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Greyashe EP 3

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Greyashe Episode 3 summary.



ED: Sunshine.


Chapters covered: Second half of 3 entirety of 4.


With Van essentially unconscious, Cayden and Adele in hot pursuit and no where to hide, the girl is at a loss of what to do. Although she isn't bothered by the snow on the ground, or the flakes coming from the sky she does feel the effects of enchanted snow. Enchanted elements are those created by magic. Natural snow and rain don't do a thing to her, but when these elements have magic at their base, the results are disastrous for her. Even worse is that Cayden's attacks get more vicious with each one he launches. The girl quickly realizes that if she wants to get anywhere she'll have to find a place to keep Van while she fights them off.


Luckily for her, a nearby cave offers solace for Van. She promises once more that she will protect him, and then runs off to fight Cayden. Cayden has no mercy for the 'goddess killer' because although he's a slacker at school, he still feels en debited to the goddesses for granting him the power  to manipulate snow. The girl on the other hand feels en debited to Van for wishing to protect her, and ultimately putting an end to her solitude. The two pit their feelings and abilities against each other and are locked into battle. With their opposing elements it seems to be a stalemate, until the girl manages to burn Cayden in his chest; although he controls snow, his body is still that of a human. Thinking that she has secured victory, she quickly goes back to check on Van's condition. Unfortunately for her however, Cayden has only been fighting using half of his true capability. Students who are flunking out of school have to wear a magic limiter when outside of the institution. After a bit of arguing with Adele (Who found researching some of the indigenous flora and fauna more interesting than observing his student.) Cayden convinces his tutor to temporarily disengage the limiter, and give the girl a taste of true winter horror.


Cayden and Adele meet the girl as she sits with Van, hoping that he'll regain consciousness. But now the worst case scenario is here. Cayden promises to end things quickly, and prepares an icicle cannon. He is surprised however when instead of running away to save her own life, the 'goddess killer' stands in front of Van with her arms outstretched, and her eyes burning with defiance. Undaunted, Cayden flings all of his winter power at her. At first she resists, and seems to gain the upper hand, but her state of dress and continued contact with enchanted snow causes her body to break down, and start suffering from frostbite. Cayden is prepared to deliver the final blow, but he is surprised for a second time when the girl uses the last of her strength, not to retaliate, but to crawl to Van's side and lean against him for support as she tries to stand. Although her body buckles under her own weight, her eyes have not lost their defiance. Cayden immediately thinks of someone else he knows and cannot bring himself to finish this fight. He tells Adele they're leaving, and the two go without another word.


Outside Adele asks why he stopped, and Cayden notes that she could have fought properly if she hadn't put her all into protecting Van. He then adds that he can't bring himself to hurt someone who's so similar to him....for he too has someone he'd fight to the death for. Adele decides not to report this to the headmasters (Mainly because his behind would be on the line for not forcing Cayden to finish the job.) And jokingly adds that this means they'll be working together some more. Cayden groans, and curses himself for being such a nice (looking) guy.


Meanwhile Inside the cave the girl turns to Van, and for the first time smiles. Murmuring that she kept her promise, and that he's safe now. She finally loses consciousness next to the boy. Van meanwhile is mumbling incoherently, lost in a dream. He then says softly 'Mother' and opens his eyes, which now have a yellow tint to them.



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