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Greyashe EP 14

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 14.



ED: Talim


Chapters Covered: 27&28


'Some days begin at night.' Is the motto that vagrants, misanthropes and criminals live by. It is also the way of life for those who are doing the 'goddesses' work.


In a hotel room in the city of Baybal a girl steps out of the shower and after dressing dons a long black trench coat. She has several different devices strapped to her belt and a few in the pockets of her outerwear, most pronounced is a staff that she wears strapped to her back. With this weaponry, it seems that the girl is about to start a war....or end one, but her target is in fact one person. She hides in the shadows of buildings and stays her breath when she sees her target. He is a man with a strange tattoo on his left arm. He appears to either not realize he's being followed or not care, and walks about the city without any indication of a care in the world. The girl's eyes narrow at his tattoo and she glares at him in disgust, holding her temper in check as she follows the man.



Van on the other hand has neither the mystery man nor mystery girl's confidence. Now that he and Claire are both unemployed again, he has to think of a way to support them, although Claire seems less than worried. They had managed to scrape up enough money to stay in a hotel for one night, but would soon find themselves homeless the next morning. This bothers Van so much that he is unable to sleep, and decides to take a walk outside while Claire sleeps soundly. Unfortunately he promptly gets lost, and because the buildings in the city look similar to each other, his eye gets confused and he can't go back to the hotel. The boy knows that if Claire wakes up and finds out that he left, she'll never forgive him, so he anxiously looks around hoping for some clue to where his hotel is. Suddenly, a girl appears calling him 'darling' and runs over to his side. She then chides him, saying that he should have told her that he disliked the movie they were seeing, rather than walking out. Van of course has no idea what she's talking about, but then the girl motions to him to play along with her, and after some thought he does just that.



The girl is wearing a hood over her head, so Van can't tell who she is or what she looks like. She's about his height though, so he surmises that she must be about his age. He's still too shy to ask why she came to him so suddenly though, so he resigns himself to walking in silence with the girl; holding her hand. Finally she stops and thanks him for being her escort. She begins to leave, and Van decides to try his eye on her to see what he can learn. He is surprised when nothing happens, and even more surprised when the girl admonishes him. She tells him that there are some secrets that a girl absolutely can't tell on the first date. Van is shocked that she could tell he was using his powers, and finally asks who she is....although it is sounds of the night life that answer him, as she has already disappeared. Van turns around and realizes that she lead him back to the correct hotel, as he can feel Claire's presence. He wonders yet again who the girl was and after a moment of standing in bewilderment, decides to go in to his friend.



On the roof of a building not too far from where she left Van, the girl stands behind her target and asks why he'd do such a thing. He refers to the girl as Kanesia, and tells her that she really wouldn't like the answer.



She pulls the staff, and the jewel in its rounded center glows in moon's illumination. She then proclaims that in the name of the WITCH's that she'll destroy all traitors, and that tonight she is here to take one Peter Carcovich's life. Peter's not so willing to give up however, and sends a gust of wind at her. He tells her that he has the power of wind on his side, and that she should watch out or be ripped to shreds. Wielding the staff, she catches the wind with the jewel and disperses it. Kanesia reveals that even if Peter has managed to woo the magic of wind, he still needs an incantation to channel it. Her staff breaks apart the bits of incantation within the magic and renders it ineffective, therefore cutting the power of magic wielders in half. Peter sneers and asks if this is her retort for being unable to feel the caress of magic, adding that no self respecting WITCH would lower themselves to using such cheap tactics. Kanesia's anger burns and she attacks, Peter revealing two metal gloves with clawed fingers as his incantation. With these, any slashes in the air he makes become wind currents that move as he wishes. Kanesia counters this by using her staff to draw a quick line around her. The crystal in the center drops a powder that causes the wind to disperse before it can hit her. Peter advances, and she blocks using the rod, until she can get a swing in on her own. He stumbles back, but uses the wind to blast himself in the air. He then wraps the wind around his decent in hopes of crushing his opponent, but Kanesia is one step ahead, and using a tool in her jacket and her rod she smacks a small orb up at Peter. The orb explodes and Peter's wind falters, changing his directory. Kanesia uses this to her advantage and points her staff upward as her opponent falls. He summons a small gust of wind to move himself over, but falls into her trap. The staff's end rams into one of the gloves and a small orb within it cracks and shatters in half. Kanesia comes in to finish the job, but stops in her tracks when Peter laughs and fires a huge gust of wind from his other hand. The last time she had seen Peter, he had barely been able to handle one incantation! Now he could wield two?! The poor girl is hit by the wind blast and blown off the rooftop. She doesn't fall far before Peter catches up with her in mid air, and whispers in her ear to 'stop fooling herself.' He launches another attack, and she rockets to the ground below.



