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Greyashe EP 38

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 38.


OP: the dropouts.

ED: Chime.


Chapters Covered: 85-88.


It was going to be one of those days.


Libitina Mors wakes up with both a throbbing headache, and this thought on her mind. It would be one thing if she had been out partying last night, and woke up with a hangover, but she knows today won't go her way when she wakes up sober and in pain. Forget sixth sense, her common sense is dictating an edict that states 'it's your loss if you get out of bed.'


Yet, the DA mistress still rises without shining, and starts towards the door leading outside her room. She reaches down to turn the doorknob, and after two failed attempts she twists the doorknob and steps out in the small hallway leading down to the kitchen. This is normally painfully easy for her, as lazy as she is -but today it seems to be an exercise in reluctance and a slight bit of foreboding that has nothing to do with the offbeat wailing going on in her cranium.

Someone is here.


Not the type of someone that one looks forward to meeting, in fact it's more like the type of someone that one breathes a sigh of relief when they go to the house next door. In short, an unwanted visitor. In this case however, the visitor isn't annoying, in fact it would be great if that's all he is.  Instead Libby finds herself breaking into a cold sweat that gets more protrusive the further she journeys down the hall. Forget baseless optimism, if she was right (something she hopes to the goddesses she isn't), this could be the end of her. Seriously.


Libby tip toes into the kitchen and spies Fiyori sitting alone at the table. A welcoming sight normally, but in this case his gaze is fixed on the table's surface, and his breathing is labored. It doesn't take the DA mage long to figure out that her apprentice//slave//roomie has been attacked, and considering her foreboding feeling, the attacker hadn't left the house.  Fiyori looks up upon her entry, and confirms with his eyes what Libby is thinking. He glances towards the door in a futile effort to tell his teacher to escape, but Libby already knows that there's no escape. She smiles weakly, and walks into the kitchen, where she stops in her tracks.


Leaning with his back to the stove is a man. Libby is a tall, statuesque beauty, but this man is taller still, and very handsome. His brown eyes are cut like diamonds, and he wears an all black coat with matching black jean pants. He has a brimmed black hat with a red feather in it, and under his arm is a brown book with the words (IN)COMPLETE GRIMIORE written on it.  When he sees Libby come into the room, he perks up as if he were waiting for an old friend. He takes off his hat to reveal stringy black hair, and putting it to his chest gives a bow to Libby, greeting her with a voice like the wrong side of midnight.


Libby scowls and mutters his name like a curse word. She refers to him as the collector of all: 'Desmond Larter', and asks why the hell he'd be in her house this early in the morning. Desmond reveals that it's noon, and that he just had to pay her a visit after he heard some very pertinent news. He then apologizes for roughing up Fiyori; the poor boy just wouldn't calm down after he had invited himself in, despite his reassurances that he wouldn't hurt anyone as long as things went his way.  Fiyori faces downward again, and whispers an apology to his master. Libby curses and calls him a fool, asking why he didn't run away when he had the chance? Fiyori glares at Libby and says in a sharp whisper that Libby is his everything. If he ran away and left her in danger, what he'd have after that point wouldn't be a life, but one long regret. Larter applauds, admitting that he was moved with how feverent the boy was in his attacks with DA against him. They didn't matter in the end of course, but he deserves a serious 'A' for effort. Libby growls, asking what news is so important that Larter had to come and show his ugly face here? There are plenty of ways to reach her after all....


Larter smiles, the very act disgusting and scaring Libby at the same time. He digs into his coat pocket and tosses a folded up newspaper on the table. Libby and Fiyori stare at the article that is face up, reading the particulars.


Apparently, in the town of Izshu, a baby had been born with a strong propensity for DA, and because of this, had become somewhat of a celebrity. The picture features the sleeping baby and tired looking mother posing for a camera shot, and the article more or less raves about how this is a 'big step' in understanding agape and those who can and cannot use it. Libby blinks and asks Larter if he seriously broke into her house just to read the paper, to which Larter sneers and reminds her that she is under protection from GMAGY and Acheron because she is one of a kind.....or she WAS one of a kind anyway.


Truth starts to dawn on Libby, a sunrise she could have done without. Larter puts his hat back on and places his hands in his pocket. With another possible practitioner of DA, she's not needed, and the fact that she is a lazy, and antisocial magic user would mean that no one would come  to her aid at her time of need.


Libby can feel the sand gathering in her throat as fear takes over. What Larter is saying in his own roundabout way, is that he has come to 'collect' the DA practitioner, and not only that; but he'd be able to do so without any resistance because of Libby's distance (both physically and metaphorically) from any help.


