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Vivid Ep 109

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This is a Summary of Vivid episode 109.


OP: The Gospel of nobody's shadow

ED: Renai Rider


Miss Katou somewhat regrets her gung ho decision to join her friends in fighting the King of Demons in a dome of darkness.


Okay, Maybe she Really regrets her previous decision.


It's not that she's scared, cause scared doesn't run in the Katou family, it turns around and sucker punches you. It's not really becase she's alone, 'cause until Gen-chan had moved in with her she had been living in a hotel alone. It's really because it's so dark in the Dome known as Dead End, and she had recently become blind.


Blindness isn't something that one just gets used to, it's more like a relative that stays over too long despite your subtle efforts to tell him (or her) to go back to their own damn house. Mouka does have a special set of glasses that allow her to see, but that's only during the daylight hours, and apparently Dead End perfectly simulates nightfall. So she had been using small patches of light that filter down from the dome to get around and the fact that Zombie demons are actually very noisy to keep herself from getting killed. Still she couldn't help but fill with a latent sense of dread when thinking about walking around in the dark when she can barely see herself.


Her thoughts drift back to her friends and how they're probably fighting for their lives too, and this at least manages to chase regret away, although it doesn't make her feel any more secure. Not so much for herself, but for Gen-chan who had come up with this....well.....stupid plan that involves her tackling the greatest evil known to people who read these Vivid summaries, and keeping it at bay until the others could cut a path through the advancing demons to catch up with her. Mouka already has it in mind to pop Gen-chan one if Seiryuu hadn't done so already. If she was going to do something this stupid, she could have at least given her warning first for God's sake.


The other point of intrest that's nibbling on the carpeting of her subconsious is the fact that she can't really tell where everyone else is just by sensing them. She's not exactly a combat powerhouse, but at least she has a high Esper energy awareness, so it shouldnt' be very hard to track the nearest friend and follow the trail...yet she can't sense anything. Almost as if everyone has already di---


In any case, Mouka decides to keep moving. The worst thing that could happen to her while moving is being killed on her feet, which is significantly less embarassing than being killed while in the fetal position crying.


Zombie Demons creep up behind her quietly, lean in for a quick attack and leap just to be fried by her security seals that circle around her feet where her shadow should be. Mouka glances back and makes a face similar to one who's dog has just peed on the new carpeting, wondering why the zombies just don't take a hint? The seals have the Japanese Kanji for 'Fire' written on them, and they rotate around, keeping her in, and them out. The bright side (literally) is that whenever they bump into the guard like the moths they are, it lights up her path enough so that the glasses work and she can tell exactly where she is. Too bad knowing that in the endless dome known as Dead End doesn't really help much...


Stopping suddenly, she looks back

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