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Jikan (2002) Episode 10

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap




(Sakaki is enjoying being the new temporary pilot of the Time gate.)


Atsuko: You’re doing pretty well Sakaki! I’m impressed!


Sakaki: Well I do have a knack for these things. So Atsuko where should we go?


Atsuko: Hmm…I suppose after all that we deserve a break…


Gato: Well put. I’m all up for having a vacation.


Atsuko: I know! Lets head to the future! It has some of the best shopping malls ever!


Gato: Ahh yes. Also the Casinos can’t be beat either…neither can the women!


Sakaki: The future? You mean your home time?


Atsuko: Well…kinda….this is earth’s future…not the planet I came from.


Sakaki: I see.


Atsuko: I’m not quite ready to go home yet!


(Atsuko then remembers something and using her non-broken arm she searches through a stack of clothes and comes out holding a card.)


Sakaki: What’s that? Is it gonna help us in a mission or something?


Atsuko: Sure is!


Gato: Mission? What kind of mission are you talking about?


Atsuko: The assault….on the ATM machine!


(Sakaki and Gato fall over.)


Sakaki: Episode 10: The starlit future! We are the cop squad?!


(After making a landing in a parking lot in the future our heroes step out and are surprised by what they see.)

Sakaki: This is….the future?


(They stand in a city with graffiti sprayed all over the walls and many shady looking characters walking around. There are cars with only three wheels and broken windows all over lastly smog cover the air.)


Gato: If this is what we have to look forward to then I think I’m gonna die 10 years earlier.


Sakaki: I can’t believe earth turned out like this….Atsuko?


(Atsuko is putting double locks on the Time gate, and grabs a purse.)




Atsuko: Of course I did!


Sakaki: Why didn’t you say anything?


Atsuko: If I had what difference would it have made?


Sakaki: But this place is awful looking!


Atsuko: These are only the slums of this city silly. Even in your time period they had run down parts of town right? It’s the same in the future.


Sakaki: Oh…well that’s a relief…but why did you bring us here?


Atsuko: Because of just that…it’s the Slums. Easy parking.


Gato: And we’re supposed to risk death over that?


Atsuko: You guys act so dramatic. It’s only a 15 minute walk to the main city. The Time gate has proper security, and you two aren’t exactly defenseless. So what’s the big issue? If we walk briskly we’ll be at the mall in no time flat!


Sakaki: Ok…If you think so Atsuko.


(They begin to walk down the creepy neighborhood watching in all directions for trouble. Unknown to our heroes they are being watched themselves. A thug spies Atsuko’s purse and hoping for some quick cash dashes out to get it.)


Thug: Thanks for the donation!


(He snatches the bag and runs down the street.)


Atsuko: Hey! That’s mine!!


Sakaki: Leave it to me! I’ll get it back!


(Sakaki runs after the thug.)


Gato: Sakaki! Well there he goes again…


Atsuko: I hope he’ll be careful…


(Sakaki runs after the thug for some time before he runs into a dark alley after him.)


Sakaki: Gotcha!


(He rounds the corner to see several meaner looking thugs.)


Sakaki: Oh….great….


Thug1: You came to the wrong neighborhood buddy.


Thug2: Guess you should have kept your big nose out of this and let us have the bag huh?


Sakaki: heh….can I get off with a warning?


Thug1: Around here there ARE no warnings.


(They all close in on Sakaki, and meanwhile Atsuko and Gato wait for him to return.)


Atsuko: He’s been gone for a while….you think he’s ok?


Gato: I doubt it fully.


Atsuko: Spoil sport.


Gato: Well if you don’t like the truth you shouldn’t talk to me toots, I keep it VERY real.


(Atsuko feels someone tapping her on the back and turns around, and a gasp when she sees it’s a very very beaten up Sakaki.)


Sakaki: Your…..bag……


(Sakaki produces the bag, which somehow managed to avoid being mangled.)


Atsuko: Uh…thanks…


Gato: You look like you went through both world wars consecutively.


Sakaki: Hey Gato…shaddap.


Atsuko: Hey Sakaki?


(Sakaki turns around to Atsuko who’s pointing to the bag and smiling sheepishly.)

Sakaki: What?


Atsuko: It was really brave and sweet for you to get this for me….but…


Sakaki: Spit it out already…what is it?


Atsuko: This isn’t mine.


(Sakaki’s jaw drops.)


Atsuko: My guess is I’m not the only victim of those thugs….well you don’t have to worry about getting the bag back…you don’t have to face them again….


Gato: I think you should…to stand up for the little man! Be brave Sakaki!


Sakaki: You’re only saying that because you wanna see me get beaten up again don’t you?


Gato: We’re all allowed our secret pleasures aren’t we?


Atsuko: Anyway Gato has a good point! We need to do something! Even in a bad part of town like this the Police really need to get up and be more active! I say we go complain!


