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Greyashe EP 19

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 19.



ED: Talim


Chapters Covered: 37 and 38.


A man with a peculiar limp walks through Auysdin. He wears a shawl covering his body from head to toe, which makes him and the oddly shaped load on his back stand out. Luckily for him, people were still trying to get over the damage done by a mysterious pyromaniac. The man stops and looks at his load, peaking under the blanket, as if it could escape at any time. His glance is not met by a unconscious Claire, as she is...unconscious. He seems satisfied though, and continues to hobble away.


Meanwhile, A few bored guards discuss the latest gossip as they begin their shift.  It seems that the guards in the holding cell had managed to make a rather interesting capture. A boy and girl had been placed into holding, and it was found later that the girl is in fact a part of the WITCH organization. One guard in particular complains that with this capture, that the prison guards will be promoted for sure. More rumors arrive in the form of yet another guard who comes bearing news about the Challenger scientist Joel Lupine. Apparently he was found during patrols with unexplained injuries. The strangest of all are the burns he received. The late guard overheard the other scientists talking about it, and there was no mistaking that this was the work of the Terra flame. This means that the goddess killer had somehow made her way down to Auysdin as well....but why? She had always made it a point to stay away from her former employers, so what would cause this change of heart? In any case, she had disappeared without a trace, and Lupine is down for the count. The first guard once again bemoans his work, and wishes that a person worth capturing would come his way, so that he could be promoted too. The guards give him their votes of confidence before noticing that they are being watched by a teenaged girl. They ask who she is, and she in turn asks who they are.  There are no further inquires as her outfit tells them what they need to know. She is wearing the school uniform of GMAGY, which would mean that she is a supporter of their enemies the goddesses. The girl is quick to tell them that she is not a supporter of anyone, and she just happens to go to school there. Guard A doesn't listen however, as he's ecstatic to receive his chance to be promoted and get out of this dreary city.


Before the girl can blink, she is surrounded by guards. Rather than seeming scared or apologetic, she seems annoyed. The first guard charges at her, revealing that if he can capture a GMAGY student, he'll be promoted for sure. However, before he can get to her, he is hit from the side by a....door? A door from a nearby building launched itself from it's hinges, and slams into the guard sending him flying into a nearby building, and knocking him out. The guards all stare in his direction, unsure what to do now. The girl glares and commands them to move out of her way.  Enraged, they all rush her at once. The girl doesn't flinch as two more guards are hit in the stomach by a log that was sitting nearby, and before they can get up, are hit again in the head. The girl cruelly states that at one time she was called a 'goddess' but now hearing that word only serves to release the bile in her stomach.  The guards quickly catch on to what she is doing, and have one of their own cast a spell on all surrounding objects, creating barriers that keep them from moving. It's apparent that the girl has a magic that allows her to move objects without physically lifting a finger, and now that the barriers are in place, her magic is useless.


Or so it seems, as the girl simply stares at them. She sighs and tells them how much she hates to repeat herself, but in this case she will just for their benefit. Suddenly she's standing beside one guard, and it looks to him that she teleported to his spot! But in actuality she lifted him and pulled him to her side. He can see just how beautiful and very cruel her eyes are, and is right next to her when she sensually tells him that at one point she was a goddess. The guard then goes flying into a building rooftop. Her point? That she doesn't need objects to use her magic. People are all her playthings as well. Realizing that this gives her an unfair edge, she gives a stipulation to her enemies. If they can get her to move one centimeter left or right from her current location...she'll admit defeat. The guards are both scared at her power, and livid that a teenage girl could underestimate them to this extent. A nearby chain link fence becomes a whip that smacks into several guards relentlessly, and stirs the others to action. Two charge up a fire and lighting spell and send it hurtling her way. She ducks, but her hair scrunchy is fried causing her long hair to fly about freely. The guards surmised that she can't use her magic ON magic, and her action of ducking only cemented this theory. The girl confirms this herself, but in the same breath, she wonders if they have been taught to multi-task their magic like she has? The guards hear a loud creeking noise, and turn around to see a house behind them is cracking at the seams. With a flick of her finger, she causes the front end of the house to fall. They manage to escape, but realize that she could have made the house crumble without alerting them at all. They have been completely ensnared by her power now.


