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Totsuzen Ame

Page history last edited by Sakaki 15 years, 3 months ago

Totsuzen Ame, 'Sudden Rain' or (突然雨) Is the 1st Ending song for Vivid. It's duration was from episodes 1-13.


It isn't important how we met,

Nor is it how we'll part.


Today's promise is as easy to lose

As sights for an unseen future.


As it drizzles in this dreary city,

I wait and sigh 'Is this how we'll end'?


Just a minute, I can't take back the time I spent with you.

Just a minute, A person who's afraid of a downpour can't be worth my time right?


Nothing more needs to be said, I just want to hear your footsteps

As I turn my back, and as sudden as this rain run from this spot.


Courage isn't being there at the right time,

Nor is it knowing the right thing to say.


It's the actions you take and the conviction behind them.

Don't say you will, just do it.


It's not that I'm happy to see you.

Or that my heart skipped a beat.


It's the sudden rain that got my cheeks wet.


It's not that I've forgiven your indecisiveness

Or that your return caused me to catch my breath.


It's just this sudden rain has got me wishing....

How nice it would be to have something warm to press against.


It's just this endless and sudden rain has made a scene for us

And we shouldn't forget it.



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