Larter is a collector. Not the sort that amuses himself with stamps or coins, but magics. For one reason or another, he started collecting different types of magic from all over the globe, and categorizing them by power and usefulness; and then storing them all in his book, the (IN)COMPLETE GRIMIORE. In some cases, it was easy enough for him to simply learn the magic, and then store his knowledge inside of the pages of the book, in other cases, he would have to literally drain it out of the magician, and drip it inside; as some magics are beyond his reach. This process normally doesn't kill the magician, but it has been known to happen. Ironically, it is because Larter is creating this encyclopedia of agape, that the GMAGY and WITCH have stayed off of his trail. He's also made sure not to 'collect' anyone that is either of interest or influence, furthering his appeal with the higher ups. Even if they don't like what he's doing, they like what it could lead to.


Libby has all of this racing through her mind, as well as ways to escape her oncoming fate. DA is a public magic, but learning it isn't easy. Larter isn't going to waste his time losing his feelings just to complete his book, especially when no one was going to miss one Libitina Mors. 


Larter calmly walks toward Libby and offers his condolences. If they could have met under better circumstances, he would have enjoyed that. Libby smiles weakly and adds her doubt that he's serious about that statement, since he doesn't view her as any more than a roadblock to the completion of his book of magic. Larter frowns, and in an instant, he's upon her. Libby is face down on the floor, and Larter using his knee to keep her hands from moving bends down so that his lips are dangerously close to her ears. Libby can smell the cologne he's using, and mutters that he must really be crazy if he thought sprucing himself up would make this whole process any easier.


Larter smiles as the book glows. He marvels at how useful a speed spell is, and then turns to Fiyori who can only manage a half glare in his current condition. Suddenly, his power begins to wane as he realizes Libby's attempts to use DA with him standing over her. The DA magician turns her head slightly and lets a small laugh escape her lips. He's a fool to get close to her, especially knowing what DA is capable of. Not amused, Larter attempts to slam her head into the floor, but finds that it has become gooey and black. He grimaces, and with another burst of lightening fast energy, leaps off of her and lands on the table in front of Fiyori.


A goddess of darkness, Libby stands in the middle of the gooey shadow-like substance and smooths her hair. She admits that she would much rather submit than struggle, but she's not pathetic enough to let him get away with hurting Fiyori. Larter cackles, and grips the book. Maybe she had forgotten just HOW much magic he's packing. Fighting him would be no different than to take on more than sixty different magicians at once! Libby responds by extending her 'will', which in turn causes the inky, gooey darkness to rise around her like geysers. The nice thing about fighting dirty; Libby notes- is that your morale is already low enough that any sort of victory works. If she beats down four out of the sixty, she'd be more than over her quota for today. Fiyori struggles to stop his teacher, but falls backwards and out of his chair. Libby notices this, and before the young DA user can react, a dark tendril has already seized and immobilized him. The master DA user shoots him a quick glance that has more meaning than two day long conversations. Fiyori can't stop the waterworks now, cause he knows all too well what's going on in his master's head. She's essentially telling him that he's on his own now, and that she knows she can't win against Larter. Most of all, she's thanking him for being there when no one else would be. DA had turned her into a lazy, antisocial, and aloof woman, but she appreciated him for being the one person who gave a damn long enough to look past all of that.


Larter drops all joviality and leaps off the table, a wildcat who had played long enough with his prey. His face is grim, and the book swirls with a malignant agape. With a sweep of his arm, he creates a tear in the air before him, and taps it with his pinky to send it in Libby's direction. The DA immediately latches to this tear, and swallows it whole, spitting out a glob of darkness. The collector grunts, and suddenly the glob of darkness explodes, it's entrails splattering all over the kitchen. Larter then using his thumb, index finger and middle finger, holds the book upside down and whispers an incantation in a strange language. The book shines, and several bolts of light stream down from it to all of the splatter marks around the room. Libby narrows her eyes, knowing that this is a calamity spell...and that all sorts of things occur when one is invoked.


That, is an understatement.


The splatters suddenly erupt with light and beams sweep the room. Libby is no slouch however, and sends her will out as Dark tendrils that collide with the lights and shrink in mid air. Larter swings the book downward, and light rays gather together falling like a guillotine on the DA user. Libby extends her hands outward, and silently allows her will to circle her feet. Before the energy-guillotine can fall on her, she is surrounded by a globe of darkness.  Larter sneers, and reminds her that DA doesn't allow one to see in the dark. He quickly flips the book's pages and places his middle and index finger on the page. With this action, the house begins to vibrate; cups and plates falling over and shattering upon impact. Libby knows that Larter is trying to disorient her; to keep her from attacking while he draws closer. If she should drop the darkness, he'll have an attack ready for her. That she's sure of, and if she attacks randomly theres a good chance that Fiyori will be hit. That was the true reason why he had attacked the boy who would have otherwise been able to nimbly dodge his master's moves.  Libby keeps her less than pleasant thoughts about Larter to herself, and grins like a madwoman. Of course, she had predicted this situation happening, and had prepared. She hadn't tied Fiyori down to keep him from interfering in the battle, but so that she could identify him. Each dark tendril is a part of her consciousness, so she can tell exactly where the boy is. With this peace of mind, the DA master can focus her attacks on Larter, and make him pay for what he had done to her friend.


