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Jikan (2002) Episode 3

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Opening Song: Amazing Alleycat

The changing shape of land

Causes humans to scour the earth


Heroes aren’t just for children

That’s what they all say


Though they maybe small

A blazing will and a new era prove all


When the Chips are down and the homework is due….so?

Picking up all our broken will and forging it into a weapon…and?


Correcting life’s up and downs…


We need an AMAZING ALLEYCAT a placebo to believe in


Though the future is far away

He’ll stretch his hands and cover the gap





(Previously on our adventures with Sakaki, our hero met up with a friendly alien from the future named Atsuko. She is able to hold both a wolf and human form making her a very cool friend indeed. It was soon after the two of them met that enemies of Atsuko appeared called the Tengons. The Tengons were apparently here to take over earth, which caused Sakaki to run out to save the day but unfortunately his intentions were for naught when he found out that the Tengons had no interest in earth at all. They were however looking for something called “Master Technology.” Atsuko gathered her courage and saved the two of them, and it was after that the Time gate activated throwing our heroes somewhere in time and space.)



Sakaki: Episode 3: Next Stop Evergreen paradise! A huge castle!

 (The time gate finally exits the time flow and lands with a thud on a large green field. In a couple of seconds Sakaki and Atsuko pop open the hatch and crawl out.)


Atsuko: THAT was fun…. Remind me to never do it again.


Sakaki: What happened just now?


Atsuko: Well its like I said…I never actually read the handbook, so I don’t have any real idea what’s going on.


Sakaki: How could you rent this thing and not read the instructions?


Atsuko: heh…um I dunno? Gee, do you think this is why I suck so much at Video games?




Atsuko: I suppose I could give the ol’ book a read now….


Sakaki: Please do.


(Atsuko searches around the battered Time gate, and produces an instruction manual.)

Atsuko: Lets see…(Flips to contents page.) Repairs…


Sakaki: Let me see! Maybe I can help!


Atsuko: Ok.


(She lets him look at the book just to see that its written in a strange language.)


Sakaki: Let me guess…native of your planet?


Atsuko: Oh! Whoops…I can’t read that either.


(She flips to an English section in the book and reads a loud.)


Atsuko: If the Time gate should malfunction, repairs are easy enough for any consumer to fix anything that might be wrong.


Sakaki: How good.


Atsuko: Don’t celebrate yet…we don’t actually KNOW what’s wrong with the Time gate…


Sakaki: Urgh…phooey. Its not fair….


Atsuko: Well the Time gate has definitely been wrecked from the outside though.


(The Time gate has many scratches and dents from its “Landing.”)


Sakaki: Can this GET any worse?!


Atsuko: Eh…and we’re out of fuel.


(Sakaki bangs his head against the ship.)


Atsuko: I’m really really really really sorry……


Sakaki: Don’t you have ANY idea what to do?


(Atsuko sits down so that she’s at his height.)


Atsuko: Nope…I could read up on this Time gate, and probably get an idea from that…but who knows how long THAT’LL take…


Sakaki: Well that’s better than nothing. I’ll do anything I can to help, cos I really gotta get back to my friends and stuff….


(While Sakaki is talking Atsuko decides to take this chance to adjust her hair first letting it down and fluffing it a bit. Then she shakes her head to and fro so that her hair is being blown around. Sakaki watches this and begins to blush.)


Sakaki: DON’T DO THAT!


Atsuko: What…? You mean adjust my scrunchie?


Sakaki: Just…quit doing that…..


Atsuko: Ok…sorry all this hair tends to get messy if I don’t adjust it a bit.


(She quickly ties it back up and sits cross-legged.)


Sakaki: Well…I suppose we should definitely find somewhere to stay too…


Atsuko: How about there?


(She points to the huge castle behind them.)


Sakaki: It’s a start.


Atsuko: Where do we hide the time gate? This place doesn’t look like a good place to leave it in the open.


Sakaki: A good point….you find a place to hide it and I’ll get us in.


Atsuko: ME?! But….what about you? Can’t you help?


Sakaki: You caused this mess! You have to clean it!


(Then the drawbridge to the castle creaks down, and an old man on a horse comes out.)


Sakaki: Eep…the locals…


Atsuko: He’s gonna freak out when he sees the time gate….


(The old man notices them right away and has his horse ride up to them.)


Old man: You two…what are you doing here?


Sakaki: We’re visitors…..


Old man: You sure are dressed strangely….


Atsuko: I wouldn’t talk if I were you…


(He is dressed in early Victorian era clothes.)


Sakaki: Er…my acquaintance here means that we’re just from VERY far out of town.


Old man: I see. What’s that thing you have behind you?


Sakaki: Um….a bird?


Old man: I’ve never seen a bird quite like this before….may I have a closer look at it?


(Sakaki and Atsuko sweatdrop.)


Sakaki: It’s VERY viscous.


Atsuko: Yeah we risked LIFE and limb to get it.


Old man: It looks subdued now…plus those men seem to be interested in it too.


Sakaki: Men?


(They turn around and see three Tengon guards trying to take the ship away.)


Sakaki: Tengon?!


Tengon Guard 1: You’re those kids that foiled us before! Well now we’ll leave you stranded here!


