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WD Rule Five

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This is a summary of WD rule Five.


OP:  From all our base with love.

ED:  Midnight express.


Feminists, Lolicons and Tomboys alike should understand before reading that the views and thoughts within this rule are not the views of Alleycat Comics or Sector Seven. (No matter how true they might be.)


Meifa walks back home from a convenience store candy and soda run, her goods in a bag suspended from her arm. She already has a jaw breaker in her mouth, and an usual pep in her step as she goes. The one good thing that had come from living with Lukas is that he really doesn't care if her teeth rot out of her skull. Jax may not be very convincing, but she feels guilty buying the stuff when he reminds her of visits to the dentist. At least now she can enjoy her teeth rotting treats in relative peace. She notices an elderly lady struggling to put her bags in a car, and figuring that she has some time to kill, decides to go help out.


After the lady's groceries are loaded into her vehicle, she thanks Meifa with a few bucks.  She goes on about how Meifa's a shining example of how youth should be in this day and age, and that it would be nice if more young men would stop and help those in need.


...Hold on, did she just refer to Meifa as a boy? Sure she's more into fighting than flirting, and for the most part, she has a boy's physique, (Those boobs are coming dammit, they're just taking their time.) It should be obvious that she's a girl.




Later that afternoon, Lukas wraps up a meeting with his fellow co-workers, although it's noticeable that his heart isn't into this, as his face and speech are drooping. He thanks everyone for coming and  prepares to saunter away when Meifa suddenly announces that she has an addendum. She wants to know if the others think that she's too tomboyish. When the only response she gets is blank stares, she demands that they respond to her. Lukas does, again sounding like he's asleep, that everyone's just surprised that she used the word 'addendum' correctly in a sentence.


Lukas's head unsuccessfully merges with the table as Meifa slams it down. She then turns to the others and asks her question again, very slowly, and with a little bit of a growl. Nolan and Heike trade glances that read 'Does she seriously expect a serious answer after that show of violence?!' Ricca blinks and asks if being a tomboy is a bad thing. Meifa says that she doesn't mind really, but she IS a girl after all, and she feels it's high time that people recognize her as such. Heike scoffs and wishes her good luck. He's been trying to be recognized as a guy for the longest time now, but with his physique and face, he's always mistaken as a bearer of the double X chromosome. Lukas sleepily adds that she'd never be seen as a girl anyway, as her attitude sucks. After a pause that sounds a lot like a long snore, he takes that back and says that she'd be seen as a female if she had boobs, but because she has none and a nasty attitude instead then...


She takes a swing at him, and he rolls with the punch. Meifa snarls that he shouldn't say 'boobs' in her precesnce. (Apparently even the normally chill Meifa has something she's bothered about.) They would be there in due time, and besides there are girls who are feminine without having boobs. They're called lolis! Lukas points out that as a fifteen year old girl she is a loli, which Meifa realizes. Nolan suggests that she asks someone she trusts about what it takes to be female, which Meifa decides to do.


Jax blinks twice as he tries to process what his employee is asking of him. Meifa is standing in his office, and has no problem repeating herself. She'd like Jax to make a woman out of her. Jax laughs nervously and points out that this is the Google researched 'most misinterpreted phrase of 2009', and as such he'd like Meifa to try and rephrase herself. After a bit, Jax understands what she wants, and points out dutifully that she should ask a...you know....woman about that. Meifa racks her brain on who to ask, when the answer comes to her.


Ricca tilts her head, trying to understand Meifa's question.  It's not so much that the blond bomber doesn't like thinking, as much as it is that deep thought isn't possible for her. Bring her a bomb however, and she'd gladly tell you it's constructs, strengths and weaknesses without hesitation. Meifa fumes, and then rephrases her question. 'What do you have to do to be considered girly?' Ricca smiles and nods, seemingly understanding the inquiry, but then is short for words when she tries to explain it. A few 'It's like...' and 'Um...I dunno *giggle*' later, Meifa realizes that she's not going to get anything conclusive from Ricca. Besides, it's obvious why the boys come to her yard.  Her hair is messy most of the time, but Meifa had seen it when the mood struck her to fluff it up. Luxurious didn't even cover it. Ricca's hair is a sun kissed blond when it's being cared for, and a dirty brown-ish when she was done playing real life Bomberman. Brown eyes, a few freckles, and oh yes a curvacious body that was usually hidden under a jump suit (Preferred Mad Bomber wear), Ricca was all woman, and effortlessly at that.


....To Meifa, that's probably the most annoying part. If Ricca were one of those girls that spent a lot of time taking care of her hair and nails, it'd be understandable. Hell, if she even realized what she had going for herself, Meifa would feel less like she has been utterly defeated. Yet Ricca stands here, no more understanding about the birds and the bees than a 17 year old with religious parents, with a smokin' bod. 


Meifa hangs her head sadly, and leaves Ricca mid sentence. Suddenly, it feels like she's alone...so very alone.  As much as it pains her to admit, she's going to have to actually research this subject in order to make any progress. So she ventures back to the convenience store, buys a few girly mags and with music that causes the whole apartment building to vibrate, reads well into the night.


Lukas stumbles to life the next morning, (he didn't really sleep, so it's kind of unfair to say that he 'woke up.') and glances at his alarm clock. 10 minutes till school, and he's just getting up! That's a new record! As he mulls over thoughts of just turning over and going back to the limbo that is insomnia, Lukas receives yet another rude awakening when his bed is kicked. Holding back every temptation he has


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