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Greyashe EP 37

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 37.


OP: the dropouts.

ED: Chime.


Chapters Covered: 83 & 84.


Aschner and Kani stare at Van. Aschner curses at himself for letting the young witch rile him up, figuring that she probably had Van waiting outside for the perfect moment to ambush him. Little does he know that Kani is just as surprised as him to see her friend appear.


Van doesn't avert his glare from Aschner as he asks if Kani has been hurt. She shakes her head, and asks Van why he's here and not with Claire. The farseer boy replies that he came to see if Aschner could do anything about Claire's worsening memory loss, and happened to overhear most of their conversation. The headmaster shifts his stance and asks the boy to think about his next moves. He doesn't want to hurt him if he can avoid it, but even he is allowed to act out of self defense. Kani protests -farseers can't use magic, which makes Van harmless. Aschner asks the boy if he intends to walk away from this situation, sweetening the deal by promising to let the group leave tomorrow morning. He then adds that the goddess killer is hated by those who worship the goddesses anyway, and it can't possibly be safe traveling with her. Aschner then proceeds to give his word that he will not harm Claire, and repeats that Van can go as soon as the suns rays appear in the morning.


Van declines, and repeats himself. He will be taking Claire with him, and leaving right now. Aschner narrows his eyes, and sternly tells the boy that if he continues to talk nonsense about taking the goddess killer with him, he'll be forced to view him as an enemy. Even if Van gets away with his friend tonight, news will spread about what he has done, and everyone who reveres the goddesses will be in hot pursuit.


Kani turns to the boy and asks slowly about Claire's memory loss. She knows that she's been out of sorts lately, but memory loss is....


Van confirms that Claire is slowly forgetting who they are....who she is. He trusted Aschner to be able to find someone who could help, but since that seems to be for naught, he will take her somewhere else. The headmaster is surprised to hear that the goddess killer is losing her memories, and realizes that even if he does convince the boy to leave her at the school without incident, without her memories she could...nay...would be a dangerous force. Truth be told, he has no idea how to save her memories, but he would damn well try, because the alternative is to be burnt to cinders by her flame. Aschner creeps up behind Van as he is turned to Kani, his arm raised to deliver a quick blow to know the boy out, but as he brings his hand down Van stops it with his own. Kani gasps and steps back, surprised at Aschner's sudden change of heart.


Van asks if this is the headmaster's true self, and marvels at how sad he is. Aschner pivots backwards, and glares at the boy, realizing that with his farsight, Van would be able to tell where he's going to attack from, before he could conceive it himself. He laughs and reminds the farseer that he can't use any actual magic, which means that although he can defend well, he'd never be able to launch an attack that would reach him, much less do any damage. Kani tenses, and tells Van to back off - to die here wouldn't help Claire.


Van announces that they're both wrong. Kani blinks and realizes that she can't feel anything from him, or to be more precise, the only feeling that emanates from him is the anger he feels at being fooled by Aschner. Van leans back into a fighting stance that's all too familiar to the headmaster. He mutters that Van has been taking lessons from that 'wench', and acknowledges that this will be a fight that he will have to take seriously. Van comments that he should, because he will walk away the victor. Kani boggles at this, unable to fathom how her friend able to activate this now! She had watched his 'training' at Libby's house and that had consisted of nothing but house work and menial tasks! Where and how did he learn to use DA?! 


Suddenly it comes to her.


His eyes. What a farseer can do with his or her eye isn't limited to just predictions and outcomes, but it's able to perceive a person's psyche. A nervous habit to a farseer tells them much more than a conversation ever could. Every twirl of a finger, stuttered word, and nervous tic acts as a window into a person's personality, deepest thoughts and most of all their knowledge. Van had been doing some training of his own all right, and Libby didn't even know! He had been watching her with his eye activated, and had learned the basics of DA from her movements and behavior. 




 Could DA be used this way? Kani quickly goes over what she knows of DA, and concludes that what Van is doing right now should be impossible. He's able to use the magic while being angry. DA is only useful when the person using it dumps all feelings, and becomes a shell of their former self. Instead Van had more or less abandoned all feelings except for one; and was drawing his power from it!


