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Greyashe EP 17

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 17.



ED: Talim


Chapters covered: 32 & 33.


The newly formed trio start their morning out with a withdrawal of funds from Kanesia's account. She gives Van and Claire a portion, citing that if they should be separated, at least they'll have money to stay afloat until they find the others in the group. Van can tell there's a deeper reason to this, but decides not to comment. (More appropriately, Claire motions not to comment, as this solves their 'being broke' problems.) Kanesia then reveals what seems to be a oddly shaped watch on her arm, and asks Van where he's headed. He reveals to her his plans of finding his mom and the other Farseers, but is unable to state a specific location. Kanesia is satisfied with the information he gives her, and inputs it into her watch-like device. As Claire and Van watch intently, the device lights up and starts to zoom in on a westward location. The young witch reveals that this is the updated version of the 'WITCH tome.' In the past, they'd use magical stones to communicate with each other, but as technology got better, so did their resources. Any information that other members comes upon is immediately updated into a database and sent out as alerts to other WITCHes. Van doesn't understand the details, but immediately lights up when Kanesia reveals that the WITCHes have been tracking the Farseers too, and according to the newest set of information, there's been a sighting in the western part of this continent. The boy is impressed, and touches the screen hoping to speed up the results, when it turns into static. Van immediately apologizes and begs for forgiveness, when Kanesia tells him it isn't his fault. News travels fast thanks to the new tome, and it's not surprising to think that they've already found out about her betrayal. This is why she took out her money so quickly; so that it wouldn't be purged for her. She does think to herself that it is strange that they'd know so quickly.....Peter couldn't have gone back to tell them he had failed, since that would look bad on his part. She figures that he must have told them something along the lines of 'If I don't return at a certain time, consider the mission complete, and delete her records.' She sighs, and Van asks 'Kani' what's wrong. Realizing that he may have called her out of her name, he apologizes, but Kane is happy to have a nickname, and therefore she takes it. All is not lost now however, as they know they need to head west. At least if they start going in that direction, they should be able to find information that collaborates what they know. Kani tells them that there's an underground city known as Auysdin that is a safe haven for WITCH and goddess supporters, and it serves as a shortcut to the western hemisphere.  With this, the journey west begins.


Auysdin was created back when the major Goddess religion was still only a sapling in the grass. There were still many who did not believe, and persecuted those who did. The believers found themselves retreating underground, where they could have freedom of religion. Eventually when the Goddesses became the major source of jubilation around the world, it was thought that Auysdinites would come up from their underground holding....instead they remained underground, as they had become used to their subterranean city. Nowadays GMAGY and WITCH members alike go down to visit the city as it is a safe place for them.


This was all about to change however.....


The plan was to travel the town and take breaks as necessary, since it wasn't confirmed that the Farseers were still in the west. Considering that they travel by foot however, and the recent update of the information, Kani figures that they have enough time to rest themselves. They walk for a bit with no incident, until Claire stops to ask Kani a question. She asks if this is truly a place where goddess supporters gather. Kani confirms this. She then goes on to state that it's common sense that the enemies of the goddesses would NOT come here. Kani again confirms this. Without so much as a twitch, Claire reveals that she's seen many familiar faces from her 'old job' here. True enough, when Kani looks around, she notices that many of the people here are wearing the garb of the Challengers. The city had been invaded, and...the Challengers of Eternity now call this place home. Unfortunately for Kani, this announcement had been made AFTER she had been cut off from the tome database. So now the trio are in extremely hostile territory, with no way out.


Meanwhile the last few Goddess supporters meet an untimely end at the hands of armed Challenger soldiers. The men are happy with their 'ethnic cleansing' and want to celebrate. One however seems to be rather annoyed with the whole situation, and declines the chance to go party. He had become a scientist because he didn't want to have to deal with grunt work anymore! The only reason why he's here is because 'that man' refuses to get his hands dirty. The soldiers call out to 'Mr. Lupine' and ask him where he's going. Without turning around, Joel Lupine says that he's going for a stroll, in a hope that he'll find something 'interesting.' The soldiers shrug and let the festivities commence.


Meanwhile in a pub, Kani laments their situation. She had been kicked out of the WITCH organization, who had in turn been kicked out of Auysdin! She used to play here with the savior when she was a kid....how could things have turned out this way? Claire makes a snide comment while slurping a milkshake, which raises Kani's ire. (How could she be so mean when it was her money that bought the drink?) Van calms the girls down and asks what they should do now. Kani's at a loss. She didn't expect to have to deal with a whole city being taken over by her enemies. Claire points out that everyone is her enemy, and that she should have been prepared for this. Kani gets irritated again, but Claire is quick to add that this is a feeling that she understands, as the Challengers want her dead too. Van suggests that they simply quicken their pace as they walk through the city. He reveals that with his eye he can tell when someone recognizes someone else. He compares it to a 'spark' that isn't magic. It's like a person's soul rebounds against their memory and then manifests itself briefly as a light that shows when they recognize someone else. As of right now, he hasn't noticed a single 'light'. So no one has recognized any of them. If they head briskly out of the city, they may not be noticed at all. Kani agrees with this plan, while Claire is surprised by how much Van's eye seems to be maturing.


