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WD Rule one

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This is a summary of World Destruction rule one.


OP: None.

ED: Midnight express


Flying high over the confines of the Rockett compound, two of Section seven's members are being debriefed for a mission. Section Seven being a top secret (so secret that we'll probably have to kill you after you read this summary.) spy and international police organization, Calvin Rockett being a slightly eccentric (You know, the step right before mad) scientific genius, and the two members being sent to do something about him. One member of this elite squad is a fifteen year old boy with glasses. Yes yes, glasses. It's strange but we can't....oh the fact that he's fifteen. Well~ there's a long story behind that, but we're only on episode one. People want explosions, sex, and maybe a tear or two. (Sadly this episode has none out of the three, unless you count Meifa overdoing the popcorn on the other helicopter, hense the team being 20 minutes late to this mission.) In any case the young man looks intensively at his boss on screen, Mr. Jaxton Murray. He's got a pair of thin rimmed glasses on, black hair with dreads and brown eyes that are sharp and focused. Despite his age, the boy seems like one who is very straightforward and honest. (Sometimes.) Mr. Murray refers to him as Lukas Diethel, something that we should probably do as well. Meanwhile a girl sits on the other side of the helicopter playing around with what seems to be a Ouija board. She's slightly small for her age, and has extremely orange hair that has curly ends. She has a bored expression that seems to be a part of her. Oh it would be rude of this summary to forget that she has one gold colored eye, and the other is purple. Like Lukas's glasses~er the fact that he's fifteen and working for the government, this will be explained later. Mr. Murray refers to her as Meifa Kamijou, so we can presume that this is her name. She seems unable to be bothered to listen to Mr. Murray, and absorbed with the Ouija board. 


Mr. Murray finishes up his weekend plans which seem to be what he was talking about the whole time. Lukas becomes annoyed and asks about the mission at hand. Jax (which is shorthand that the kids are so into nowadays.) assures him that the mission is  no big deal and that Lukas should relax. He then goes on to debrief them for the 'very dangerous'  mission at hand. Lukas wants to point out that Jax just walked head first into an oxymoron, but decides not to. 


Mr. Rockett had been building weapons of mass destruction for a while, but for the most part they blew up in his face. Eventually out of embarrassment (as in the country he was residing in was so embarrassed that they kicked him out.) He ended up hiding in the northernmost hemisphere of Alaska. The people there are happy to have some sort of icon staying with them (hey a tourist attraction that's a failure is better than none at all.) So they shield his rather large compound. Section Seven had received Intel that Rockett had finally gotten it right, and was going to launch a campaign (with a few weapons to boot) fairly soon. Since the Section couldn't just waltz in and take over without proof, Lukas and Meifa were tasked to go and find any drafts that Rockett had in his possession. Lukas apparently has an ability suited for this kind of mission, so despite his young age, he was asked to spearhead the endeavor. 



Lukas turns to his partner and asks if she was listening, an inquiry that is met with an unenthusiastic confirmation. Jax's message now over, he tells Lukas that the message with self destruct in 30 seconds. Lukas objects, asking why they have to do this anyway. Just because someone had thought it brilliant to have messages that explode eons before doesn't mean that it's okay now after all. Besides Lukas is tired of picking ash out of his hair. Meifa puts in her two cents, claiming that he Oujia board had already determined that Lukas is going to go boom. Annoyed, the teenager takes aim and releases a kick that sends the Ouija board flying. It rebounds off the wall and lodges itself at the bottom of the screen that Jax is talking from. There's a sizzle and then smoke starts to billow out of the screen. Meifa turns to Lukas and states simply that 'You don't fuck with the Oujia board.' 


No matter how expensive it is, or how much it sucks to be without one, there's always a sense of desperate beauty as you watch your helicopter fall into the enemy's compound as it billows smoke and flames. The two teens had managed to eject in time, saving themselves, but now had to continue the mission on foot. Lukas wonders how this can get any better, and Meifa reveals that she may have missed some important parts of the debriefing. Like everything after Jax had greeted them. After berating her for a few minutes, Lukas just tells Meifa to follow him and be his back up. He'd do all the difficult stuff. Meifa's down with this plan and the two begin their mission. 