Tengon Guard 2: No one challenges Boss Tengon and gets away with it!


Sakaki: Well just call me No one then!


(He takes out the Yo-Yo and swings at the guards knocking one out.)


Sakaki: Ready for more?


Atsuko: You go Sakaki!


(The other two Tengon guards rush around Sakaki and point their guns at him.)


Sakaki: An ambush?


Tengon Guard 3: You aren’t as smart as you think! Now put down the weapon or suffer greatly!


Sakaki: Grr…


(He puts the Yo-yo down and puts his paws up.)


Tengon Guard 2: Now we’re taking this Time gate and leaving you here stranded! That’ll teach you to mess with the Tengon regime!


Atsuko: Oh boys…..


(They turn around and Atsuko smiles maliciously.)


Atsuko: In a battle always make sure you have an eye on ALL of your opponents.


(Her pupils are narrow like a wolf’s and she bares her fangs. The tengon guards gasp in fear and inch back.)


Sakaki: Looks like its time for the main event.


(Meanwhile in the era where Sakaki comes from, Hau and Cyclone have a consult over their friends’ sudden disappearance.)


Hau: So you’re telling me Sakaki-san hasn’t been seen since you talked outside the tournament?


Cyclone: Sure’ nuff. He just disappeared and didn’t tell me where he was going.


Hau: That’s not like him. Maybe he was kidnapped? He does have plenty of enemies being such a good guy and all.


Cyclone: Yeah I thought of that too…but then again Sakaki always manages to outwit them somehow.


Hau: This is not good, Sakaki-san might be in trouble…..


Cyclone: Or..maybe we hurt his feelings or something.


Hau: What?


Cyclone: It was right after you AND I chewed him out that he disappeared. Maybe he’s out somewhere really feeling bad about everything.


Hau: Oh…. Sakaki-san, I hope he really wasn’t that hurt by what we said….


Cyclone: I hope not either…. Then again he might be just hanging out somewhere having fun as usual…


(Back at the battlefield…. Atsuko has just sent the two guards packing dragging their unconscious friend with them.)


Atsuko: Mess with my Time gate will yah? Jerks.


Sakaki: I’ve seen that a couple of times and its always so cool each time Atsuko!


(Atsuko reverts back.)


Atsuko: Aww Sakaki! You’ll make me blush!


(Then they turn around and see the old man is still there and overcome with awe.)


Sakaki: Crap…you think that we over did it in front of him?


Old man: That was simply amazing! The two of you are quite skilled!


Sakaki: Er thanks sir.


Old man: Have you ever considered being knights?


Sakaki: No…but that’s only cos we SHOULD be leaving soon.


(Sakaki elbows Atsuko who nods frantically.)


Atsuko: Yeah yeah! We should be going soon…but….


Old man: But what?


(The two of them look at each other for a long minute and finally Sakaki nods.)


Sakaki: I don’t like keeping secrets.


(Atsuko smiles and begins to tell the old man about their situation, and She finally ends with the current events.)


Sakaki: So that’s how it is.


Old man: Hmm that is a problem. Well…since you’ve managed to marvel this old man I suppose I could help you.


Sakaki: Really? But, as much as I hate keeping secrets….we’re gonna have to ask you to…


Old man: No problem…I understand Its between the two of us.


Atsuko: You’re not so bad pops!


Sakaki: Uh she means thank you Sir.


Old man: No need for the “Sir” you can just call me John.


Sakaki: Ok. So can we keep the Time gate on your property?


John: I don’t see why not. Of course I want to examine it a bit too. Don’t worry I won’t do anything to harm it.


Sakaki: Right! Atsuko! Use your super strength to haul it inside!


Atsuko: Ohhhhhh no you don’t. You’re helping me too!


Sakaki: Man….


John(Thinking): These kids are from the future are they? How lucky I am to meet up with them! Now that castle won’t be as lonely…


(Atsuko and Sakaki both argue over who has to take the heavy end of the Time gate, however even though they’re arguing they both seem to be having a good time. Meanwhile back at Sakaki’s home time, Hau settles in for bed and looks outside at the night scenery.)


Hau: Sakaki-san, if we did hurt your feelings, please come back we’re sorry….everyone is beginning to worry about you…


(She turns and turns out the lights.)


Ending Song: Lonely World



The Sunset reminds some of their pasts

The green grass crunches quietly under my feet


There is only one chance to be born

It’s such a nice feeling to appreciate birth


With anyone who is around…


What is the energy of love?

That it can only be shared in a circle


What’s the energy of belief?

That can only be shared among friends?


When my heart is broken and I cry

I’ll dry my tears alone on the LONLEY WORLD








Sakaki: This guy is such a jerk!


Atsuko: Hey he’s kinda cute though…don’t be so mean Sakaki! The Tengons are after him too you know!


Sakaki: Besides! There’s nothing stupider than a talking cat.


Atsuko: Heh…that points hits too close to home don’t cha think?


Sakaki: What’s that supposed to mean?


Atsuko: Hey hey! Don’t get mad! Where do you think our new little friend went?


Sakaki: Next time on Sakaki Jikan Tabibito!




Gato: These guys are pushovers. Get ready for the REAL talent.

















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