The girl drags the lighting using guard over to her. With a smile she embraces him, and the feel of her body against his grants him a split second of pleasure. She turns him back to his comrades, and notes that lighting is a perfect power for passion. She motions with her wrist, and his hand opens. She then makes a slashing motion on her throat, and lighting engulfs the other guards. One manages to avoid being electrocuted, and charges at the girl. She simply floats in the air, and then tosses the guard like a yo-yo down to the advancing enemy. He has nary the chance to apologize before lightning comes from his mouth and shocks the lone guard.  The girl slowly tells them that with even a small amount of 'passion' she can take control of another magician's powers. This is only supplement to her true power of being able to 'move' anything or anyone. Although she was considered a 'goddess' at one point in her life, her magic now only exists to bring the goddesses to their knees. For her attacks don't even need to hit to be effective, which is something even the four elements couldn't lay claim to.


Meanwhile Aschner, Luge, and the Kaiser mage Hekerzos Acheron himself are watching the girl via crystal ball thanks to Aschner placing a tracker on her while she was in the school. Acheron wordlessly turns off his feed, as Luge and Aschner continue watching. Luge can't believe that a child her age has an agape level THIS high. Aschner cackles and then reveals something interesting. Magic was around before the goddesses, but the two elements had been around for thousands of years. Yet a heretical student has such a high agape.....he asks Luge what he thinks, and the swift one gasps as he realizes that the magic may have also given up it's support for the goddesses....?! Aschner tells him not to jump to conclusions, and simply states that something interesting is going to happen in the near future, something that no battlefield could ever contain.


The girl stands alone now, the guards all unconscious with differing levels of injuries. She realizes that she may have moved while floating but doesn't really care. She uses her power to lift the lighting guards unconscious form, and in a very gentle voice introduces herself as Iseila. She leans in to give him a kiss as his reward, but he drops to the ground. Iseila is surprised at first, but then realizes what happened. She tells her magic that no one will come between them, until death do them part.


...The goddess's death that is.....


One week later.....


After Kani had been taken, the guards decided to trump up Van's charges to include assaulting those on duty (He did take a swing at them while trying to save his friend.) and trespassing. This wasn't enough to have the boy killed, but he'd be doing some hard time. 


He had been there only a week,  but Van considered jail the most educational place he had been to while traveling outside of Greyashe. He could see that there is a bottom when it comes to human existence. After all, what was worse than being thrown in jail for something you didn't do? Oh yes, yes...there is something worse. Being too weak to do anything about it. If he weren't so weak, he could have saved the girls and himself. If he weren't so weak, he wouldn't have had to depend on them in the first place. If he weren't so weak...


If he weren't so weak...

If he weren't so weak....


The thought rolled in the boy's mind endlessly. He would have to get stronger. Strong enough that he could defend his friends and what he believed in. Besides, if he couldn't even save those in front of him, what right did he have to meet his mother and his people again? He would stay here. Eventually he would become strong enough to never have to depend on anyone else again. If that day never came then this was his punishment. He never once blamed Kani and Claire, just himself.


The bigger criminals would try to take advantage of his small stature, but they broke many of their knuckles as they punched the wall where he used to be. Van could tell where their attacks were coming from, and usually dodged or directed them away from himself. He always made sure not to use his eye too much however, for the reasons are two fold. One, he had to become stronger on his own, and using his eye all of the time wasn't good enough for him. Two, if there was a magician in prison, (and the chances of this are high, as the Challengers immediately used the jails to house any goddess supporters who had high agape levels for future experimentation.) he couldn't risk them finding out what he was.


Little did Van know that his actions had raised the ire of the prisoners, and finally they decided to strike back. Surrounding him in the bathroom one day they hold him down and beat him mercilessly. The final frayed wires of the boy's self confidence snapped, he resigns himself to death, until the door noisily flies open, and a tall, lanky man with messy brown hair introduces himself as the 'lord of kick ass.' When he sees Van's situation, he becomes enraged. Not at all because the boy was being hurt, but because there was a fight going on that HE wasn't invited to. A few broken jaws and arms later, he walks out the winner, leaving Van to wonder what just happened.


Van later finds out that this man is his new room mate, and that he was put in jail only recently; although he was a frequent visitor even when the Goddess supporters were in charge. That night the man hops into bed and readies himself for sleep. Van wants to ask him questions, but his growling stomach keeps his thoughts at bay (both the man and Van had been denied supper because of the fight.) The man tells him to 'open' a compartment near his bed, and when he does so, Van finds snacks and porno mags. The man smiles and tells him that he's been in jail enough to know that he needs a stash in each cell. The boy has more questions then he can count for the man, including 'Why did you save me' to 'What are those two women doing to each other in that book of yours?' But he settles on asking for his name. The man laughs and introduces himself once again as the 'Lord of Kickass' Guy Cowan.


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