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Greyashe EP 11

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This is a summary of Greyashe Episode 11.



ED: Sunshine.


Chapters covered:  Remainder of 19, entierty of 20.


Van is excited about riding the train for the first time, and is ready to run on board when Claire stops him. She mentions that she has ridden a train before, and remembers that the person she was with would always stop her from boarding and do...something, before they would board. Unfortunately Claire has no idea what this something is, and decides after a moment of thought to just board the train anyway. Once on board, the two find a seat and wait for their ride to begin. Van is restless and wants to know when the train will start moving. At first Claire is annoyed, but even she ends up catching his festive mood, and mentions with a smile that trains all have 'names.' While Van continues to look around and wait impatiently  for the train to move, Claire interests herself by looking for the train's 'name.' She eventually finds it, 'The Elysian Fields' and then recoils in horror. She remembers again that a person who was taking care of her during her days with the Challengers had told her that this is a train of death. Only people on death row and criminals of unspeakable acts would ride this train to their ultimate end. Van turns around to ask Claire about the 'name' only to find that she's about to jump out of the window. Unfortunately her timing is too slow as the train begins to move. The girl figures that as long as they aren't there when the train reaches it's final stop, that they should be fine. Still she's unable to remain calm and decides to walk around the train to calm her nerves.


Meanwhile a man sits in his room wondering just where things went wrong for him. This man, Den Weinstein had been a top scientist with the Challengers of eternity. That is until that man appeared one day. Joel Lupine, known as the blood wolf of the military had been transfered from his post to the science division because some of his views on human rights were seen as 'too extreme.' Joel is quick to remind Den that he has always thought of himself as a scientist, and that the battle field his supply plant for scientific observation. He then comments on Den's failure to provide a working avatar for the 'goddess ripper flame.' He observes that Den has only been using adults with no ties to outsiders for his base, and then makes the suggestion that he try children next. Den is horrified and asks what kind of person wouldn't notice a missing child, to which Joel replies 'there are plenty of abandoned brats out there, if you know where to look.'


Back in the present, Den sighs and notices his steak dinner. He wryly comments about how if he weren't going to be executed, he would have devoured it by now....but knowing that he's about to die has wrung his appetite dry. He could go for a drink though, and decides to try his luck outside. Claire is walking down the corridors of the train when she runs into a sleeping guard outside of a room. She quickly notes that there are no other guards beside the other prisoners, and surmises that this room houses a really special or really evil criminal. Just as she's about to leave however, the door opens and Den peers around to see if the guard has left so that he can try to find a drink, but instead he notices Claire. She stares back in disbelief, and the two instantly remember each other. Den tells her to enter the room quickly, and he closes the door after her.


Wasting no time, Claire asks Den why he'd be on a train meant for those going to their death. She then quickly understands the situation, and surmises it's because of her escape. Den changes the subject and asks her how freedom feels, and she quickly replies that it's an experience that's second to none. Meanwhile one of the guards is doing a routine patrol and notices Van watching the scenery from a window. He asks the boy where he came from, and even without his eye, Van knows he's in trouble.


.....A few years before, a young girl lies in an infirmary bed fighting for her life. Joel and Den watch, Lupine murmuring over how successful the experimentation is. Den seems less than enthused, wondering if they did the right thing by giving a young girl such a responsibility. The girl weakly asks for some water, and Joel refuses, saying that her flame must be cultivated as soon as she revives it. Den however gives her the water after Joel leaves and tells her that if she needs anything she can come to him. Another incident arises when the girl asks about her birthday. Joel rudely remarks that 'something like her doesn't need any birthdays.' Den is in earshot of this, but stays out of the way for a few days. He then surprises the girl with a birthday cake and a single flower as a present. He explains that he can't get anything too extravagant, or Joel will know. The girl is overjoyed and thanks him.


Den recalls how he began to think of her as his daughter, and in a sense since he was the one who came up with the theory that a flame fine tuned to the Goddess's immortality coating could melt the covering off leaving the deities as vulnerable to death as a layman, but he began to feel a deeper connection than that.  He tells Claire to leave, and forget she saw him here. She protests, and says that it's her fault that he's in this situation. Den reveals that it is true, that he was seen as a person who facilitated her escape, although he had no idea until after she was gone. Still, he adds that he would have helped her had he known. Claire insists that he comes with her and Van on their journey. Den finally relents and follows her out, noting how spirited she is, and wondering just what kind of person Van must be if he could bring out this side of her.


Van at this moment is running as fast as he can from the guards, and finds himself trapped. Apparently they were all tipped off at the same time, when the first guard found him. The unlucky boy jumps into the nearest room and hides in a corner. Little does he know that this is the room for Zacker the beastly serial killer, and the beast is in no mood to deal with children. Van quickly realizes this however and dashes past the guards, who are the first to meet with a newly freed Zacker's wrath. Claire finds him sprinting around the hallway, and asks him what he's doing. Van quickly rattles off the fact that the guards had asked him why he was on the train, and then began to chase him when he couldn't produce an answer to their liking. Claire then tells him to open all of the doors that he can as they run to the back of the train to escape. Van doesn't understand at first, but does as Claire says as they all run down the hallway. Guards appear behind them at one point, but Van is able to use his eye to inform Claire beforehand, and she and Den dive out of the way.


Finally at the back of the train, Van notes that none of the guards are chasing them. They then hear the sounds of men fighting, and Claire reveals that the doors she had him open were other prisoners who would love nothing more than one last chance at revenge. She then turns to Den to tell him to jump, but she and Van are surprised to see that he is bleeding badly. Unfortunately, Van's earlier warning wasn't fast enough, and the poor man had been shot fatally. Claire begs him to hang on, asking him if he'd really relinquish his freedom this easily. Den then tells Claire to give up her journey for revenge on Joel. Van is surprised, because even with his eye he had no idea that Claire had someone that she wanted to exact revenge upon. Claire doesn't refute this, and instead stares at Den in silence. Den adds as long as she's harboring those thoughts that she'll never be free. Claire then begs Den to come with them and find medical help. He responds by pushing the girl from the the back of the moving train, and then pulling Van to his side. He tells the boy something, and Van responds by nodding and jumping off the train too. Den then notes that his execution came a little earlier than planned, and then closes his eyes one last time.


The two who had been ejected from the train are lucky to have soft grass and a river block their landing. Before Van can get to his feet and look for Claire, dark figures wearing the skulls of animals on their heads rush past him, and towards the train at a blinding speed. The boy watches them go for a moment and then runs after Claire, who he finds face down in a puddle of mud. He can clearly hear her sobbing, but decides not to ask if she's okay settling instead on apologizing for wanting to ride the train so badly. Claire stands up and begins to walk away, and Van only stares at her back for a moment. Finally she stops and manages to choke out a plea to Van...a plea to stay by her side. The boy complies and runs after her, remembering Den's last words. "She's my only daughter, and I leave her in your hands.'


On the train, the guards, and the prisoners are all dead. The masked individuals are standing in the middle of the carnage, and one makes a report to someone using a magic tool. The person on the receiving end is a very impatient Joel Lupine, who berates the skulls for telling him such 'pointless information.' He then is informed by an aide that the goddess killer may have been on the train as well. Joel's exterior changes and he smiles jovially, remarking almost jokingly that no matter how rebellious girls get, they always come home to see their parents.



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