Taking a deep breath, Libby focuses her will on her finger, forming a shot gun like gesture. She shifts her pose and closes one eye. Licking her lips she counts her blessings that the collector had challenged her in the kitchen rather than outdoors-making this shot painfully easy to take. Finally with a slow whisper, she releases the incantation.




Larter cautiously raises his book, but isn't ready for the suddenness of Libby's attack. The dark globe suddenly recedes and literally leaps into her finger. Her lips blur a word, and suddenly the darkness lunges at him. Larter grips the book, and tries to shield himself, but the speed of the attack is too much for him. He is hit squarely in the chest, and flies backward landing on the table that breaks under the duress. Libby doesn't slow down though, and somehow prepares another volley of attacks that are faster than the dark gun. The dark splotches from earlier bound from the walls and circle her hand until they have gathered into a dark sphere. Striding over to Larter, she draws back her hand, and admits that she prefers doing things this way. With a battle yell, she punches him in the right temple, hard. Not one to let an opportunity escape, she follows this up with two more punches. A third is in the making, but then Libby stops suddenly and falls backward, her body limp.


Fiyori's eyes open and he yells his teacher's name. Larter chuckles and after gathering himself, stands over the fallen DA user. Libby tries to move, but cannot. Larter shakes his head condescendingly, and remarks that stupidity on this level is pretty...impressive. She had been doing fine until she started enjoying herself. Even a novice DA user knows 'emotions are the enemy', and while he's impressed that her hatred of him managed to trump that rule, the moment it turned into pleasure, she had doomed herself.  Libby curses at him, and Larter sighs. He hates a sore loser, and comments that she might have succeeded in knocking him unconscious for a few seconds, but come ON now. The book has more than a few spells that would have had him up and kicking in no time flat. To prove his point, he turns his head to show Libby where her punches had landed; to show that his face was clean---pristine even.


Libby gasps and realizes that she never had a chance from the beginning. Larter could have waltzed in, picked her up, and walked away if he had wanted to. He had been playing with her and Fiyori the whole time for his own whims. This thought hangs in the air as the collector picks her up in his arms and gently places her over one shoulder. He makes his way to the door, but pauses before leaving.  Without turning around, he asks Fiyori why he hasn't tried his luck again. DA is an interesting magic after all...maybe he'd succeed this time?


Fiyori stands behind Larter, as if he had been considering just that. He bows his head, and between breaths separated by tears and pain, admits that he can't defeat Larter...and living leaves opportunities; while death leaves nothing. Larter appears to mull this over, and nods in approval. He tells the boy that if Libby should live through his 'collection', he'll be sure to bring her right back.  Libby tries to lift her head to see her student one more time, but is both unable and unwilling to. It wouldn't be professional if the student should see the teacher's face smeared with tears.


Larter strolls outside as if he had just finished a brief chat with a friend. He stops for a moment, and Libby can hear keys jingling. He admits that he hadn't intended to see her, but he happened to be in the neighborhood, so a visit was in order. If he had been coming over with a visit in mind, he wouldn't have brought her with him. Nonetheless, things happen; and it would be a good opportunity.


Libby hears a car door open, and soon she is lying on a backseat. The sunroof is open, so she can see that the sky is blue, and the air crisp. Libby thinks sullenly that it could at least RAIN on her possible last day on earth. Larter opens the door on the driver's side and sits in. He then turns back to Libby and with the largest shit-eating-grin he can muster, introduces her to his wife.


A young woman, probably in her late 20's (quite a bit younger than Larter), turns around and regards Libby politely. Her hair is bright red, and her eyes an emerald green. Even though Libby is looking at her from a strange angle in the backseat, she can tell that the lady is petite, maybe no more than five foot two or three. She wears a strange pendant around her neck, the design similar to the sun. Her hair is done up in a loose bun, and she wears a simple sundress. Libby blinks twice, and realizes that these features are very familiar to her. Larter asks his wife if he knows who the woman that he just brought in is, and she nods slowly, and then apologies quickly. She regards Libby by her full name, and then introduces herself in the same manner.


Anna Rose Rayleigh.


Libby's eyes widen again. Rayleigh....as in... Van Rayleigh's mom?


