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Vivid EP 92

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This is a Summary of Vivid episode 92.


OP: Mirai Sketch

ED: Kites


At the beginning of this story, you might remember one Shinya Toshio walking home injured after a battle with a demon. This was not the beginning of his evening that night however, so let us turn the clock back three hours, and have a look into the recesses of the slightly anti-hero.


As he stares out at the skyscrapers in Tokyo, Toshio notes the ocean. 'If only there was a boat that could take me to another land somewhere.' He thinks. He never really liked being an esper in the first place, so a boat that could take him to a land without fighting would be like a Christmas present to him. You know, not the ones that are under the tree, but the one in the closet. The good one.  It isn't long until the sounds of chaos reach his ears however; seems like another demon needs an ass kicking. Toshio is off, leaving his thoughts of a dreamship till later.


After a dream like that, the present has to be better right? Wrong. Toshio awakens in Stewart's flat, and remembers the battle he had against a huge demon a few days earlier. It's hero protocol to faint for a while after a battle like that, and while Toshio never follows protocol, getting some much needed rest didn't sound like a bad idea at the time. He gathers his bearings, and remembers that he sailed to London in hopes of finding out more about the gate-style demon slaying....especially after his humiliating defeat to Suzaku. Toshio notes that Stewart isn't in, and after raiding his fridge for a little while wonders where he is. He recalls what he had said, that wherever Toshio goes, trouble is bound to follow. Normally Toshio doesn't mind trouble, as he revels in stirring it up for others. However, when things were out of his control it isn't nearly as much fun.


Stewart is at the moors listening in on reports of any damage due to the demon. He figures Toshio would be no help here since his English is....hell, let's be honest and say it's horrible. So the young man had been switching between his native language and Japanese for his visitor. Thank god he had been screwing around with that Japanese chick in college, or Toshio'd be screwed. He remembers too what he told Toshio, and instantly feels a bit of regret. The guy was only trying to protect his friends...could he help it if every demon from the other side wanted to gut him and serve his balls to Seiryuu the king himself? It's obvious though that the demon that nearly killed them both was sent to deal with Toshio personally, as he finds that there is almost no damage otherwise. He asks an officer when the next boat is leaving the country, and decides there that there are some things more important than friendship.


After going home, then going back out, then going back home to restock his fridge, Stewart asks Toshio (in Japanese) what he plans on doing now. Shrug. Stewart clears his throat and with all the tactfulness of Big Ben during a silent night, asks him if he plans on staying much longer, since his funds are running dry. (Not all British rockers make it big...especially the ones who are unemployed.) Toshio relives the tension by revealing that he planned on leaving anyway. Regret bashes Stewart again, why oh why couldn't he be a heartless bastard like his houseguest? He asks Toshio where he'll go. Shrug again. So much for not feeling sorry for the guy. Toshio replies that he has to keep traveling if he wants to find out more about the gate. Finally Stewart reveals that South America has someone called a 'Gate sage' residing there. It's probably a good idea to go and see him. Toshio figures it's a good start.


Back a few hours before Toshio had gone out that fateful evening on the first episode. (Bet you wish you had read that huh?) Toshio talks to Kounaka Mion and Matsuda Satoshi, about his idea for a boat. Mion doesn't get it, but Satoshi understands. (Maybe it's only MANkinds desire to run from their problems?) Satoshi thinks that if a boat like that existed, the world would be a better place. Toshio for once, soundly agrees with his friend's assessment. Mion points out that this is no different than leaving the country when you owe the government money and the two boys say that women are 'too realistic.' This derails into a conversation about general intelligence between men and women (brilliant points about how men run from their problems only because they aren't smart enough to deal with them, and that women are only super realistic because they're materialistic, but this is a summary.)


Toshio and Stewart walk towards the ship, and Stew reminds Toshio that the gate power that he used earlier to summon the behemoth wasn't his, but a collaboration of theirs. Toshio thanks him for reminding him about that, and turns to face his ship. He thanks Stewart for all of his hospitality, but tells him that he probably won't come back, because London suuuuucks. He gracefully accepts, and adds that he's not invited back anyway. Toshio boards the boat to South America, and thinks back on his dreamship.


'It would be nice to have a ship that could take me to a land across the clouds. I'd build a big house there, and then send the ship back to bring everyone that needs a place to stay up to my house. They'd be safe there, across the clouds...because no one would need to fight or live in fear. I'm not cut out for such a happy place though....because frankly I'm too damn pessimistic and violent to live there happily. So I'd come back to this land once the house is completed. I know I'd have to fight and fight on this shitty world, but....it would be good to know.....that those who can't....have somewhere they can live freely.'


An explosion. The ship is attacked from below. Turns out that the demon that Stewart and Toshio thought they had defeated had been waiting under the water for Toshio to leave the country. Once his chance came, he launched one last attack from below the depths that destroyed the hull and sunk the ship. Stewart can only watch as the boat he put Toshio on sinks into the sea.


Later, it would be said that only half of the passengers would survive.


Last Vivid: Our Dreamship is known as 'Hope'......


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