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Vivid complied chapter list

Page history last edited by Sakaki 9 years, 8 months ago



These are Vivid's compiled chapters, each one representing a week. Some weeks are skipped for breaks in chapters. Due to Vivid's long running status, only chapters from 225 are up for now.


225: Story of  normalcy.

226: Power of the secret between two.

227: Result of Gambling.

228: Friendships of luck.

229: Employment of a Samurai.

230: Weakness of body.

231: Warning of Christmas.

232: Rush of Hour.

233: Girl of Demonbond.

234: Bird of Sadism.

235: Rock of Love.

236: Delivery of Happiness.

237: Rights of Normal Citizens.

238: Brigade of Normal Citizens.

239: Taste of Cold fist.

240: Chronicle of Voice acting Vividly.

241: Shu's first day of School.

242: The Allure of Forbidden love.

243: Premonition of Sadness.

244: Gloved right hand of The devil.

245: Decent of Chaos.

246: Pursuant of the Pursued.

247: Responsibility of Friends.

248: On the other side of the long night.

249: The Reminiscent chord of her guitar.

250: The scarred friendship of the duo.

251: Advantage of public access.

252: Kindaichi-san and proof of exsistance.

253: Battle of the yankees.

254: Thesis of several tutors.

255: A war of numbers     

256: Numeration of sacrifice

257: A last day of childhood?

258: Test of wills.

259: Results of blood sweat and tears.

260: The day of infamy

261: A moment of change.

262: The path of manhood.

263: A gathering of fathers.

264: The truth of me.

265: The last of the mohicans (Read as 'demons')

266: Qualifications of motherhood. 

267: Rivalry of two families.

268: House of the stars.

269: We know of Treasure.

270: She, the center of two families.

271: The ideals of monsters and children.

272: History of Transportation.

273: The leisurely pace of the pages in her diary.

274: Borderline of Embarrassment.     

275: Letter of Charisma.

276: Expression of Christmas.

277: Depression of Christmas.

278: Hope of Christmas.

279: Happiness of Christmas.

280: Pleasure of Oedipus.

281: Law of Revival.

282: Date of Perfection.

283: The coming of my mother.

284: A life of belated happiness.

285: Jail of Teeth

286: Tales of our last days.

287: Identity of duplicity.

288: Duality of Christmas

289: Similarity of difference.

290: Reminiscence of rain.

291: Legacy of American heroes.

292: Catharsis of trust.

293: Attack of synchronicity.

294: A series of unlucky occurrences.

295: Cause of habitual effects.

296: A tale of lil slugger...

297: Beginning of strife.

298: Men of responsibility.

299: Gathering of various resolves

300: Prerequisites of trust

301: Disruption of the milky way    

302: Rush of fury

303: Echo of defeat?!

304: The time of despair has arrived.

305: The time of hope has arrived.

306: Our fellowship of heroism.

307: Girl of mystery; V.

308: Blueprint of the devil.

309: Proper attire of mecha pilots.

310: Sisterhood of untied soccer shoes.


312: A nostalgic view of Saitama sunsets.

313: Lolita of Sunshine.

314: Cost and price of wishing.

315: Best of wishes.

316: This blog of ours.

317: The web (net) of reconnaissance.

318: Bus of expansion.

319: Oath on a night of shooting stars.

320: College of champions.

321: Onslaught of change?

322: Various conversations of a coming year. 

323: Elegy of the forgotten.

324: Rise of the forgotten.

325: Attack of the forgotten.

326: Return of the forgotten.

327: An epic journey of New york proportions.

328: Ganglion of Ghosts

329: Realization of fear. 

330: Memories of fleeting friendships.

331: A degree of old fashioned kindness.

332: Begining of a divine counterattack.

333: Apperance of a rival?

334: Uncertanty of emotions.

335: Proclamation of a liar?

336: Weight of evidence.

337: Laws of the jungle.

338: Strength of weakness.

339: Consequences of bad timing.

340: Rise of the followers.

341: Difference of strengths.    

342: Mask of sincerity.

343: On the subject of humility.

344: A matter of pride.

345: At the depths of desire....

346: A rite of life.

347: Result of desire.

348: Creation of a future enemy?

349: Birth of a grand scheme.

350: Oath of selfishness.

351: Way of the sword.

352: Disposition of servitude.

353: Lack of pity.

354: Weight of sacrifice.

355: Effectiveness of imperfection.

356: Weakness of emotion.

357: Clash of ideals.

358: Shift of responsibility.

359: Weight of Hope.

360: Path of advance.

361: Will of a warrior's spirit.

362: Disappearance of reality.

363: Last day of this protagonist.

364: Morn of beginings.

365: Duty of a protagonist.

366: Life of leisure.

367: Acceleration of fate.

368: Flames of a dark evening.

369: Decision of fate.

370: Chance of revival.

371: Consequence of detriment.

372: A view of that world.

373: Daily life of Royality.

374: People of Heaven.

375: Reassurance of daily life?

376: Fate of politics.

377: Festival of baddies.

378: Rites of sacrifice.

379: A rare view of that world.

380: Politics of demonworld.

381: In the palms of these hands.

382: The weakness of those bodies.

383: Livelyhood of demons.

384: A return of days.

385: A gathering of forces.

386: Transfer of goals?

387: Transfer of worlds?

388: Crisis of individualism.

389: Temptations of the past.

390: Advance of victory.

391: Scheme of the devil.

392: Tempest of backlash.

393: Quarter of quiet. 

394: Lack of rationale.

395: Horizon of the end.

396: Banality of effort.

397: Loss of reason.

398: Return of those days...

399: Loss of victory?

400: Cause of celebration.

401: Schemes of the devil.

402: Realization of tardiness

403: Echoes of chaos.

404: Pathos of the Devil

405: Leverage of the Devil

406: Regret of the Devil

407: Lull of complacency.

408: War of the bedroom?

409: Staleness of Victory.

410: Compliation of reasons.

411: Beginning of the end.

412: Rush of the menace

413: Our vows of resolution.

414: Scheme of the schemer.

415: The path of battle.

416: Realization of truth.

417: Map of discorse.

418: Challengers of normalcy

419: Rite of happiness.

420: Truth of earnesty.

421: Settlement of the devil.

422: A love of freedom.

423: Nuance of your world.

424: Nothing of nothingness.

425: The distance of a future.

426: This funny story of ours.

427: Laughter of society.

428: Passing of years.

429: Renewal of oaths

430: Smile of the end.

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