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A Theory of World Destruction

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A Theory of World Destruction (Hereafter known as World Destruction) started development at the end of 2008.



The series story chronicles Lukas Diethel, who accidentally comes upon a theorem that could destroy the world as we know it. Unfortunately due to the fact that he has a perfect memory, (once he reads or sees something, he remembers it without fail.) He now knows a formula that threatens the world. After being knocked out by the mysterious tomboy Meifa Kamijou, he's taken to her organization which is a super secret spy facility! They intend to protect Lukas for the rest of his life, but after a while he asks if he can join them in their fight against evil. With this Lukas and Meifa's story begins....


The narrative structure of World Destruction is similar to Vivid, as it tells it's story in a loose format, using some serious arcs to portray character development, among with humorous stories to entertain. Unlike Vivid however, World Destruction doesn't rely on a supernatural element.


The series went on hiatus from April 2012 to June 2013. It resumes now with new chapters that take place three years after the first series.  


The series is currently on a hiatus that started in April 2014. When a Reserialization date has been determined it will be announced here on the wiki.






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