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Greyashe EP 32

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 32.


OP: the dropouts.

ED: Chime.


Chapters covered: 71 & 72.


Van and Claire being the 'Youngest' of the group find themselves in the same class.  Claire wants to complain about her age being misunderstood yet again, but for some strange reason, ever since she and the others had come to GMAGY, she has been experiencing headaches. Figuring it's no reason to be alarmed, she keeps this from Van who despite his farseeing eyes, cannot dispher the class schedule.


The GMAGY classes are split into three simple prongs. One being the beginner class, the mid tier, and finally the upper level.  The classes Students attend depend mostly on their age. GMAGY students usually enroll at around thirteen to fourteen years old, and unless they've shown great potential before entry, they start their career in the beginner class. Van has to keep his eyes low profile since he's what would be considered an 'endangered species.' If people were to find that he is a fareseer, they could very well try to poach his eyes out of their sockets! Kani antcipated this, and gives Van a magic jammer that makes his eye unreadable to those who may use enchantment to discover his true identity. She left him with the instructions not to use his eyes too much, as the jammer only works when what's being stopped isn't used abruptly. Otherwise it would fall apart, and Van's eyes would be naked for all to see.


Recalling his friend's instructions allows the boy's thoughts to drift. Beginner class usually runs from thirteen years of age to fifteen, and so Kani had to join the mid tier, as she is sixteen years old. As much as he would like to put the incident at Pajari's mansion behind him, the idea of his friend being kidnapped again tugs at his mind. Unfortunately there's not much he can do, as he wouldn't be allowed in the mid-tier building; and therefore wouldn't be able to see Kani, until after school. He then wonders what happened to Guy? Although no one had asked questions earlier, there is no way that he could pass for a adolecent. The boy is flooded with meandering thoughts until Claire points out that he has walked past their class. She had taken the schedule while Van was thinking and managed to figure out exactly where to go. With a broad smile, Van thanks her for helping, and the two venture into class.


The bespecticaled teacher has a frazzled hairstyle to match his frazzled mindset. He is taken aback when the two new students walk into class, and is reminded by the students that HE told them that they'd be coming just a day earlier! After he manages to catch up, he introduces Van and Claire, and then asks them to take a seat. Van finds one near a familar face, and sits down, while Claire finds a seat behind him. Harrow glances over at Van and nods a greeting, which the Farseer quickly returns. Claire looks at the schedule and realizes that they're in the 'Basis and use of Pratical Magic' class. In brief, its how and when to use your magic...and why it's important. With a small smile, she nudges Van and hints that he should ask a question about Dark Arts. Van brightens up, and by instinct raises his hand. The Teacher turns back at him, and acknowleges this motion. Van asks if he can go over the basics of DA, and the teacher who's the sort to love talking about anything magic related, cheerfully obliges. Van listens intently while Claire amused watches him. To think that through everything they've been through, he still has a zeal for learning about this wide world.


Meanwhile Guy lies on the school roof, watching clouds drift aimlessly. As Van had figured, he was far too old to get away with playing 'High Schooler', and had instead decided to wait for the kids to finish their business so that they can move to their next location. Closing his eyes, he imagines a past life where he was far away, and as unbelievable as it sounds, on the side of the good guys. He's almost completely immersed in this very real dream, when footsteps awaken him. The unflappable Cowan stretches slightly, but doesn't seem to be phased by the intruder. He glances to his side, and meets Cayden staring out into space. He shrugs and turns to his side, but Cayden stops him by asking why he'd come here if he knows he doesn't belong.


Guy frowns in thought, and then speaks slowly, perhaps still living his dream....and perhaps out of nostalgia, he replies that sometimes it's nice to not be needed, and to not have any real worries, just like these kids going to school. Even if he's not welcomed here, he can still thrive off of the positive vibrations.


Cayden smirks and calls him an old man, but he completely understands where he's coming from. He hates school, but can't help being drawn towards it. He's mostly here because of the strong dedication he feels towards the goddesses for giving him an agape level that allows him to use magic.  Although he's happy to admit that he doesn't intend to do well in school, he'll at least come as a token of his gratitude.