Aschner is equally as surprised, if not more so. Putting aside the fact that his opponent is using DA without abandoning his feelings, he's already got the basics down...something that a teenager shouldn't be able to do. After all, it's in this stage of a person's life that they're most prone to acting on feelings rather than calculated thoughts! He once again admits that the boy is much more dangerous than he had previously thought. Not only could he tell where he's going to be, but he can feel the darkness around Van absorbing his agape, and lowering his fighting strength. Aschner decides to take the first move, in hopes that he will be able to stop the boy in his tracks, before he can do any serious damage.


A beam in the floor flies up, stopping mere inches from the boy's face. Van is surprised by this sudden move, and is almost caught by Aschner's lunge towards him.




Diving out of the way in the last second, Van darts behind the headmaster, and with a flick of his wrist aims a blob of darkness at him. Aschner turns with his arm outstretched, and liquefies the darkness with his agape, and with another quick move, materializes a guard around his arm. Kani's eyes widen, despite the war stories she had heard from the savior and others, she has to admit that she doesn't actually know what Aschner's agape is. However she can feel that both he and his magic are getting serious, and if this fight drags on, she would be losing two friends tonight...


Van on the other hand has an expression of almost-glee on his face, although he knows exactly what Kani does at this point. As petty as it is, the boy wants to work out his aggression on the headmaster. He had failed one too many times for his liking lately, and this would be the perfect way to work out some stress, and show his superiority. Ducking low, he charges at Aschner, who swings his guard arm at the boy. Van uses a dark blob to drag his desk forward, tripping the headmaster up; giving  him the chance to land a blow on his face. The headmaster is no slouch, and grabs the boy by the scruff of his neck and with an ungodly amount of strength, he flings him back towards Kani at the doorway. Using a chair to cushion his landing, Van lands sitting upright, and shifts into battle stance again. Kani begs her friend to stop before he gets killed, but her words are cut off as a fist materializes from the ground, and separates the two. Kani yelps in surprise, but the farseer adapts quickly and melts the headmaster's agape with another blob of DA. Landing on her back, Kani quickly sits up and realizes that the two are only getting started. She bemoans that she can't do anything to stop them, and begs Van not to lose himself.


Back in their room, Claire wakes up alone and in the dark. She instantly becomes afraid, unable to remember why she's here, and who she was with. After a few moments of cowering, she realizes that whomever left her in this room will probably be back. She shakes her head at the thought, and can only think of running away. Her instincts had always told her to run in a situation like this after all.  She walks down the corridors of the dorm, and is immediately caught by two students. Aschner had told the students that he would take care of the goddess killer, but it isn't easy to stifle down the hatred she had earned with them, for mercilessly killing the people who had only been trying to protect what they believe in. The students begin to hassle the confused goddess killer, and their overlapping voices only serve to scare and infurate her, until finally she can feel the flame returning...


Guy runs down the hall leading to the Headmaster's office after hearing Kani yelp. He had asked Van to find out from the headmaster when they'd be leaving, but he was out when the boy had returned with Claire. By the time he had returned, Claire was sleeping in the room alone, and the boy was gone. That was several hours ago, and the fighter had become both worried and annoyed. He had gotten lost in the large corridors in the campus, when he heard Kani's voice, and decided to head towards her. Some students have already gathered around the headmaster's office, the ruckus waking them from their light slumbers; and Guy is able to discern from their excited conversations that someone is fighting with the headmaster. Guy immediately gets excited when he hears news about a fight, and dashes down the hall at double speed. He manages to intimidate his way through the small gathering of students, and finds Kani watching the unfolding battle with a look of worry on her face. The fighter calls to her, and for once she's happy to see that he's here. She explains that Van is fighting the headmaster of the school, and begs Guy to find a way to stop them. Guy glances over at the fight, and for a few minutes is silent. Without warning however, his eyes tear up, and moisture drops from his cheeks. Kani's jaw drops, and she asks if he's crying because Van is in a fight? Guy nods and admits that he didn't think the kid had it in him, and muses how kids grow up so fast....


