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Moment is Vivid's 1st Theme song. It's duration was from episodes 1-26.




Staring contently at your back.

I watch you walk away from a distance.


If it weren't for this clumsy body of mine

I'd always follow you.


This feeling...I've been fooled by it many times.

If there's anything worse than a love worn heart, I haven't found it.


Nothing begining, but everything's ending.

Not going anywhere, but always late.


I can't think over this loud heartbeat!


It all began to fall apart when I met you.

Call me crazy....but I think I kind of like it!


Back to back, feeling to feeling.

God, take everything else from me but this moment!


I met you, fell for you, can see nothing but you.

There's still much I don't know, And even more I'll never understand.


While adulthood grants me some answers,

I still want to run through these days believing with all of my heart,


That I'll see your back again.



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