Laughter interupts this moment, and Cayden shirnks back upon turning around. His tutor Adele Rockfort can barely contain himself as he asks his student if the godesses would accept an academic failure's gratitude. If he honestly believes they would, then he's an idiot beyond measure. Cayden stands up and prepares to punch his tutor, but Adele weaves under the blow and hits him with a chest blow so hard that it knocks the student out. Guy raises an eyebrow, and notes that Adele's moves are indicative of someone who's trained to be a fighter moreso than a wizard. The tutor adjusts his glasses and smiles enigmatically, replying that he 'dabbles' in this and that. He then asks the fighter if he'd like to kill some time with him? Truth be told, the tutor was on his way to investigate a mysterious matter surrounding the school, but he wanted to make sure that his reject of a student got to class. Guy shrugs. He doesn't 'do' investigation really....but there's nothing going on here for him. so it couldn't hurt to tag along. Adele tells the fighter that they'll begin their investigation after he drops Cayden in class.


Kani wows her teacher and fellow students in the physical education class, taking on such events as the pole vault and balance beam with gusto. This really isn't too surprisng for the young witch, as she trained her body while other witches were training their wands. Unlike Van, Claire and Guy, she has a general idea how the class structure and schedule work at GMAGY, so she arranged her classes so that she would have a large break in the afternoon, and for the outdoor physical fitness class to be earlier in the morning when the sun isn't yet at it's strongest. Her classmates have a multitude of questions for her after class, but she smiles and cites a previous engagement as she hurries out.


Changing back into her school uniform, Kani makes sure that she brings enough anti-magic items with her, as she cannot take her staff with her without standing out too much. Sharpening her resolve, she promises to herself that she will get to the bottom of this mystery at the school without alerting Van and Claire. It's not much, but she wants to give Van peace of mind. If she can conduct this investigation on her own while he enjoys the school, that would be her thank you to him for saving her. Besides, its probably better for someone who has little knowlege of GMAGY to keep it that way. 


Looking into what seems to be a make up mirror, Kani taps the face once and notes the ripple effect that happens afterwards. There's a strong magical force nearby, but someone is doing a particuarily good job of keeping it hidden from the naked eye. The mirror allows her to dig under surface apage wavelengths to find hidden and more potent streams of magic. The WITCH narrows her eyes and shakes off her earlier notion that there is nothing major going on. Magic in the air is a fairly common occurence, which makes it all that much more suspicious when someone tries to hide it. Taking a deep breath, she repeats her promise not to bother Van, and then follows the trail.


The beginner class assemble on the physical education field, ready for their turn outdoors. Harrow groans, noting that the same speed magician always outdoes them, so the class is just an exercise in futility. Van on the other hand is excited to be with so many that are his age. Since he had recently found out Claire's age, the boy felt slightly isolated, as he is the youngest of his traveling group. Harrow blinks, and while glancing over at Claire asks how he could be the youngest when he came with her...? Van quickly changes his story saying that he felt isolated since she's younger than him. Claire scoffs, but doesn't launch into her normal rant about how she is misunderstood because of her height. Her headache is back again, and as much as she would like to go back to their room and sleep, she stays. Last thing she needs is Van's protrusive questions about her health, since to her a headache isn't really a big deal.


The speed mage circles the trio, the wind rustling their hair and clothes. After the minature storm is over, Van innocently asks why he'd do such a thing. The mage is taken aback for a moment, unbelieving that this kid doesn't understand the basics of bullying. Harrow tells Van that he's a high speed ass, and he gets a kick out of pestering people. The speed mage turns to Harrow and asks if he'd like to be run over. Harrow materializes a needle in his hand, and asks if he'd like to be his bitch for a few hours. Speedy (as Harrow calls him.) laughs, asking his opponent if he thinks that he can catch him. Harrow replies that he only needs to hit him once. After that he'll make him regret that he was born fast. Speedy dashes towards Harrow, but during his trade off with the needle user, Van used his eye and strategically found the path he was most likely to take if he should decide to run at them, and then placed a rock there. Speedy hits it at full speed, and goes flying a few feet before landing in a crumpled heap. Van tells him not to bully his new friend, and that it's rude to interrupt class. Claire smiles at her friend's deviousness, while Harrow smacks the boy on the back laughing. The coach appears and reports that they will be pairing off today for team exercises. The idea is to see if two people can combine their magic effectively and cross a obsticle course under the five minute time limit. Van quickly asks if he can choose his own partner, which the coach agrees with. Harrow offers to be Van's partner, but the boy politely rejects his offer, citing that his one and only partner is Claire. Blushing, she drags Van away and asks what he intends to do? He doesn't actually have any magic, and while she can make it look like her fire is apage based, its still a risky venture to take part of this excersise. Van smiles and tells her what Guy had once told him. 'If you put on a good enough show, they won't ask any questions.' Claire bristles at Van quoting Mr. Cowan, but raises her hands in defeat. He's the one who likes this school thing, not her.