Sakaki: Just a minute ago you didn’t seem to be bothered by the crime rate around here.


Gato: Yeah but personal experiences can change anyone….now that she’s been victimized it matters all the more.


Sakaki: Ooh…I get it.


(They head over to the Police headquarters and inside the Police chief is busy with several phone calls at once.)


Chief: Ok! I know that! We’re doing our best but it’s not easy! (Clicks over) Yes? Yes! We’ll be there as soon as possible! What?! Well same to you! (Clicks over) Look for the third time; it’s not only YOUR problem!


(He hangs up all the phones.)


Chief: Damn! It’s so hard to manage! Everytime we get new help they’re scared away by this city! Its not that the work is hard…there’s just too much of it! And on top of that the new temporary help is late!


(The chief sighs.)


Chief: Who am I kidding…they probably aren’t coming.


(The door opens and Atsuko marches in with Sakaki and Gato following behind her.)


Atsuko: I need to speak to the chief!


Chief: Yeah that’s me.


(Then he takes a good long look at all of them.)


Chief: FINALLY! It’s about time you guys got here!


Sakaki: “About time we got here?” You were expecting us?


Chief: Of course I was. Why are you so late?


Atsuko: What do you mean by that?!


Chief: They didn’t brief you on anything? Leave it to H.Q. to do a half-assed job…fine. You guys are supposed to be my temporary help until new officers come.


Sakaki: Temporary help?


Atsuko: I think you’ve got us mistaken for someone else….


Chief: No way! The report said a woman and two short guys. Though…..


(He looks at Atsuko head to toe.)


Chief: I wasn’t expecting anyone so young….


Atsuko(Blushing): Well I try hard to-----WE’RE NOT YOUR REPLACEMENTS!


Gato: Yeah! Besides I have a condition where I can’t work in jobs like this!


Sakaki(Thinking): Yeah its called being a lily-livered coward.


(The Chief comes from behind his desk and hands each one of our heroes a uniform. Then he pushes the three of them to dressing rooms.)


Chief: Ok enough with formalities! Get to work!


All three: Hey! What are you doing?! Quit it!


(Later the three of them are dressed in their new uniforms.)


Chief: Now basically you’re gonna be put on patrol, and if you see something wrong you’ll have to correct it. Any questions?


(Gato eyes his uniform.)


Gato: Nothing in baby blue suede?




(The force of the Chief’s yelling makes Gato tip over.)


Chief(Clears throat): Any other questions?


(Gato is about to speak again when he’s cut off.)



(Gato is silent.)


Atsuko: Err…I’m handicapped right now…do I have to go out with them?


Chief: Of course not missy! You will stay here with me helping out in the office.


(Gato and Sakaki glare at Atsuko who begins to laugh obnoxiously.)


Chief: Now that you have your assignments….go out there and make me proud!


(Later Sakaki is humming a happy tune while riding a police bike, with Gato in tow. He stops the bike and leans it against a building where he takes a long stretch.)


Gato: You are FAR too cheerful.


Sakaki: Maybe I am….I’ve always wanted to do something like this though…fight bad guys uphold the law etc…


Gato: And how old are you? Most normal people grow out of that stage in their infancy.


(Sakaki puts his head down.)


Gato: Anyway let’s just get this done so we can have a donut or two before naptime.


(Then a man runs down the street yelling for help. He notices Sakaki and Gato’s uniform and backtracks begging them to help.)


Man: Please! You’ve got to!


Gato: I don’t see it written anywhere where we do have to help you.


Sakaki: Uh…Gato you ARE in uniform….


(The man takes Sakaki’s paw and runs away with him, and at the last minute Sakaki grabs Gato so they are both taken. The man takes them to a building surrounded by flames and points into it.)


Man: There are still people in there!


Gato: You’d think they would have left already.


Sakaki: Gato! We have to do something!


Gato: I hate it when he says that.


(Sakaki looks around for a possible solution and sees a fire hydrant.)


Sakaki: I need a way to open this thing!


Man: I tried that! It won’t work…that Fire hydrant is one of the many in this city that doesn’t get working water.


Gato: And things just keep getting better.


Sakaki: What can I do then?


(Then Sakaki smacks his forehead once he thinks of the answer.)


Sakaki: I’ve had the answer with me this whole time!


(He takes out the tiny sword of flames and it turns into its bigger version.)


Sakaki: Ok! Flame shield on!


(Nothing happens.)


Sakaki: How do I work this thing again?




Sakaki: Never mind then! I’ll just go in!


(He rushes in the burning building.)


Man: Is it ok for him to go in there without any protective equipment?


Gato: You shouldn’t think about it too much…it doesn’t help much.


(Inside the building, Sakaki runs around looking for the people in the building and manages to find some huddled in the corner.)