It's already noon at GMAGY, but no one is in class. Instead the students have gathered around Van, Guy and Kani, as the three bid their farewells. Guy is sad to go, as the girls at the school are all his type, and the students are sad to see Kani and Van go, as her performance in gym has granted her a sort of following, and Van and Claire's tag team had been carved into the annals of school history.


Van manages to get away from the hubub, and makes his way to Cayden who stares out into space on his own. The farseer extends his hand, thanking Cayden for not killing them when he could have. Cayden makes a face and asks why he'd thank him for something like that. Van admits that it's strange, but he still appreciates what Cayden did for them, or well...didn't do to them. The snow user sighs and takes Van's hand, giving it a firm, but gentle shake. Van asks what he'll do now, and the reply is a slightly irritated, slightly sad 'wait'. Nodding in agreement, the younger boy says that he'll try to keep in touch. Cayden nods absently, and waves Van off. At least one of them can leave with their women today. Van blushes and by reflex calls Kani a friend. He then adds that he used his eye on Iselia and saw something interesting. Cayden perks up, and the boy continues. He isn't too sure if it's for real, but he could swear that he saw something like admiration within the young lady....and that was when he was around. Only when he was around.

Cayden raises an eyebrow, and leans back in thought. 'Admiration'? For him? Why?


Van shrugs, and repeats that he's not sure what it means either, but with a smile he adds that it isn't a bad thing. Cayden catches the infectious grin and laughs, admitting that he's right. He tells Van not to be a stranger, and keep his 'friend' safe. Van agrees, (although he can swear that when the snow user said 'friend' he means something completely different than he does...) and with another wave, he's off.


Kani was just about to look for the farseer when he returns. She asks if he's ready to go, and he nods. She's a still a bit taken back that they've seen not one, but two goddesses on their journeys, and wonders if this is a good omen or bad premonition. Van smiles and replies that he'll take things as they come.  Kani asks if he's going to be okay without Claire; she was one of their party members after all. Van turns from her, and walking forward replies enigmatically that they'll have to see.  Kani frowns, but doesn't say anything. Guy saunters up and stretches his arms, asking when it's time to blow this crap hole. Van nods and agrees that the time is now, and with a shout to the school lets everyone know that he enjoyed the time with them, as short as it was.


The class returns his enthusiasm with a cheer of their own, and the three begin to walk towards the outer gates of the school. All eyes, be they student, or facility is on the backs of the trio as they take triumphant strides out of the school grounds.


Aschner watches the scene with a grim expression, his thoughts on the night before. Kani and Van had both returned without the Goddess killer, and their only explanation had been that she was now 'in better hands'. The headmaster wanted to pry more into the matter, but none of the situation makes sense. If they were lying, why didn't they just keep right on running? Where HAD the goddess killer gone? They would have no reason to come back unless what they said was partially the truth....and truth be told, the little witch knew a little bit too much. Now that Van's group had made a name for themselves, it would be a little bit too obvious if something were to happen to them at the school. Besides, Aschner's true objective has more to do with the farseers, and he would need more than one boy who could barely use his powers. Eventually Van would find his people, and it would be then that Aschner would be able to strike. Patience....patience....


Cayden watches the trio leave from his spot away from the crowd. He comments to no one in particular about how heroic they look, and how he's just a smidgen jealous. Adele peers around a corner and marvels, his student actually picked up on his presence! Cayden shrugs and doesn't move as Adele joins him. The tutor comments that the lives they spared are sure keeping things interesting. Cayden responds with a distant smile, and comments that Van in particular is 'one decent kid.' Adele nods, and smacks his student on the back while pointing out that he's too stupid to be retrospective and gloomy. Cayden growls, and asks if he can have a break just this once.


Because of her short size, Azha is able to squeeze her way through the crowd of students and get a view of them leaving. She smirks and notes that Van is a farseer....the first that she's seen in a while. He's just a kid for now, but she can tell they'll meet again, and then...maybe then he'd be someone she could rely on.


Guy turns back to the class and faculty, and chuckles. He likes this kind of send off, rather than the ones he's used to. Kani admits it's nice to be sent away, rather than chased away. Van has his eyes set forward, Ancasta's words still echoing in his subconscious.




Someone like him would be there. Maybe they'd be waiting? Maybe they wouldn't be. They could be friend, foe, or something else completely. He's disappointed that his mother won't be there, but this is a huge step forward. Claire would have wanted him to press forward, even if it meant going on without her. Besides, it's not like they'd never meet again.


It's from here however, that the journey that had seemed so simple until present begins to twist and turn, and the tale of a boy going to find his mother finds itself involving the rest of the world, a fledgling world that nonetheless, finds itself teetering towards destruction.





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