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Lukas Diethel

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Name: Lukas Diethel

Age: 15-16

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110 pounds



Ethnic Background: German-American.

Physical description: Black hair with hazel eyes, slim glasses, and an average build for his age.

Ability: Active Memory (As he likes to call it.) Perceptiveness.

Position: Leader of Sector Seven.


Before Sector Seven.


Meeting Meifa.


Sector Seven's leader





In short, Lukas is very methodical (Although he's no where near Nolan levels of strictness.) He takes some of his investigative cues from 'Law and Order:CI' as his methods can seem outlandish and sometimes abrasive. He's usually the voice of reason among his co-workers//subordinates (although you won't catch him calling them that.) He respects each member of the team, and although they've all exasperated him at least once or twice (try millions of times a day) he enjoys being their leader. He can be a little michevous when the time calls for it, and in general tries to be laid back.


Notable Relationships.


Meifa Kamijou

She can be viewed as the girl who changed his life for the better (or worse). Although he and Yeliena become a couple later on in the series, Meifa is the first girl that he swears to protect. The two share a sibling like bond, (complete with annoying the hell out of each other.) Meifa is protective of him too, although that may just be because she wants to be the one to bully him. She (usually) doesn't mean any serious harm in her physical and mental jabs at him, and although she'd never admit it, she looks to him for advice.


Clarkson 'Big Shot' Diethel.

All Lukas knows about him (until a certain event in the series) is that he's a very 'wanted' man. Lukas hates him at first, but after living on his own and discovering sector seven, he slowly lets that side of his past go.


Yelena Alekseyevna Volkov

Yelena is Lukas's first girlfriend. She provides a support to him that he never had, since he grew up without parents. As Lukas puts it 'she's important to me, because she's there'. Although the members of his team have on more than one occassion put her in a tight spot, she enjoys seeing them and him doing well. Her gentle personality soothes Lukas after a long day, and brings a sunlight in his life that had long been absent.


Nydia Palmeiro

She is the only other person that knows the World Destruction formula. Although at first the two are enemies, she becomes an ally. Lukas tries to keep in touch with her, knowing all too well the weight on her shoulders because of the information she knows.


Relationships with Sector Seven.


Jaxon Murray


Nolan Connor


Heike Ryeley


Riccarda Miele





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