Sakaki: Hey! I’m here to help you!


Woman: Who is that?


Man: I think its one of the Police squad members!


Woman: They actually came?


Man: It’s a miracle!


Woman: I thought I’d never live to see a day where they’d come to help!


Sakaki(Thinking): This isn’t much of a reputation to uphold….


(Then a support beam breaks and it appears that it will crush the people.)




(The people try to move but a wall of flames blocks their way.)


Sakaki: It’s all over…..no! I CAN do something!


(The sword of flames suddenly pulsates and a huge shield surrounds the people.)


Sakaki: NOW this thing works…..well…at least I can get the people out of here now….


(He uses the flame sword to push the shield and deflect flames as he makes his way to the exit. He finally comes out with everyone safe, just as the fire engulfs the whole building.)


Man: You did it!


Sakaki: Yeah…wow that was kinda cool!


(The people surround Sakaki and Gato, all demanding that they help them with their problems.)


Sakaki: Looks like we’ve become popular…


Gato: In the worst way….


(Later Gato and Sakaki are taking a well-deserved break after doing so much for the community.)

Sakaki: Man I’m beat…


Gato: Tell me about it.


Sakaki: You didn’t DO anything.


Gato: I was supervision! Every good project has a GOOD supervisor.


Sakaki: I’m too tired to argue….


(Then a beeping sound can be heard.)


Sakaki: What’s that?


Gato: Whatever it is…it’s coming from your uniform.


(He checks the pockets and comes out with a small walkie-talkie.)


Sakaki: Mini-sized.


Gato: Really mini-sized.


(Then they hear the Chief’s voice.)


Chief: Nice job so far boys….but we have a disturbance at the bank.


Sakaki: Bank? A robbery? Well I suppose we’ll go check it out.


Gato: I’m expecting a HUGE paycheck once we get back.


(The Chief signs off and the two weary police officers go to the bank. Meanwhile Atsuko is helping file papers when she drops one.)


Atsuko: Geez…this would be a lot easier if I had use of both arms.


(She bends down to pick it up with her free arm and glances at it. It’s a wanted poster for a fellow named Wallace. The Chief notices Atsuko looking at the paper and walks over.)


Chief: Wallace…he’s known for being a ruthless thief, who steals highly valued treasures…and anyone who gets in his way never returns to tell the tale.


Atsuko: Sounds like one bad guy…I hope Sakaki and Gato don’t meet up with him.


Chief: At most of the crime scenes…the only thing there was teeth and nails from what seems to be a claw. Almost as if an animal did all of these things.


Atsuko: Interesting….


(Then the Chief’s computer opens up and displays a box icon with a new message in it.)


Chief: What could this be?


(The Chief double clicks the icon and the words “LIVE FEED” pop up on the screen, and they can hear noises such as people yelling and cars honking. The image is hazy however so we can’t see much.)


Chief: What’s this?


(Sakaki’s voice then is heard over the speaker.)


Sakaki: We got to the bank like you said sir, and at first things seemed pretty calm…we seemed to have everything under control…then the guy went and------------------he became really powerful!


Chief: He what?


Sakaki: I dunno exactly…and the reception is really bad here!


Chief: It sounds like quite a commotion…what is going on?


Sakaki: -----------------on the rampage! He’s really tough!


Chief: Darn it! The sound and picture are worthless!


(Atsuko stares intently at the computer and then walks to the monitor and after measuring an angle for a couple of moments smacks it.)


Chief: HEY!


(The picture comes in clearly now.)


Atsuko: From the sound the computer was making…it sounded like a driver was loose…I just put it back in place.


Chief: I see….


(They look at the picture and gasp.)


Chief: What is that thing?!


(Atsuko can only stare in a mixture of fear and confusion.)


Atsuko: It’s…impossible!


(On the screen a wolf-man is trying to flee the scene of the crime but Sakaki keeps him at bay. Finally the wolf man lifts Sakaki up by his legs, and throws him….but before we can see the resulting hit the picture goes out.)


Atsuko: Another….wolf-person?


Ending Song: Lonely World



The Sunset reminds some of their pasts

The green grass crunches quietly under my feet


There is only one chance to be born

It’s such a nice feeling to appreciate birth


With anyone who is around…


What is the energy of love?

That it can only be shared in a circle


What’s the energy of belief?

That can only be shared among friends?


When my heart is broken and I cry

I’ll dry my tears alone on the LONLEY WORLD






Sakaki: Grr! This guy is totally insane! What is he up to anyway?!


Atsuko: I’m not sure but we have to find out more about him….my case was unique….i never thought there were more like me…


Chief: It seems like he’s ready to strike again….can you guys finish this job?


Gato: Easier said than done.


Atsuko: I’m gonna defend my race’s honor!


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Chief: His true form? But….of all people….



























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