Meanwhile Rockett has received word from his lead scientist that the fifth area has a new flaming helicopter added to its floor plan. Rockett is appalled, but this stems more from the fact that it's going to be one hell of a cleanup job. Meaning money out of his pocket. Extra money. The scientist states that if he had opted for insurance AND the destructo force field rather than just liability they wouldn't be in this mess. 


Rockett is, to put it politely...a cheapskate. He probably could take over the world if he weren't busy clipping coupons and trying to figure out ways to get henchmen without paying for them. This might explain why the fifth area had no guards at the time of the helicopter landing and destroying a huge chunk of it. Yeah Rockett had the unfortunate foresight to send those guards home because all they were doing was sitting around and guarding an apparently unnecessary part of the compound. Yep. Good idea there. The other guards are on their way, but it would be a while until they actually got there, since they're on foot, and not those fancy hovercars that the OTHER supervillians gave their minions. The lead scientist has had just about enough of this cheap attitude, and asks if Rockett really wants to take over the world. He replies that he would like that just fine, but there's nothing gained if they go broke from trying is there?  The scientist finally decides to take matters into his own hands, and storms out of the room. Rockett feels the need to tell him that his pay has been docked again, but decides to see what he can do about their problems first. 


Lukas and Meifa sneak along the corridors in another non Helicoptered sector, trying their best to find the location of Rockett's plans. This is much easier said than done however, as Rockett may be as stereotypically mad as they come, but he didn't so something as foolish as leaving his plans out to be seen by prying eyes. Now the fact that their mission map had been destroyed along with the Helicopter mights deter some people, but Lukas's active memory allows him to remember anything that he's seen once. This is the why he was asked to do this mission. Cameras and other recording devices are among other things, easy to manipulate and destroy. (Plus Rockett has signs posted everywhere that such machinery is not allowed on his compound.) Lukas however would go on remembering anything he's seen as long as he wants to. He could even remember what the doctor who smacked him on the bottom was wearing the day he was born! So remembering exactly where the aforementioned plans are is no big deal for him, although it's strange that they weren't exactly where the debriefing had said they would be... 


Meifa suddenly points out something 'awesome.' Lukas glances out the second story window to see what seems to be a bunker with two mechanical legs trying to sneak away. Apparently Rockett had figured that stationary plans would be easy to spot, so he puts them into a moving bunker that can sense danger. This means however, that it is smart enough to know that when something goes up into flames, it's probably best to get the hell out of there. It zooms in on their location, and takes one digitalized photo of the two teenaged spies, then jogs away. Lukas is finished being dumbfounded just in time however, and gives chase....or he would if the guards hadn't finally made their way to the sector they're in. Clearly they are pissed that they had to WALK from sector two to five, and are in no mood to deal with teenagers. (Though what adult readily is?)  


Meifa cracks her knuckles, ready for a full on brawl. A voice tells the other guards to stand down, and that he'll take care of this one. She's an acquaintance after all. Meifa turns and is none too pleased to see the gentleman, as she refers to him as her 'shitty ass teacher', well before he is formally introduced (By himself), as Duarte. Apparently he's the one who taught little Meifa how to kick a man in a way that when he's down, he stays down. Lukas asks why he'd be here of all places, and she reveals that he has a security guard fetish. Sure he's qualified to do jobs that require technical skill, (see that's where real talent comes from. He was hitting the books while kicking ass.) But he's always been happy being nothing more than a security guard. Duarte begins to talk about all the perks that security guardom has, ranging from meeting celebrities, being privy to gossip, and of course the fact that you can carry a gun...but Meifa interrupts him saying that he's just not man enough to be an actual police officer. She tells Lukas to get moving, and that she'll take out the garbage. Lukas hesitates, but when he recalls how many times he's been in the hospital because he was on the opposite end of Meifa's foot, he figures she'll be okay. After he turns and dashes down the hallway, Duarte gives the nod to his fellow guards to follow him. He seems a bit surprised that Meifa doesn't seem to be concerned about her friend, but rationalizes that she always was pretty bad at prioritizing. She retorts that he's an awful teacher; and he states calmly that the student never wins in a one on one fight. Meifa charges while telling him that it's the opposite, the Teacher eventually loses to the student. 



