anyone who is around…


What is the energy of love?

That it can only be shared in a circle


What’s the energy of belief?

That can only be shared among friends?


When my heart is broken and I cry

I’ll dry my tears alone on the LONLEY WORLD







Sakaki: Hey Atsuko! Some phony fortuneteller says I’ve and get this…only got 24 hours to live!


Atsuko: That’s nothing to joke about Sakaki….


Sakaki: Its ok! I don’t believe in that junk anyways….I make my own future!


Atsuko: I understand that but…we’re dealing with a strong force here….please just be careful


Sakaki: I don’t see the big issue here…


Kiran: That boy….he should be more worried about using his last 24 hours in a suitable manner.


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan tabibito!




Atsuko: Sakaki? Sakaki? Sakaki?!!





























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