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Greyashe EP 29

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 29.



ED: Chime


Chapters covered: 61-63


With his arm healed, Van's first stop is a library in luxar.  The battles he's seen, and the one he was in only whets his desire to have magic of his own. Kani tags along somewhat out of worry, and something more. Once they get to the establishment, the teenage witch reccomends books that she read back when she was a youngster. After a short nostalgia trip, the receed deep into their readings.


Van begins to understand just how little of the world he truely understands. To be fair, the boy from a winter village couldn't possibly know of the wider picture outside of his town's slushy borders, but there is so much going on at once, that Van feels overwhelmed.


According to the studies of scholars, magic had always been alive and able to feel, even before there were entities known as the 'Goddesses.' This much he already knew of course, but what he didn't know up until that moment is that the magic had been sentinent beings. As in beings that at one time could communicate with people through speech, touch and thought. Something however had changed, and soon magic had become what it is today, a purely spiritual-like entity.  Not only that, magic also had knowlege of good and evil, and as such there is a such thing as both light and dark magic. The  WITCHES and Goddesses utilize the 'light' magic most of the time, although they can use dark magic to augment their ablities as well. Dark magic is not however, magic used for or born from ill will, but in fact magic that is born from a 'dark' element. For even light magic can (and will) be used for evil, while still maintaning it's 'light' status. Dark magic is really the manifestation of magic that is not born from apage, and instead is induced or forced. One extreme example is alchemy, which takes the feeling element out of magic and replaces it with mathematical equasions and rigid techinicalities.


Kani reminds Van that a farseer cannot use magic because it doesn't trust their eyes. A Farseer's eye can look into magic and find inperfections that no one else can. It seemingly unsettles magic so much that it adamantly refuses to work for any farseer, no matter what magic they try to use. Van acknowleges this, but he is undaunted. If he wants to fight with his friends, and find his mother it's obvious that he will need the ablity to wield spells. He doesn't even know where his agape stands! Kani listens intently, and then suddenly asks him if he believes in the goddesses. Van pauses, and then says that he's not sure. He notices Kani's eyes burning into him, and asks her a question in  turn. If a Farseer tells her something, will she believe it without question? Kani replies that it depends on who the Farseer is, and how well she knows them. Van then tells her that he sees the world in a much different light than she does,, because of his eyes.  There are things that she and others can believe in without question, but to a Farseer if there's no visible proof, he can't believe it. Yes he had seen Aimend in battle only yesterday, and he does believe that she is powerful, but as for believing in idea of the goddesses being the saviors....he would have to see more in order to commit himself to believing anything.


Kani's hurt by her friend's lack of faith, but doesn't show it. Van doesn't notice as he gets up and investigates a nearby bookshelf. He picks up one book, and flips to a certain chapter. Kani asks about what he found, and he replies that the book had called to his eye. Going into more detail, Van says that it responded to their conversation, rather than simply calling out to anyone who would hear, and the chapter in particular is one on a magic known as 'Dark Arts'. Van asks Kani about the subject matter, and is surprised when she looks away from him in response. He asks if there is something wrong with learning 'Dark Arts', and she answers him coldly. 'someone like you, with no beliefs, would not be able to handle the 'Dark Arts.'


Van is taken aback by her words, and she makes no effort to apologize. Instead she looks outside and notes that it's getting late, and they should return to the others. This time it's Van's turn to hide his disapointment, as he agrees with Kani and they leave.


For now, the group is staying in a property that Kingston rented out for wandering WITCHES. He had healed Van's arm, and the boy wanted to check out the library in town before they hit the road again. Kani and Van return, and are met by Guy and Claire, the latter of which is resting after her battle with Aimend. Guy asks if they had fun where they really went, since there's no way that they'd go to the library that late in the evening.  Claire corrects him, stating that the two are on the outs, since they left talking nonstop, and now can't even seem to look at each other. Guy tells Van not to give up on his woman, that she'll come around if he hangs in there. Both teens correct Guy protesting that they are not going out with each other. Claire bemoans their denial, and tells them to enter a bad relationship already, as it's only when they're burned by other people that they'll understand their feelings towards one another. Kani wrinkles her nose and asks Claire for her age, and she flatly responds that it's none of her business. Guy asks Claire how she knows so much, and she responds that she's seen many failed relationships in her day. Kani inquires again about her age, and she pretends to go to sleep. While this exchange is going on, Van indignantly thinks that he won't know that he can't handle dark arts until he tries it, and that Kani can't possibly know what she's talking about.


The next morning, Van leaves early from the house. He decides to look for more on Dark Arts, his searches leading him to another library. He walks in and standing at the counter, asks the librarian without any hesitation about books concerning Dark Arts.


The silent library suddenly squeals, coughs, and mumbles to life as everyone turns to see the boy who would dare ask about the DA. The librarian starts to tell Van that it's a magic that's forbidden, but he quickly points out that he can see through her lie. The librarian grows impatient and claims not to know why it's forbidden, but it is. Van asks why he was able to find one book about it in another library, and the response he gets is that some older editions of magic texts still carry it, but they're slowly eradicating this collection.


While the librarian and Van are duking it out with words, A child around Van's age peeks from behind a book and stares nerviously at the boy. The child's eyes look perminantly worried, and he mumbles nerviously to himself. 'Himself' is an assumption however, as it's very hard to tell just what gender this child is. Overhearing Van's inquiry about DA, the boy wants to step up and tell Van the truth of the matter, but he promised 'Miss Libitina' that he wouldn't get involved with anyone else's affairs, especially those conserning DA. Then again, if he's left alone to find out more, he might end up doing something potentially dangerous, and as a good person could he really live with himself knowing he could have done something, but didn't?


