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Greyashe EP 25

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 25.



Insert: There's something beautiful about falling.

ED: Talim.


Chapters covered: 52-54.


Without realizing it, Van had fallen on the ground and blacked out for a moment. The only indication that he had even been asleep is how difficult it is to move his eyelids upward.  He had been out for maybe a couple of seconds, but the sleep felt like a wonderous eon of possiblity. Raferty is sitting upright, and for some odd reason has his hand on his chest as if it aches him...Van's eyes narrow and constrict, as he starts to realize what's going on. Before he can do anything however, he hears coughing from a very familiar throat. He turns to see Guy groggily lifting his head and coughing up just a bit of blood. The fighter is in bad shape, but otherwise he's fine. Even in his half concious state, Guy is quick to notice that the fight is over, and Van is still very much alive. His eyes widen in the realization that the boy defeated the murderer. He tries to rise, but his body can't keep up with his enthusiasm, so he falls back on his behind again. Guy begins to laugh hysterically, calming down only when Van asks him what's wrong. Guy admits that he was worried about Van since he doesn't seem to be the type of kid that can take care of himself in a brawl. He quickly apologizes however, noting that he's quite vicious when he wants to be. He gets up again, this time giving himself enough time to recover his strength, and taps the unconsious Claire in the forhead until she too awakens. Giu describes the situation to her, and she too is bewildered that the normally calm Van would stand a chance against such a foe. Raftery admits that he did take it easy on Claire and Guy....because he intended to torture them until they died. However he and Van reached an agreement......and he leaves it at that, making the two wonder what agreement they had reached. Raferty is now grabbing his chest; specifically the heart area, and breathing heavily. This is enough for Guy and Claire to take notice, and against their better judgement go to the killer and ask him what's wrong. 


Van grimly states that Armus only valued his 'guard' as a tool. When a tool doesn't work, you throw it away. Although the boy is unsure of how it was done, Armus had something put within Raferty that would kill him at his command. Claire and Guy quickly understand that this means Armus is watching them from somewhere. Rafterty is on his knees now and begins to hack up blood and small bits of internal organ. He asks the boy not to die, as it would be embarassing to him to be defeated by someone who would lose their life to another. Van promises that he won't die, and thanks Raferty. The killer gives a half grin and then spasms while thrashing about in pain. The trio can only watch as the life litterally spills out of him, and he finally dies with an expression of pained anguish cemented on his face. Suddenly Van turns and begins walking towards the door leading to the basement's entrance. Claire begins to ask where Van's going, but soon decides not to. She gets a quick glimpse into Van's eyes, and fear tinged with bewilderment dance through her delicate frame. With the blood dripping from his forehead, his broken arm hanging freely in the air, and his grim expression of quiet anger, Van already is a fearsome sight to behold. That is if you don't include his eyes.....the same soft eyes of understanding and patience were now red, and full of a rage that only appears when something or someone has snapped. Van slowly makes his way up the stairs in silence, leaving Claire and Guy to stare at each other before pursuing him. The supervisor watches everything while slowly sliding his finger off a switch on his watch. He stands up after the trio has left the basement, and walks down himself.


Van plods down the hallways of the manor as if he too is a guest at Armus's party. His expression grim, and his eyes of scarlet anger focused forward. He motions with his good arm back at Claire and Guy, who quickly get the signal and dispose of two guards who were attempting to sneak up on them. Claire wonders what the boy plans to do, and Guy responds with a gentle 'lets go and find out.' She can tell from his tone that he knows more than what he's letting on, but Calire remains quiet and does as she told.


Meanwhile Kani lies on the floor of her room tied up. She bemoans her situation for a moment before noticing that one of the retraints on her arm is frayed, possibly from her struggle with the guards. Inching her way across the floor she sits up against a table and begins to rub the frayed wire against it, patiently hoping that she will once again be free to look for her friends.


The heroes reach the door they had gone through earlier that lead to the party. There is a soft rock ballad playing. Guy starts to formulate a plan, but Van opens the door before he can tell him not to.  The party goers stop and turn at the boy, some frozen in shock, and others annoyed that the same pests from earlier haven't been eradicated yet. Ignoring them all, Van yells out for Armus to bring himself forward and settle things once and for all.


Armus appears on the top stairwell, and looks down at the trio with a beamused expression. He asks if Van is enjoying himself, and congradulates him for getting this far. Sadly this is the part of the party where the uninvited guests have to die.


A magic pulse rushes Van's head, and explodes just inches away from him. Claire is already at his side, a small smoke vapor coming from her mouth. The boy motions with a nod to his left, and Guy springs into action, avoiding a few more pulses and grabbing the offending magician by his neck and forcing him down. The boy then glances upward once, and Claire sends a fire ball upward smashing a decending magican with a fireball to the chest. The guests put two and two together, and realize that their chances of having another party after this one are fairly low with the goddess killer batting fireballs. It isn't long until the room is empty, and only the trio and Armus remain. The host offers yet another dazzling smile as he asks them what is so important about the woman that they'd come this far? After all, she's not even here to meet them.