Kani is less than amused, and Guy laughs this off. He tells the young lady that she has nothing to worry about; the fight is a stalemate. Since the fighter doesn't know anything about magic, Kani is rightfully doubtful of his analysis. Guy admits that agape and the like are out of his reach, but points out something fundamental. Van knows when Aschner is going to attack, and where' he's going to attack from, and for one reason or another; (Kani knows it's DA) he's pulling his punches.  Meanwhile, Van is fast enough to get out of harms' way, but isn't very strong. Therefore the fight is perpetually stuck between quick attacks and defense. Neither one can land critical blows, so there's nothing to worry about. The witch admits that this puts her at ease, but they should still find a way to stop them.


She speaks too soon, as an aide appears and manages to yell to Aschner that the goddess killer injured two students, and then escaped into the night. This stops both combatants in their tracks, and Aschner immediately barks orders for the students to quit their gawking and go find her. Van is already three steps ahead however, and darts out of the room before anyone can stop him. Aschner proceeds to follow him, until Guy steps up and proclaims that only one person is allowed to leave the room at a time. Kani blinks, and then thanks the fighter as she joins Van.  Aschner glares at Guy, but realizes that a corpse would not help his case.


Claire walks away from the school in a daze. Her head is throbbing, and her body wobbles to and fro, still weak from...something. The poor girl can't remember most of what she did that day, much less what had put her in that bed in the first place. She tries to think, but nothing comes of it. Her mind is a clean slate, although it won't be long until it's a wall with her fears as the graffiti.  Every noise, every shadow, every inch evokes a provocative fear within her; and the more she fears, the more the fire beckons to her to use it. Her body is warm, so much so that she wants to take off the night-gown she wears, but guilt and fear keep on her body. Everyone had left her alone, and so she would fend for herself, and with the flame they would stay away from her for good.


Claire is not enjoying her pity party until something curious happens; Snow begins to fall. The snow cools her body, but also begins to lull her to sleep. Afraid of where she may wake up, Claire fights her sleepiness until a gentle voice assures her that it's okay to rest. Claire turns around to see a shadow behind her- and although her memories are unreliable; she knows that this is an enemy. She breathes fire at the shadow, but the fire dissipates before even reaching it's target. The voice reassures her that she can sleep, and before long -despite her struggles, Claire's body falls into the snow, limp.


Van runs as fast as he can, despite the fact that DA has drained his body. He yells Claire's name, while using his eye to search for her, just in case she has forgotten her name. Kani isn't too far behind, amazed and impressed that he is able to continue moving this much after using DA for the first time. She loses track of Van, but happens upon his hat. For a split second, she considers leaving it behind, but decides to put it on herself and bring it to him. After a bit more running, she notices Van standing alone on a grassy knoll overlooking an underpass. Kani stands beside him, and realizes in shock what he's looking at. Although the night around them is clear and warm, below them a gentle snow is falling. It is in the center of this snowfall that Van spies Claire's unconscious body, and the shadow standing over her. Without a word, he charges down to to her, while it starts to dawn on Kani who they're dealing with.....out of season snow? A sudden spike in agape?


Van yells at the shadow, asking what it's doing to his friend. He prepares DA again, but Kani grabs his arm and using her slight height advantage, bows his head. Van struggles against her, and asks why she's stopping him. Kani whispers hoarsely that he should stop and THINK. The person behind this phenomenon is someone he should know all too well as a citizen of Greyashe!


The shadow chuckles, and waves it's hand. The moonlight shifts, as if it's following commands, and the two find themselves in the presence of a beautiful woman wearing a long white snowflake patterned dress. Her white hair is in two silver tresses, and she wears a pair of glasses that appear to be cut from pure ice. Her blue eyes are serious, but have a fair amount of knowledge and patience behind them. Van blinks twice, and realizes that he is standing before Greyashe's patrient saint...


Ancasta; Goddess of winter.


Van calms down, but still demands to know what the goddess wants with Claire. Kani reprimands him for speaking so bluntly in the presence of a deity.  Ancasta assures Kani that Van is within his rights, as this is the enemy of the goddesses slumbering at her feet; so it is expected that he'd be suspicious. She then turns to the farseer boy and comments on how beautiful his eyes are, and that he has grown up well.  Kani thinks it strange that she makes such a comment, but Van is more interested in knowing what her plans for Claire are. Ancasta's smile disappears, and she bluntly states that she had planned to destroy the goddess killer while she's weak and disoriented. The boy grits his teeth and begins to start in her direction, until Kani once again grabs his arm and pleads for him to stop. The winter goddess closes her eyes and in a authoritative tone tells Van Rayleigh to calm himself, lest she has to freeze him in his spot before they continue their conversation. Van is surprised that she knows his last name too, and stops in his tracks. Ancasta flashes a brief smile, and thanks the boy for listening.