Red. Red. Red, Kanesia's world is completely red when she next comes to herself. She immediately thinks of the sunlight and winces, trying to get away from it. It then turns black, and she's comforted....but then she hears a voice calling to her. Opening her eyes she finds herself on a bed, her arm and torso wrapped in bandages, and standing over her is Claire who bluntly asks who she is. Kanesia jumps back and shrinks into the corner of the bed, asking Claire the same question. Claire demands an answer, citing that she and Van belong here. Kanesia is confused, and wonders what the strange girl could mean. Van then opens the door to the room and is relieved to see that Kanesia is awake. She frowns for a moment before remembering Van from the night before. Van asks how she's doing, and she replies quickly that she's fine. Van wants to ask more, but Claire's glares at the girl leaves an awkward air in the room. Van suggests that Claire checks them out, and she reluctantly agrees.



With Claire out of the room, Van asks Kanesia who she is. She tries to play down her importance, but Van is insistent, since she knew about his powers, his hotel, and most of all approached him first. Kanesia still doesn't want to talk, but when Van reveals that he was the one to find her in a dumpster last night, she realizes two things. Without him she'd still be heavily injured there, and that Peter left her alive for a reason. She then promises to tell Van about herself, but only after he closes the blinds in the room. Van then realizes that the whole time he's been talking to her, she's wrapped herself in the sheets on the bed and is using an unusual amount of effort to avoid direct sunlight. He complies with her request, and she begins to talk to him.



She reveals that she is part of the WITCH group, that acts as Bodyguards for the goddesses. In a sense they're somewhat family run, as it is mainly the children of the WITCH founders who are in the group. Other members can join if they perform very well in the sister program offered by GMAGY. Her target is the supposed traitor to the WITCHES Peter Carcovich, which is the reason why she's in this town. Van mulls this over, and tries to tactfully ask about Kanesia's apparent dislike of sunlight. Kanesia picks up on this and tells him that she's an albino. Van hadn't noticed before, but her hair is beautiful silver and in the dark her purple eyes burn into his memory. She tells Van that because of her condition, she can't enter in direct sunlight, and that even her eyes have been augmented by magic, since she was born almost blind. Van detects a small amount of sadness behind her words, but doesn't comment. She thanks Van again for playing along with her act the night before; she was trying to increase the space between she and Peter when she thought he was growing suspicious....and Van just happened to be there. With her magic tools, she was able to help Van get back to his hotel and follow Peter at the same time......although if she weren't working she feels that they should go out for real some time. Van starts to blush just as Claire opens the door and sees the two of them sitting together with the lights off. Claire says nothing and slams the door, which causes Van to stand up and chase after her proclaiming his innocence. Kanesia thanks Van again, but says that she has a job to do. Once Van and Claire have disappeared from sight, she puts on her coat, opens the window and departs.



Outside Van catches up with Claire who asks Van if he understands the situation. She tells him that she saw 'that woman's' tattoo. (Van didn't as he was caught up by her face and eyes.) She's on the same team as that 'snowflake' and the 'mother complex' idiot....which would mean that she is in fact their enemy. Van acknowledges this, but refuses to accept that a girl that kind could be out to get them.



Kanesia stands on a rooftop and muses to herself about meeting the famed 'goddess killer' in person. She thinks that if she didn't already know who she was, she'd think that Claire was simply a normal pre teenaged girl. She decides to leave well enough alone as Van didn't seem to be a captive, and lately the goddess killer has strangely become quiet. He real target is Peter, and her eyes narrow as she repeats to herself mantra-like, that the WITCHES is all that she has....no all that she is....and traitors to their ideals will feel her wrath.




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