The floor begins to rumble, and compartments open. Several more of the knight statues from earlier come from underneath, and surround the three. Armus states with glee that these statues are embued with a special type of magic that keeps them safe from enchanted elements. Claire won't be able to burn through these like she did the ones in the lower hall. Van is quick to notice that the 'magic' Armus is talking about is unreadable to him. It's cold, hard and mechanic.


...Not a problem at all.


Turning to Claire, he asks her calmly if she can set the hall they're in on fire. Armus is shocked to hear this, and asks Van if he still intends to save his friend. Without looking the host in the eye, the boy states that he can find out where she is easily, and escape before the house goes up in flames.  Without missing a beat however, the host extends his hand, giving the machines the order to fire. More of the unreadable magic flies around the room, and Van realizes that he has to act quickly.  He asks Claire to cover, and create a smoke screen with her flame. She does so, and Armus can't see his targets for a moment. When he hears the magic collide with parts of the wall and what seems to be the intruders, he relaxes a bit. The smoke begins to dissapate however, and he finds instead that guy is using a nearby door as cover from the armor's shots, and Claire is batting off their advance with well timed blasts of fire. Armus glances around, looking for the third intruder until a cold chill sprinting up his spine causes him to turn around slowly and notice Van standing on the banister. The boy had taken a risk by having Guy throw him up to the banister, and using the bent pole handle as a grip scrambled up and over....all with one broken arm. 


Even Armus's cool exterior shatters upon seeing the angry farseer. Van quietly asks him what right he had to have Raferty killed. Because he had bought him? What right does he have to keep Kani here? Because he bought her? Does he truely believe that people can be bought, sold and disposed of as he wills it? 


All the while, the boy is making his way to the host who edges backwards and asks if Van cares about his friends down below who are close to death. The boy promises to let him go if he can give him the correct answer to his questions. Armus struggles for a moment....a moment too long for Van. He shouts finally that there IS no correct answer, because Gods, Magicians, and Humans no matter their power, status or reputation will NEVER have the right to take, give or control the life of another.


His fist balled, the farseer lets a powerful left hook fly.


For the deaths in Das Supergefanigis.

For being unable to protect either one of the girls.

Raferty who died a miserable death.

For being too weak to do anything.


For sure, Armus Pajari was not to blame for all of these, but Van's punch carried the weight of all of his fustration, angst and anger. A jaw gives way. It isn't Van's. The Host goes flying backwards, Van's punch succeeding in a One hit K.O.


The suits of armor suddenly stop firing and become dormant. Claire glances at them and wonders what kind of magic moved them in the first place....? Guy whistles as he saw Van's punch from afar. Repeating what a certain Swordsman said long ago, he admits that the boy has a good arm. Van is panting heavily now, as his strength had gathered for this moment. Now that it had completed it's mission, he feels heavy and tired. He manages to walk down the stairs before collapsing at the bottom where Claire and Guy go to meet him.


Kani emerges from her room again, freed of her restraints. The silence in the house surprises her so much that she slams the door to ensure that she hasn't gone deaf.  She stares down the hallway in hesitation, and finally begins to walk slowly. She begins to jog a bit, but then realizes something. What will she tell Van when she sees him again? After all she hadn't even believed that he would come for her. Sure it had only been a moment at most, but the truth is that she lost faith. What could she say to him? What would she say to him? Her footfalls slow slightly, but she keeps moving forward, as if feeling alone had taken her hand gently and is pulling her along.


Claire doesn't take her worried expression from Van's face. He apologizes for making her worry, and then asks the two of them to look for Kani while he gets some rest, promising that he'll join them as soon as he feels a bit better.


Kani makes her way down the stairway and upon seeing Claire's back is overjoyed to see that everyone is okay. She comes a bit closer however, and seeing Van's condition holds her hands over her mouth in shock. She says his name in a frightened whisper, and this causes everyone to turn around. Claire narrows her eyes but says nothing, while Guy whistles for the second time tonight. He notes that Van's got good taste when he sees Kani, and asks if she's got an older sister. Even as Claire protests that he shouldn't, the boy struggles to his feet and limps over to his friend. Even his mouth is weary, as it takes him several moments to croak out an inquiry of her safety. Kani's mind tries to find something appropriate to say to him, and even she doesn't realize that she has been silent for a moment until Van asks again if she is okay. She looks at him, and sees that his eyes are drained and glazed over. Besides looking like he had been in a street brawl, it was obvious that he hadn't been sleeping properly. Even if she hadn't known him that long, she knows that he had been up worrying about her. She finally comes to an answer and reacts.


Taking the boy's head, she places it in her bosom and sits down, bringing him down too. She allows him to lie in her lap upright so that she's looking down at him, and he up at her. She smiles and with a voice as light as sunshine thanks him from the bottom of her heart for being there for her. For coming to save her. Gently she grips his hand and tells him to rest.


As his body finally receives the message, Van's final concious thoughts are of his journey so far. Her scent, her warmth, and her kindness wrap around him like a security blanket. As he falls into a deep and well deserved sleep, the boy thinks that if his journey were to end here like this....


He wouldn't mind it. Not one bit.







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