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Vivid Ep 93

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This is a Summary of Vivid episode 93.


OP: Mirai Sketch

ED: Kites


Last time, Toshio went boom. The end.


Oh right, the aftermath. Always with the aftermath. Stewart runs down the dock asking if anyone has seen a sullen looking Japanese guy. Of course the answer to this would be no. So now, all Stew can do is curse his (and mostly Toshio's) misfortune.


Somewhere, far away, our hero awakens to a wet sensation. After silently warning anyone nearby about pissing on his hand (or something equally as vile) he awakens to find that he is on the shell of a turtle twice his size. After a moment of brief and woefully awkward silence, Toshio asks his chaufer where they were going. The turtle repiles that he's on his way to a dinner date.  Toshio with reluctance (and prior assumtion) asks what's on the menu. Turtle replies that he is.


Toshio suddenly remembers that he has an appointment anywhere but here, and prepares to jump into the water. Turtle is quick to lecture him on the common misconception that turtles are always slow. Sure, on land you could catch a turtle before you catch your breath, but in water they're murderously fast. (His words.) After Toshio questions that rather odd usage of the word 'murderous' he resigns to his fate of being a late night snack. Turtle is amused by this, and asks Toshio why he doesn't try harder to struggle. He's quick to remind Turtle that they're surrounded by ocean, and he's got no intention of dying while tired. Toshio then makes a comment about how shitty his luck became when the Shitenou appeared, which results in a sour reception from Turtle. How could Turtle not know that the Shitenou had decended? Turtle quickly points out that no one watches TV this far out, and news papers are a no go too. Demons can't actually sense other demons from birth; that the ability to 'sense' is a learned one. Turtle admits he slacked off during his youth (Back when the girls were hot, and still had class)  and can't sense the precense of other demons. The esper picks up on Turtle's rather lukewarm reception of his bosses, and asks if Turtle dislikes them, citing that he wasn't overjoyed like the other demons when he mentioned the Shitenou. Turtle retorts by noting that Toshio's not afraid of death, and is having a normal conversation with a demon....which means that he must be an esper. 


After yet another long awkward silence, Toshio grants Turtle permission (with the power vested in him as a protagonist) for Turtle to have a tedious flashback. Turtle bows to no one though, and declines. Another silence.  Suddenly the water flapping against his shell seems louder. The silence is almost deafining too. Why was silence such a big deal? Turtle finally agrees to tell his story, just to find that Toshio is asleep.


Demon world. FADD (For those who have Attention Deficit disorder, and don't remember plot points more than five episodes prior.) A nasty place where nasty demons live doing nasty things, at least according to the unbiased opinion of Wikipedia. Turtle used to have his own lake there, where he could float along and not have a care in the world, and as so that's what he did. Some demons would come by and say hello, but for the most part day in and day out Turtle would interact with very few of his kind, believing that keeping to himself is life's solution for everything.


Unfortunately for him, Demons like having land just as much as their weak human counterparts. They also solved disputes by having wars too. So it wasn't long until a few soldiers looking for a place to rest find Turtle's lake. He doesn't mind too much, as they keep on their side, and he keeps on his. A funny thing about soldiers though, they never come alone. Oh and that's not a comment on their fellow platoon members, but on the enemies that follow them wherever they go. As one can guess, it wasn't long until Turtle's lake looked more remincicent of lake placid.


Turtle fled for a while, until the heat died down. When he returned, he found that someone had been nice enough to decorate his lake with the corpses of the dead. Now Turtle could while away his time trying to decern between the vanquished and the victor! What a great way to kill a few hours huh? He overhears other Demons talking about Seiryuu and his hopes to expand his empire, and realizes that these wars are a direct result of this. Turtle becomes enraged, and remembers how some demons mentioned how the Human world is great for slacker demons who had 'families' and 'responsiblity' (losers.) And decides to try his luck there.


As Toshio as learned though, things usually go from bad to worse, and Turtle is the one to break the bad news. He feels a huge amount of saki (or killing intent) coming from below. Toshio reminds him that he can't feel the precense of other Demons, to which Turtle repiles that sure they wouldn't notice small gnat sized vapors, but this saki is like chucking a bus through a bank.


Turns out that the demon behind the ship's destruction still has desire to see Toshio push up dasies. He doesn't realize this right away, and asks Turtle if he has any enemies. Turtle is quick to reply that his way of life meant that he didn't have an enemy in the world. Commenting, Toshio adds that he has no allies either. He then realizes that the esper, while annoying may be on to something. Activating his gate, the hero searches for the attacker, and Turtle realizes that the cargo he's carrying is none other than Toshio 'Demon magnet' Shinya. He quickly abandons his dinner plans, and swims away quickly. Toshio doesn't stand a chance, as God didn't make it so that humans can attack and swim at the same time. Turtle swims away for a bit, and out of morbid curiosity peeks down at the demon attacking Toshio. Make no mistake, this demon is deadder than dead. However it hates Toshio SO much that it's lifeforce acts on it's emotions, hense the current attack. Turtle swallos up his fears and tries to head down, just to be knocked back. He then grabs Toshio and tells him to hang on with all of his might. The two dunk under water, and Toshio holds his breath so that they can get close enough to the head of the demon that had been using the afformentioned Saki to float downstream after the young man. Toshio and Turtle's combination reaches the lifeforce, and realizing that he can't absorb it, Toshio destroys the lifeforce with his full strength.


The two surface....from one situation to another. A huge storm has started brewing, and water spouts dot the cloud day. Toshio tells Turtle that there's nothing wrong with his way of life. Toshio then says that it's the Esper's job to create an invironment where something like Turtle's lifestyle would be the norm, and that he promises to return his peaceful days. A gust of watery wind knocks Toshio away from Turtle, and a water spout keeps them separated.  Turtle curses Toshio, and asks him what he should do now that he had a friend, and lost him in a set of a  few hours....


Sometime later, a battered and unconcious Toshio washes up on the shores of a certain country. You know, the one with the huge green lady threatining to set fire to those who come from overseas? The scary godzilla sized French present? Home of Famous Ray's pizza? Naaaaah you don't know that country.


Last Vivid: Really, you can have friends an enemies at the same time. Just treat it like dating, and hope that the two don't meet.


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