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Vivid Ep 102

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This is a Summary of Vivid episode 102.


OP: Mirai Sketch

ED: Kites


The buzz of the early news awakens Mouka in the morning.  Rolling over on her side, she grumbles that it's too early for...well Anything, and stares at her clock. It's 7 am. Realizing that she would have slept in and missed school otherwise,she silently thanks the news for waking her up.


Sauntering to the living room, she spies Genbu watching the news. Mouka's thoughts are twice fold, wondering if the girl understands anything that's going on in the news, and of course what child willingly watches something that's informational? She asks Gen if she slept at all last night, and without turning around the young demon answers in the affirmative. The next question is one that seeks to understand how she's feeling, and Gen answers that she's fine. Mouka comments that she gets over things rather quickly, and then notes that she has to go to school this morning, so Gen should....


Before the sentence can drip from her sleepy mouth, Gen is already up and about. School? You mean that place that's no more than a prison for children? She would have to go too if she hopes to properly understand humans! Mouka can only wonder who would want to take Gen after she made such a succint but mean spirited assesment..? She drifts down the hallway and tells Gen that as of right now, going to school with her is not something she wants to deal with. Besides, although Gen is old enough to have a dynasty named after her she still has the apperance of a preteenaged young lady. THere's a process that has to be followed, and Gen is no exception to this.


The rest of the morning before Mouka goes off to school is a series of begging, inquiry and refusal. Just like washing hair, rinse, lather repeat. Gen unfortunately is not very good at taking 'no' for an answer, and Mouka isn't about to release her iron guard. The little demon even goes as far as trying on one of Mouka's spare school uniforms to make a point. Mouka gets a laugh and few cute pictures out of this, but still refuses to allow Gen to accompany her to school. Gen finally gives up on trying go the right way, and mumbles that she'll just follow Mouka without her knowing if she won't allow her to. Mouka turns and strikes a Batman-escque fear into Gen, stating very clearly that she has no problem exterminating the child if she finds that she tagged along after being told no. Mouka punctuates her threat with the english phrase 'Do you understand?' to ensure that Gen gets the message. After a moment of thought, she apologetically tells the girl to sit tight at home, promising that when the time is right she'll be able to go to school too. Gen apparently gives up for real this time, and simply asks if she can at least venture outside when she gets bored. Mouka's in a hurry now and doesn't think the girl's inquiry through, so she gives her a spare room key and tells her not to wander too far. Gen agrees and Mouka is out the door. The little demon laughs to herself after her 'sister' is gone, intending full well to follow her to school. All she has to do is stay out of Mouka's sight, and leave before she does. Gen could then claim that she went out and got lost. It's a perfect plan from her point of view, and Mouka wouldn't have to be the wiser.


Gen dresses up Mouka's spare uniform again. It's too big for her small frame, so she has to use a few safety pins to keep it from falling, and a pair of sandles are the only shoes close to Gen's size that Mouka owns, so she has to use those as well. Gen notes the school emblem on the sholder, and figures that she can just show that when asking for directions to the school. The humans make everything so convienent, that it's a wonder they can do ANY thinking for themselves, Gen muses.


Although she's far from being an expert, Gen is familiar at least with the bus system in Chiyoda. She recalls as well the advice Byakko gave her upon reaching the human world. Since she's pretty human in apperance, the tiger demon reccomends that she turn up the cute, since there's no such thing as a human that can resist the charms of a little girl. True enough, as when Gen gets on the bus and makes up a sob story about being home alone and wanting to visit her 'sister' at school, the bus driver doesn't even ask her for the faire. Gen climbs onto a seat, and hardens her resolve. She won't get off of the bus until she gets to Mouka's school.


That is until they drive by Akihabara. Gen is so enamored by the sights there that she forgets her mission and hops off the bus to explore a bit. The people there think that she's a cosplayer in training, and don't even mind her perusive questions and her flitting about. After finding out about the Marunouichi shuttle (a free bus service) Gen's travels take her from the Shin Marunouchi Building to Hibiya park. She does however realize that she's gotten far off course in the middle of the day, and using Mouka's school emblem, immediately hops on the next shuttle to her high school.


Mouka looks for Toshio who had somehow managed to avoid her the whole day. Finally she finds him talking to a few other boys in a hallway, and gently (with a full force stomp to his foot) gets his attention. The other boys chuckle a bit and walk away knowing that this is the norm between the two of them. Toshio checks to see if the nerves in his foot are still functioning, and then asks Mouka 'whatever could be the matter.' Oh nothing, other than the fact that he left her alone with one of the shitenou yesterday. Toshio points out that she's still alive, and then asks where the little kid is now. Mouka suddenly blushes and looks away, mumbling that Gen is currently at her house. Less than amused, Toshio promises the viewers their time back, as he too feels robbed of a few precious moments in his life. She was angry with him for leaving her alone with the demon...that she took in? Women are mysteries for sure, but this seems more like a certifiable unexplained phenominon. Mouka objects and starts to tell Toshio about what happened last night. Surprisingly he listens to every word, and then asks her what she plans on doing next. She admits that she hadn't thought that far, but feels that they can trust Gen.


