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Mirai Sketch

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Mirai Sketch 'Future Sketch' or (未来スケッチ) is Vivid's 4th theme song. It started on episode 78, it's duration lasting until episode 105.


Mirai Sketch


Say goodbye, Turn and repeat.

Tiptoe softly over barren days.


The blank canvas can't confort or life.


It's because we remained in each other's portraits

That we didn't notice that love, kindness and color had been drained from us.


I walked boldly on old calandar pages

Spread about in a room, ransacked like it had been robbed.


Even If I knew what I know now,

And ran barefoot down the halls.


The footsteps would echo far into the future.


As I rub the fingerprints in a dusty sketchbook

I realize even now my outline hasn't changed.


Say good bye, turn and repeat.

This future sketch is still imperfect.


Undried, it leakes black prisma colors.

Leaving a familar teardrop design in the parlor.


We'll go on whistiling lulibies until the world changes,

As the adults remind their children, that someday they too will have to hand down dreams.


Say good bye, then turn and walk.

The imperfect sun can't decide whether to be red or yellow.


The people split by indecision part like the red sea.

Let's ride over them gallantly, splash the canvas, and add rain to a future sketch.



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