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Lyrics Poetic Museum

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We here at Alleycat Comics try to enhance the reader's enjoyment of the stories posted by including an 'Opening' and 'Ending' song on each episode, that change at certain intervals. We understand that some would like to view these 'themes' without having to look at the episodes themselves, and in response have constructed the Lyrical and Poetic Museum. The museum will contain links to the Openings and Endings of the current series on the wiki, along with some lyrics that have not found a home, or were written without a series in mind.



Enkon Kanbouki Vivid's

Opening set.

Episode 1-26 Featured 'Moment' as the theme.

Episode 27-52 Featured 'Writer's Block' as the theme.

Episode 53-77 Featured '3 minute riot' as the theme.

Episode 78-105 Featured 'Mirai Sketch' (Future Sketch) as the theme

Episode 106- Features 'The Gospel of nobody's shadow' as the theme song.


And Ending set

Episode 1-13 featured 'Totsuzen Ame'. (Sudden rain.)'

Episode 14-26 featured 'Play your song for everyone!'

Episode 27-39 featured 'Bishojou Annie no monogatari (The story of Anne the pretty girl)'

Episode 40-52 featured 'Densha' (Train)

Episode 53-65 featured 'Kiseki wa Kono Sekai de tsuni okotteru.' (Miracles are always occuring in this world.)

Episode 66-77 featured 'Blind first dates.'

Episode 78-91 featured 'Taiyou ga kirai' (I dislike the sun)

Episode 92-105 featured 'Kites'

Episode 106- Features 'Renai rider', (Passion rider.)



Greyashe's Opening set.



Episode 1-29 is OUTRUNNER.

Episode 30-current is the dropouts.


And Ending set.

Episode 1-13 is Sunshine.

Episode 14-26 is Talim.

Episode 27 to current is Chime.

(Note- Episode 25 has an insert theme called 'There is something beautiful about falling.')

(Note- Episode 28 has an insert theme called 'the dropouts'.)


A Theory of World Destruction's

Opening set


Episode 2-Current is 'From all our base with love'


And Ending Set

Episode 1-Current is 'Midnight Express'



Extra lyrics.

'The colorful ways we abuse 'love''

Cruel Evenings

Daydream awaits


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