He stares over the book again to find that Van is gone, and the librarian is venting to herself.  Realizing that this is the only chance he may get, the child decides to follow Van out. Outside, Van thinks as he walks. He looked into the librarian's eyes, and noted at the time that she wasn't lying completely. She was telling the truth about not knowing why DA had been forbidden, and the fact that some older books still cover it. He comes to the conclusion that someone has decided to ban the books for their own purposes, and it is not yet been converted into law. He then decides that he'd better go check out the book at the other library before it's too late.


The boy from the library follows Van from a distance, trying his best not to be seen. When Van rounds a corner, he follows....just to run into him. Van reveals that he knows of his 'shadow' since he left the library, and asks the boy for his name, and his reasons for tagging along. The boy nerviously avoids the questions, and asks instead why Van is pursuing DA. He states that he needs to, as he wants to protect his friends and never have to be saved again. The boy blinks and flatly tells Van the same thing that Kani said the night before. 'Someone like you could never handle DA.'


This infuriates Van, who whirls around and asks angrily why no one believes that he can take on the DA. The boy further explains that 'emotions are the enemy.' As long as one feels, they do not posess the capability to utilize DA. As Van listens to this explanation, he stares into the boy's eyes and sees....nothing. Just a deep void that goes absolutely nowhere. It isn't frightening as much as it is unsettling, yet Van can't help being drawn in.... The boy asks what he's looking at, and the Farseer responds that he couldn't see anything. The boy becomes excited upon hearing this, and rejoices proclaiming that 'Miss Libitina' will be proud of him. Van asks who 'Miss Libitina' is, and this causes the boy to stop dancing around, turn slowly, and then run screaming in the opposite direction. Van is too dumbfounded to understand what just happened, but at least now he knows that he has to find this 'Miss Libitina' if he hopes to learn more about DA.


The boy finally stops running 15 minutes later and bemoans leaking 'Miss Libitina's name. However he smiles again, saying that his training in DA was finally paying off. He then wonders how Van could tell so much by just looking, and realizes that he must be a Farseer.


Van heads back to the library that he and Kani had visited the night before, and finds the book ready to be borrowed. After he has picked it up, he sits at a table and begins to read, until a voice interrupts him asking why he left so early in the morning. Van turns and sees Guy sitting in the seat opposite his with a newspaper on his face.  The boy asks his friend how he'd know he would be here, and Guy replies that he woke up after the boy had left earlier. He figured that he'd either go back to the library, since it's the only place in town he knows all that well. He then asks why he and Kani aren't talking, and Van explains about the DA situation. Guy notes that Van usually takes Kani's advice, so why was he doing the opposite now? The boy replies that he had hoped that Kani would understand his poistion, but instead she says that he's not good enough. He wants to proove to her that he can handle a magic on his own, and this is the best way to do that. Guy ponders this, and then reaveals that he knows someone who dabbles in the occult, and happens to live on the outskirts of town. Van asks the fighter how he seems to know everyone and his response is that being the 'lord of kickass' comes with the world being his oyster. Van figures he means something else, but decides to leave it at that.


Kani wakes up to find Claire in the kitchen searching for breafast. She quickly tells Kani that the men aren't in, and asks what she and Van are arguing about as he's never left early in the morning without telling her....that is until the two of them started 'dating'. Kani thinks back to the conversation the night before, and realizes very quickly what Van wants to do.


The boy from yesterday is sweeping the front yard of a house when he sees a familiar shape walking towards him. He strains his eyes and sees Van walking towards him. With a shout he runs inside and locks the door. A female voice asks about all the noise, and the boy replies that the guy from this morning is here! The female voice asks in an annoyed tone why he'd invite people in. Guy knocks at the door for a few minutes, and then gives a rest for someone to respond. He's about to knock harder when Van tells him that someone is coming from the inside after all. A few seconds later, the door opens and the two men are surprised to see...


A curvy woman, probably mid twenties wearing nothing but black lingerie and black sandles. The boy objects, asking her to put on more clothes before opening the door, but the woman claims that it's a waste of time. Guy stumbles out a confession of love, in which Van objects and asks him to find out about his occult friend. Guy quickly asks about his friend, but is much more interested in finding out what this woman will be doing tonight. The woman answers in a half asleep drawl that meeting someone who's pushing up daisies will be next to impossible to do. Guy shakes out of his love struck stupor to process what she just said, and she's more than happy to repeat it, her jet black hair bobbing as she talks, and her hazel eyes having a slight sense of superiority and boredom in them. Van is crestfallen, as this was the only lead he has to DA. The woman smiles showing lots of teeth, and tells the boy that she knows someone who can teach DA pretty well. He inquires who, and the woman has her 'first student' Fiyori introduce her. 'Miss Libitina Mors', better known as Libitina of the Void, one of the mage council select; and a practitioner of DA.


After her rowsing intro, Libitina tells the boys to call her 'Libby.' She then turns her attention to Van, and requests that he prepares himself for hell, because she won't take responsiblity if he can't take her harsh training. DA is not for the half hearted, and she would be damned if someone she teaches goes out and acts like a failure. Van had better bring his A game, or go home.




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