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Midnight express

Page history last edited by Sakaki 14 years, 5 months ago


Midnight express is World Destruction's first, and only ending song for the moment. It started it's run on episode one.


Midnight Express.



The Sun stuck in it's ways

Goes to bed at 8pm on June nights


The bird's chirps annoying chatter,

The kids are complaining now that 101 dalmatians sits in the DVD tray


The sounds of wings taking flight

Parents headed out for a one night reprieve.


The train heads to 'Sinner's end'

Holding tightly to the rails.


As we too will use our heels,

And hold tightly to a dance floor.


You will be the raider of the lost ark,

Glance around the room for signs of morning.


Your voice different; the 14th hidden ballad track

On a all acid Jazz CD.


As you mummer about how the night is too long.


We all deserve purple hearts

For waging war against the ordinary each day.


The moon haphazardly slings it's coat over this building.


We are but candied apples dipped in the darkness.

Come, as only those who aren't in motion will be plucked.


These voices pile together,

crashing under their own weight.


Bass rhythms shake everyone

Like the sun is poking a broom upwards and tapping the ceiling.


I'll invite you once again to dance,

But you're already engaged happily to night lights.


Your voice, the soft click and dial tone,

Of a love slaughtered in it's infancy.


You'll turn me down three times before dawn.


We're already using all of our rollover minutes

So communication lines shut down all over.

Soon everyone will depend on how well they convey themselves

Using body language as a medium.


Your voice different, indelible.

The 14th hidden ballad track on an all Acid Jazz CD.


I followed it all the way from sinner's end.

And watched you slowly disappear with the dawn.


My rollover minutes expired,

I clumsily ask for a dance with you.


We still can dance, the sun will provide the beat.

As it impatiently taps its foot, and waits for us to go to bed.


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