The coach blows his whistle and asks the students to line up. He decides that the transfers should go first, so that he can get a general idea of how they work together. Van and Claire stand side by side, and both take a quick look at each other right before the coach gives the signal to go. The two take off running, and the boy lines himself behind the girl. Claire glances back and catches Van's quick eye movements signaling where they should go next. The two run around the bends of the course as the others look on, finally reaching a target field. Van's eye is quickly able to acertain that there are some targets that activate traps, while others will allow them to continue. Van points at his eyes and then out at the targets, an action that Claire nods to. They begin to run, and as Van's eyes quickly move from target to target, Claire instinctively breathes into her hand and turns the latent hot air into fireballs that she launches at the targets Van quickly glances at. The coach stares slackjawed at the two student's progress. First off, this was their first time doing this! How could they know exactly where to go? Second, the two are using next to no apage to produce their magic, and lastly they're doing this all without using any verbal communication! Its as if...they already know what the other is thinking, and can take cues from small tics of the body!


The two have already cleared the target portion, and come upon a huge wall that has footholds in several locations leading to the top. Van takes the lead here, and using quick motions with his eyes is able to find the shortest way up and over. Claire quickly follows his lead, so quickly that her movements seemed rehearsed. The two are on the other side of the wall when the boy suddenly heads off the track and weaves his way around what seems to be invisible obsticles. The coach's jaw drops as the boy girl team makes quick work of this part of the course too. True enough there are invisble pikes all over the field, and anyone who just tries to run straight through them would find themselves barred from further advancement. Yet Van runs around them as if they simply aren't there. The two reach the goal, but Claire stops Van, and then launches a fireball at the goal tape incinerating it. The tape burns with a mysterious blue flame, and then disapears. The students turn to the coach, the same question dancing in all of their eyes. The coach explains without looking at his students that the goal tape is designed to sap magic from anyone who touches it, which triggers a response in the brain to step away from it. By the time the magician realizes whats going on, he would have already lost his chance to reach the five minute goal time. Claire and Van then cross over, and the coach checks their time. three minutes and forty five seconds. Just shy of the record of three minutes and thirty seconds set by the founders of the school.


The two come back to thunderous applause, and a slackjawed coach. Even Speedy claps (begrudgingly) upon their return. The coach tries to form the questions he wants to ask, but cannot. Instead he settles on congradulating the two, and proclaiming their future at GMAGY to be a bright one. Van and Claire turn to each other and grin.


Meanwhile Kani makes her way down dark corridors that betray GMAGY's image of an insitute for apage learning.  Following this signal is no easy task, as it's taken her all around the campus before leading her down a stairwell to this corridor. Judging from the sudden drop in tempurature, Kani surmises that she has crossed over to a different building. Gulping down her apprehension, she continues to make her way down the corridor, her promise to Van acting as her motivation. Finally she gets to a four way intersection, and as luck would have it, the signal splits as well. Kani bemoans her situation, but abruptly stops when she hears footsteps coming from her left. With no where to hide, she prepares for a fight.


The footsteps draw near, and Guy appears from her left. Kani calms down, but then grows irratated. Why would he be here of all places? Adele joins Guy, and the two notice the young WITCH. Guy inquires as to why she's here, and she asks him the same thing. Adele smiles and answers both questions by revealing that he too is here to investigate the rumors of a blasphemy in progress at GMAGY. Kani rasies an eyebrow and asks how he knew of their mission, and without dropping his smile, Adele repiles that he is a tutor by day, and professional spy for Acheron by night, adding that he realizes that it's day right now. Guy explains that Adele already knew that Libby is using them as a proxy for this mission, and is here to help.


Pointing down the center corridor, Adele cheerfully proposes that they get a move on, as Kani wouldn't want to skip class. Kani bristles, as she didn't want Guy to know that she was doing something wrong purposefully, but the fighter is more interested in seeing what the big deal is than teasing her about her indiscretion. The three walk down the hallway for a few more moments before Adele signals for them to stop and press themselves against the wall behind him. They then creep over to a light at the end of the corridor, and slowly peer into the next room. Guy and Adele's expressions grow grim at what they see, while Kani gasps quietly.







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