Meanwhile at GMAGY, the Headmaster Aschner stares into a crystal ball and watches the carnage in Auysdin. Oddly enough, he has a grim smile although it is his own people being attacked. He is shaken from his thoughts when someone calls his name. He looks up to notice that Luge the swift has appeared in his office. Luge is one of the mage council elect, a group of six that answers directly to the Kaiser mage Hekerzos Acheron. Luge seems to be here on a personal visit though, as he sits on the couch in the room. Aschner asks him not to use his swiftness to sneak into a room without permission, and he simply states that if the headmaster were being attentive, he would have known he had entered. Undaunted, Aschner asks for the reason for this visit. The swift one demands that he stop playing coy, as there's no way he didn't know about the recent 'acquisition' of their enemies. The headmaster is quick to note that he is no longer on the battle field because he wants to foster the youth of the future. The adults may be in control now, but someday the youth will have their turn. He owes it to them to not die in battle, and help them develop their powers. Luge is less than impressed, but realizes he won't get any more out of the Headmaster, so he changes the subject to 'the next mage in the making.' Aschner shows his first troubled expression, and is quick to say that it is not any of the swift one's business. Luge sneers and reveals that he was sent here personally by Acheron himself. Aschner realizes that the Kaiser mage must be thinking of taking his mage and grooming her to become his replacement. The headmaster asks if Acheron has given up on his search for immortality, in which the swift one replies that it is the opposite. He wants a strong mage to help him conduct his search. Luge then asks where 'she' is, and goads the headmaster to bring Iseila, the mage in training out.


Aschner has no time to respond, as an aide comes to tell him that Iseila has disappeared again. Aschner isn't phased by this, as the girl usually wanders in and out on a whim, and comes back unharmed each time. The situation is dire this time as she left before the announcement of the Challenger's victory underground. The aide had questioned the students and quickly found that she had planned on going to Auysdin, and unknowingly into the hands of the enemy. Aschner sneers at Luge, and then tells him to go tell Acheron to tune his 'tome' to the underground city. He could see for himself just how powerful Iselia is, and understand why she is beyond even HIS control. She is a marvel, as many mage class magicians have unbalanced personalities, and either kill themselves or are destroyed by those who fear them. Luge is surprised that Aschner would leave Iselia on her own, but the headmaster is more than confident that she will come out unharmed, and that they should pray for the challengers immediately.


The trio now make their way through the city, careful not to draw any unwanted attention. Van is able to tell generally how powerful the magicians are in a certain radius, which prompts Claire to ask him where he got such power. Van is surprised himself, as he hasn't had any time to do formal training on himself. Kani theorizes that his eye is playing catch up from the several years of being unused. She figures that the Farseer's eye develops itself as the bearer gets older, and there is a certain 'stage' that one should acquire by the time they get to Van's age. The boy is impressed with Kani's magic knowledge, and she she admits that she probably knows more because she longs to be able to use magic someday. Claire grows bored of their conversation and sets her eyes forward, wondering when they'd be out of the city.


A spark.


Claire turns around and sees someone she knows. And hates. She can barely snarl his name. The man who had actually not noticed them, realizes who she is and smiles. Joel Lupine then asks Claire how she's doing, and notices that she has cut her hair since they last met. She loses her temper and dashes at him. Van turns to stop her, but she slips from his grasp and attacks Lupine head on. Lupine taunts her, saying that if she wants to play tag with him, she should realize that he doesn't hold back like Den does. Her rage billows and she screams that Den has died. Lupine acknowledges that he's the one who sent him to his death, and Claire retaliates by sending a fireball at the mad scientist. Lupine dodges and dis pears into an alley, and despite Van's cries that this is a trap, Claire follows him. He starts to pursue her, but then he and Kani are stopped by three guards. Kani readies a battle stance, but Van stops her by putting his hand on her staff. He tells her that he doesn't doubt her ability, but can she defeat three guards of varying magic ability.....and defend him? He can't use any magic, and the moment the guards realize this they would exploit him as her weakness. Kani realizes that Van's hand is trembling out of anger, and releases her staff. The two then raise their hands in the air....defeated.


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