Yes she had intended to kill Claire at first. The rumors of her powers are true, she does have the ability to destroy the four goddesses, so they had kept their distance from her. Now that she was weak, she could do away with their enemy, and the murderer of many, however she doesn't have the heart to now. If 'Claire' was still the 'goddess killer', they would be having this conversation over her corpse. The being at her feet now however is 'Claire'; a young lady with friends, a life, and guilt for her crimes. By traveling with Van, Claire had indeed started to change and redeem herself. As the goddess's role in the world is to protect the innocent and punish the wicked, she would be acting out of her duties if she were to take Claire's life when she's been trying so hard to atone. Ancasta beams at Van as she congratulates him; he had been the catylist for her change - which means that he had indeed done something for her by being himself.


Van takes this in, and finally regains his composure. Ancasta continues by stating that she intends to take Claire and restore her memories. The two look at each other and both begin to speak, but Ancasta stops them. The reason why is simple. As long as Claire has her memories, she would have inhibitions and guilt of things she has done, keeping her from doing them again. If her memory should erode any more however, she will be no more than a wildfire that burns everything and anything it comes in contact with., and Ancasta's smile disapears as she asks the two teens if they would find pleasure in being killed by their friend.


Van breathes a sigh of relief, and then falls backward onto the ground. Ancasta tells him not to become complacent however, as she can only stop the progression of Claire's memory loss, and restore the basic memories a person would need to survive. Memories of their journey, their friends, and even him however....she cannot do anything about.

Van stares at Ancasta in shock, and Kani nods in sad agreement. The goddesses aren't allowed to tamper with free will, and giving Claire her memories back without her consent is a violation of this. Kani bemoans the catch twenty-two in this situation; as Claire would have to remember she forgot something to remember to ask for it. Ancasta sighs sadly as well, and regrets that these are the rules.


Van surprises both ladies by laughing out loud, and asking what the big deal is about that? He then stares into the winter goddess's eyes and without a hint of doubt proclaims to Ancasta that Claire will never forget about him, because he'll never forget about her as long as he draws breath. As long as he remembers Claire, there's hope that she will remember him.


Ancasta smiles and allows a small giggle to escape her lips. She admits that she was expecting Van to take this much worse than he is, and apologies for assuming the worst. She then takes Claire into her arms and announces that she will take her to their holy land, where she and her breathern will watch over her until she makes a full recovery.  Kani asks why she'd do all of this for Claire, putting aside the fact that they're enemies; she's a perfect stranger to her.


The winter goddess winks and admits it's because of her younger 'sister' Aimend who had come home talking incessantly about how 'nice' Claire is. Ancasta knows that Aimend is a fairly good judge of character, and if she trusts Claire, then she too will find room in her heart to forgive and trust. Van smiles sadly, admitting that Claire doesn't really like her, and it was his idea originally to even help 'Ai' out.


Ancasta bids the two of them farewell; but before she goes, she turns and tells Van to keep heading North. If he does, he will meet someone of his clan there. This person isn't his mother, but at least he would have encountered someone of his own heritage. Van nods and thanks the winter goddess, taking this time to take Claire's hand and promise to never forget her, and to please remember him quickly so that they can continue to travel together. Claire opens her eyes and although her eyes are still devoid of any light, she looks at him and clenches his hand back. A snow cyclone engulfs them both, and rises into the air until it disappears completely.


Kani watches them go, and asks Van if this is okay. Van stares up at the sky, and turns back to the school; marveling at how Claire has taught him yet another painful yet important lesson.


Meetings will eventually turn into departures.


Van however compares it to an endless cycle; meeting and then departure.  With one last look to the sky, he adds that there's no limit to how many times you can meet a person in this life, so yes...this is fine.


It will all work out somehow.










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