The 'trustworthy' Genbu stands outside the school gates. She's wary to step in, partly (read mostly) because she has no idea where Mouka might be at this time of day. Her thoughts are interrupted by the ka-thunk sound of a baseball landing beside her, and the players who had decided to take this slow day at school for an early practice meet. The young men notice the school emblem on Gen's uniform and ask why she's so late to school. She manages to convince them that she's a transfer student, but becomes interested in the game that they're playing. Genuinely surprised that she has no idea what 'Baseball' is, they begin to wonder just where did she transfer from? The moon? Gen is unphased, and asks to play with them. The young men give sideways glances to each other, hesitant to let someone so small and...female onto their field, but Gen is insistant. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to teach the kid 'the ropes' they allow her to play.


Gen spies the batter making a colossal swing and home run, and immediately knows what she wants to try first.  Oddly enough, they're able to find a pair of running shoes that fit the young girl, and she puts them on while preparing to bat. The pitcher is informed to go easy on her, just so she knows that they're not to be taken lightly, and he throws. Little do they know who they're dealing with.


Gen hits it as hard as she can, and the ball flies several feet in the air (straight up) and then falls down with a thud in the middle of the diamond. The boys are flabbergasted. Although Gen had only knocked the ball straight up, the fact is for a while they couldn't even see it. If she were to work on her hand eye coordination just a little bit, she could probably hit a pitch that would land in the next neighborhood. Slightly disapointed, but hugely undaunted, Gen asks for another pitch, promising to hit it far this time. With this promise, the players decide to let the pitcher unleash his full power, hoping that they wouldn't be running their next game in memory of this strange little girl. He pitches yet again, and Gen this time times her swing, and hits the ball with the tip of the bat.  If the first pitch went up into the air, this one probably flew past the stratosphere. The team would have to give up hope on ever seeing that ball in Japan ever again. Gen beams michveously again, and while sticking out her tounge sheepishly she admits that she forgot to hold back again. The team is amazed, and their coach is all but ready to sign Genbu up for a contract.


Toshio and Mouka make their way down the hallways, the windows here giving one a nice view of the baseball and track fields behind the school. Toshio has the same idea that Mouka has about asking Gen about the Shitenou, but surprisingly the female esper has changed her mind on that subject. She feels now that they should wait for Gen to open up, rather than forcing her to talk. She begins to hurry along, begining to worry about Gen being home alone all day. Toshio tells her not to worry about it, as she's closer than she thinks. Mouka raises an eyebrow, and by instinct turns around slowly to look at the Baseball field.  Although she is surrounded by Baseball players showering her with accolades, Gen is clearly visible. Toshio looks out the window too and is impressed that she both wants and can find her way to school all alone. He turns to Mouka to make a snide comment, but finds that he's only talking to thin air. He turns back to the window again, and sees a school girl uniform colored missle headed to Gen's coordinates.


When something is headed one's way, they usually know it....even if it is too late to do a thing about it. The movies seriously have captured this sensation rather well. It's slow realization coupled with a lack of bodily movement. Everything slows down dramatically, and for some reason, the Jaws theme starts playing. Gen suddenly feels the need to turn around, and as she does, she too knows of this phenominon. Mouka is rushing towards her at top speed, and Gen is left with two options. Die now, or Die in a few minutes.


She like most foolish people opts for the few minutes.


She begins to run like a madman away from the ball players, adding screams for help to complete her new damsel in distress role. Matsuda Satoshi and Kounaka Mion happen to be walking by when Gen nearly collides with them, and Mouka all but runs them over. They stare in horrified amusement (or amused horror?) as she catches Gen and picks her up by the cuff of the uniform. Now, Mouka Katou isn't overly strong or anything, but get her just upset enough and even the incredible Hulk would think twice about crossing her path. She holds Gen, thrashing legs and all in place and asks very slowly why she's here. Mion mans up and asks Mouka about Gen, which causes her to pause and think. What IS Gen to her anyway? A Roomate? An annoyance? A soon to be very cute (and dead) stuffed animal?


Mouka settles on sister. She tells her friends (and the ball team who had gotten so enamored with Gen that they were kind of willing to take on an angry Katou to save her.) that Gen is her little sister. She had been staying with her parents as they travel around Japan, but like her big sister, she is a Tokyo girl. She was supposed to move in as soon as Mouka got settled, but being impatient as she is, Gen had come over last night. Gen stops thrashing and blinks in genuine surprise. Katou considers her a 'sister'? The students are a bit skeptical, but something about Mouka's glare chases off any doubts they had about her story. She apologizes for any trouble her little sister may have caused, and then puts Gen down and tells her to prepare to return home.


Toshio joins Gen and Mouka as they head back to the hotel. Mouka hold's Gen's hand, and as they walk the little demon mulls over her early declaration of sisterhood. Finally Gen speaks out and asks if they'd still like to know about the Shitenou. Both espers stop and stare at her confused, which prompts Gen to continue. She tells them that they should gather all of their trusted friends and warriors together tomorrow and find a place to meet. She is now ready to tell them anything they need to know about the last and possibly most dangerous of the Shitenou Seiryuu.


Mouka nods and tells Toshio to start calling everyone together. Gen thanks Mouka for all of her kindness, and apologizes for going out against her wishes. Mouka accepts the apology, but then grabs Gen's head. If they are going to be proper sisters, there will have to be checks and balances of power between them. Gen had broken a rule, and therefore there would be punishment. She turns to Toshio for help, but Toshio turns away and puts on a pair of earphones. He was finally not the target of Mouka's fist, and he intended to keep it that way.  As the demon is dragged away by her older sister, Toshio thinks back to his own demonic adoptive sibling...and muses over how nice it is to have a sibling....


Last Vivid- Isn't it strange how much more fun school is when a new person shows up?


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