The guards scatter around the compound, searching for Lukas. Fortunately because there are so many of them, and one of him he's able to slip through their clutches pretty easily. He sets his sights on finding the jogging bunker. It's not too hard to find, since there's only so many places something that huge can hide, and even fewer places that it can hide well. He locates it trying to hide behind a toolshed in a nearby sector. It runs again, but Lukas has already memorized the layout of the compound, and chases it into a corner. It tries to escape,  but Lukas is already on it, and using a handy dandy security scrambler device (c), he stops it in it's tracks and pries the door open. 


Inside the bunker is a treasure trove of...coupons and ads for sales. Lukas makes a face, and wonders if Rockett's running his own show, or if it's his cheap mom. He digs through a box that has the label, 'Christmas decorations!! Don't touch!" and finds the plans that he and Meifa came for. He flips through them (They're actually really not that long.)  And after a few minutes he leaves the papers behind and jumps out of the bunker to find....that he's surrounded by irate guards. Lukas asks nervously if they'd really shoot a guy with glasses on, and his answer is a bullet that breaks the frame clean off, causing the glasses to fall with a 'thunk' noise on the pavement. Lukas looks over at the guards and mumbles how 'not cool' that was. 



Meifa and Duarte duke it out in the corridors of the building, the young girl not letting her size in comparison to his damper her spirit. Duarte however, is very swift keeping in tune with her punches and kicks; sometimes even tossing her forward or tripping her up. He doesn't intend to get serious about this fight it seems, and Meifa notes this. She doesn't intend to be underestimated either, and hits him with a hard kick in the torso. The calm Duarte flinches slightly, and this is all Meifa needs to launch a kick-knee-punch-elbow combo on her old teacher. He attacks with a kick which Meifa avoids by stepping backwards. She realizes she's up against a wall with a single window looking out upon the compound, which is a reasonably bad place to be in a fight against an adult. He he lunges forward, and Meifa hops onto the windowsill, hoping to get enough height to get over him. She miss calculates his next move however, and is at the receiving end of a punch that sends her through the window, and she falls to her doom below.  

Duarte looks at his fist and mumbles that he might have overdone it. He looks out into the window in an act of morbid curiosity, and is kicked in the face by Meifa who had grabbed the outside sill to save herself. Indignant, she shouts that he could have killed her. Duarte points out that she isn't dead, and she retorts by saying that he will be soon enough. Smiling he thrusts his arm at her and she's got no choice but to let go.... 


....Luckily they're in a sector that hasn't been finished quite yet, and has construction beams suspended in air. Meifa falls a bit and grabs one, Duarte following her. They continue their battle, jumping from beams suspended in air, attacking just enough to deal damage, dodging just enough to avoid falling to their deaths. In a mark of true expertise, they're also able to have a brief conversation to catch up on things while they fight suspended in air. Duarte reminds her that in her cranium is an eye that was lent to her. The owner of the eye will want it back eventually...Meifa retorts that she's always been in the same place, and if 'that person' wants their stuff back, they'd damn better come get it themselves. The beams have started spinning now with both of the fighters attacking one another while jumping from each one, turning this from a slightly dangerous game to a slightly more dangerous game. (Slightly being a slight understatement.)  


Lukas on the other hand isn't fairing much better, being chased around by a gaggle of guardsmen. They'd found a common ground to complain about (Ah~bitching, the great uniter.) in their unreasonable bosses. Between Rockett not paying them, and Jax trying to kill him, Lukas and the guards have quite a bit to agree on. 


...And then they found out that because of a certain Helicopter accident, their pay has been shortsheeted again.... 


Needless to say, when Lukas inadvertently tells them where the Helicopter came from, all bets are off. They chase him with everything they've got, only stopping to watch in sadistic glee as he trips over objects or nearly runs into walls. Unfortunately for him, those glasses were not decorative. He dashes into the developing sector, and recognizing Meifa's colorful insults shouts her name several times. She without turning asks what he wants, since she's kind of busy. If he has something to say, he should keep it to six words or less. Lukas yells his reply of 'Let's get the hell out of here', in which Meifa replies that he used seven. Lukas replies with a few colorful insults of his own, and then scrambles to reach where she is by jumping off construction forklifts and other objects. Meifa turns away from Duarte, promises to kick his face in later, and then runs to where Lukas is.  Duarte notes to himself that while he can' t bring himself to call her a lady, she is growing up. The two meet halfway, and struggle to grab each other's arms. From a distance away, the cranky lead scientist fixes his sniper rifle on the two of them. He did promise to take care of this problem didn't he? Rockett is nearby, commending him for his efforts. He unfortunately has the poor foresight to add that the scientist only gets one shot, as they had to pawn the bullets to afford printer paper. This news causes the scientist to fire out of surprise, and the bullet ricochets off a forklift and then lodges itself into a screw holding one unfinished structure together. Apparently even the screw is underpaid, as it collapses to the ground after being shot. This causes a domino affect, soon everything is falling, including Lukas and Meifa. 


Fortunately for them, Duarte uses a broken cable to swing in and grab the two teens before they hit the ground. He chides Meifa for being reckless again, and introduces himself to Lukas. Meifa kicks him in the baby maker, as she doesn't want to be saved by him. Duarte spasms, and then drops the two mini spies as he barely manages to contain his own grip on the cable. Lukas states very loudly how he's against dying to save face, in which Meifa calmly responds that she believes in him. Lukas is quiet, and then complains that he hates it when she makes him out to be some sort of hero....since now he can't curl up in a ball and die without looking like some kind of punk. 


He hears two beams clash against each other, and glances in that direction. He figures in the speed they're falling, and the speed of the beam is coming toward them. It's a long shot, but they may just be able to use this to save themselves. Stretching his arms out, he tries to grab the bar as it swings by. Unfortunately, he's still just a few centimeters shy of grabbing the bar, and continues his free fall Meifa however has better luck, and grabs an edge.  Lukas manages to hold her waist, and the two are suspended in the air by one bar as it idly swings back and forth. Lukas begs Meifa to hold on, and she replies through gritted teeth that she's losing grip....however if Lukas can say the magic phrase, she can find the strength to keep on. Lukas is willing to say anything at this point to keep from going splat, so he agrees. Meifa states it's just the answer for a simple question......who's her bitch right now? 


Lukas vehemently refuses to answer, and Meifa claims her grip is slipping. He points out that she'll fall too, but she replies that he'll hit the ground first, giving her 30 more seconds to think of something. Lukas mumbles a few obscenities, and then finally quietly admits to being her bitch. She asks him to say it again so she can hear, and Lukas has no choice but to do what she says. Maybe it's just his imagination, but did someone laugh when he yelled that he's Meifa's 'bitch' as loud as he could? 


Meifa manages to hoist herself upward which gives Lukas enough room to climb up himself. Meifa orders him not to have any wet dreams about her, as she knows that this is as close to a girl's ass he's going to get. Lukas replies that he'd only have nightmares about this for the rest of his life, in which she retorts that he didn't have any problems when he was her bitch. Lukas claims that he was under duress, but then notices another Section seven Helicopter flying down to their location. Looks like Jax had finally gotten them a spare ride home. Meifa's looking forward to French toast while Lukas thinks it's odd that their ride arrived right AFTER they had nearly died. 


Rockett's scientist angrily quits, and claims that he had been stealing ideas (and office supplies) from him for years. He'd take over the world, and he wouldn't need a damn budget to do it. Rockett watches him go, overjoyed that there's one less person that needs a dental plan. He then realizes that the guards who are covered by rubble right now might need medical attention, and laments the trials and tribulations of a mad scientist. Section seven had won today, but it is he who would have the last laugh...as soon as the Black market had another BOGO sale on weapons of mass destruction. 


On the copter, Lukas accuses Jax of watching their problems somewhere and only coming to help when he was bored, something Jax can't fully deny. Meifa's already slipped off her shoes and is playing with a T-Rex action figure, reenacting a scene from Jurassic Park.  Jax asks if Lukas saw the plans, and he confirms this. He then asks Lukas if he's used to the job yet, and Lukas with a wry smile replies that he'd never get used to this. However, in comparison with his classmates who spend their weekends going to libraries, or being yelled at their parents about chores, doing something exciting like this isn't too bad.

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